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Isaiah Hazael


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Player name: Ishian (Christoph von Crailsheim)

Character number: 002

Faction: Serpent Tail


Full name: Isaiah Hazael

Nickname:  -

Age:  22

Gender:  Male

Race:  Natural

Occupation:  -

Birthplace:  Jerusalem, Israel

Citizenship: Earth Alliance, Atlantic Federation.

Personality: Aggressive and short fused makes Isaiah a difficult person to be around, cocky and an ego big as the sun itself makes a perfect combination for lively discussions and sometimes a regular street brawl. Although impressively loyal to his superiors and those he deem worthy of his respect, earn it and you have one that watch your back twenty-four seven.

Has a weakness for attractive girls that sometimes make him lose focus at the job at hand.




Height:  180cm

Weight:  85kg

Hair Color and Style: Black short trimmed crew-cut on the side of his head and longer hair in the middle running from his forehead back to his neck with about an eight centimeter long stream of hair hanging over his neck and to complete the hairdo two shaved “ghetto” stripes on both sides of his head just above the ears.

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Identifying Marks: An “Isaiah” tattoo on the right upper arm running from top down to the elbow, a tribal dragon tattoo from his left side of the throat running down over his whole left arm to his wrist this tattoo also covers some of his torso.


Skin Tone: Caucasian tanned.

Build:  Well built, not overdone.

Clothing: White tank top with black casual-formal pants or urban black and white camo cargo pants a beige leather jacket at times when the tank top just doesn’t cut it. This is often combined with a pair of black shoes.

Handiness:  Right




Mother: Marthia Hazael, Deceased.

Father:  Carlos Hazael

Siblings: -none-

Wife/Girlfriend: -none-


Personal History: Isaiah saw his first daylight in Jerusalem Memorial Hospital a late night in November, after several hours of difficult labor his mother died leaving him with just one parent, his father Carlos. Carlos took the death of Marthia quite hard and after some months of mourning he decided that they would be better to move from the memories of Marthia. He taught it over and decided that to get a new start in the former United States of America (The Atlantic Federation).


Carlos was soon to realize that is wasn’t as easy as he taught it would be in the USA, he had a hard time to find well paid work, this forced him to work two shifts leaving Isaiah in constant care of other people, friends, neighbors you name it. The little time Carlos spent with Isaiah was times of joy both for Isaiah and Carlos.


As Isaiah spent most of his time out on the streets playing with his friends and of course causing trouble on the streets and in school, this made him a well known kid for his young age. Carlos continued to try his best to raise his son to be a good and honorable man, but with him constantly working made the task too hard for him to accomplish.


So Isaiah’s kept on running around the streets and it resulted in quite bad school grades and higher street credits as he continued to cause trouble in the neighborhood with his friends, making him well known by the police and other authorities.


On the streets cash was king; therefore Isaiah valued hard cash more then anything. During his days roaming the streets he made sure he earned cash in anyway, hustling, gambling and other minor criminal things was a part of Isaiah’s daily life. Fancy clothes and expensive jewelry was standard within his circle of friends, cars, motorcycles and SUVs, if it’s expensive it was worth getting.


At the age of fifteen Isaiah had spun out of control and spent most of his time away from home. His father finally had enough and consulted with a military school to make sure Isaiah got his education in one way or another.


Ripped form the hard streets straight in to the strict militaristic community, Isaiah started out with causing as much trouble on the military school as he did on the streets. But something had changed; there was no room for trouble and misbehavior in this school, every thing had consequences like physical labor or other punishments like cleaning the toilets. On the streets you could easily get away with things you did, if there was no one around to make sure the police or any other authority you could slip away unnoticed.


Isaiah soon realized that if he was to graduate he had to behave or at least he could pretend to behave as long as he was a student at the school, he met another troublemaker in this school called Jacob, he had a great interest in motorcycles. This hobby rubbed of on Isaiah as he started to hang out in Jacobs’s garage, repairing motorcycles and customizing other people’s bikes.


During his time at military school he chose to master in Mobile Suit and Mobile armor combat, combining it with a class that earned him a technician degree, allowing him to repair and service Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors. He was soon a black sheep in the Mobile Suit combat class as he used unconventional tactics and preferred to out maneuver and out fire his opponents, while his taunting comments rained over the COM radio until he either got muted or the foe got stressed out and did a fatal mistake that he could take advantage of.


After graduating from the school with honors, Isaiah got employed by Jacob that had started a small business repairing motorcycles and doing custom paintjobs on bikes for customers.


They years passed in a haze, busy days loads of work to do, this kept Isaiah away from his old down spiraling lifestyle. He and Jacob became good friends and Isaiah’s father often came by to support his son with his new career, Isaiah and his father bounded quite well during this time, making up for the less then idyllic youth Isaiah was used to. One day he got the tragic news, Jacob had died in a motorcycles accident on the freeway, he had collided with a car that changed lanes, his bike had been forced straight into the concrete barrier, crushing both Jacob and his bike.


Isaiah took it on himself to repair Jacobs’s bike, after several months Isaiah had finally got the bike up and running, pearl with white gold trims and gold wheels made it a fair sight for the eyes. Custom exhausts and custom paintjob makes the bike an eye catcher where ever he goes.


Isaiah started to chase after fast hard cash once again after the death of Jacob. He started to question the reason to do honest jobs, when you could die any day without having experienced true pleasure, Isaiah turned to his military educations and started to seek out how he could find a way to get fast cash. The months passed flew by and Isaiah was back to making fast money in everyway he could. One day he ran an errand for a “business” colleague, it involved a suitcase that should be delivered to a specific address on a specific time, at the delivery site Isaiah met up with a former mercenary from Serpent Tail. This was the man that the suitcase was for; he lived in a luxury house, with luxury cars. By the look of it the man could take baths in his money piles. Isaiah knew that this was the life he wanted, after the successful delivery he had a discussion with the man that resulted with the man gave him a business-card with the contact address to Serpent Tail. This is how he came to know of Serpent Tail, his experience with MS and MA made Isaiah believe that he had what it took to be a member of Serpent Tail.

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Sorry, I took so long to comment on this, but I was hoping someone else would weigh in so I could have another opinion.


I don't see any major errors, although as I've told you via IM, punctuation problems are rather rampant. There are also a couple errors where you simply use the wrong word, which is correctly spelled (using "bounded", rather than the correct word "bonded", in paragraph 11).


Despite the minor errors, though, the profile is easily to read and understand, so I'm willing to go ahead and approve it, unless there any objections. So.....




[align=center]Serpent Tail[/align]



Isaiah Hazael, your application to join the Serpent Tail mercenary forces has been accepted. You will join with the rank of Recruit Pilot. The Serpent Tail is an old and well-known mercenary group which prides itself on its long record of excellent service to our clients. As a member of the Serpent Tail, you will be expected to contribute toward continuing this tradition.


Please report to the Serpent Tail Central Command at Shesha Colony as soon as possible. When you arrive, you will be assigned to a Serpent Tail team for initial training and initiation.


Good luck and fair sailings to you.


~Michael Sebastian Carlini

Serpent Tail Commander

Shesha Command

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