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New Beginnings...


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OOC: Fine fine, if everyone else posts normally, I'll do my best to check at least once a day and post. This is a great break from studying at least 2/3 of the entire day.


He almost sighed at the entire situation, though he welcomed the feeling of nostalgia that came with it. There was a familiar aura about the place. Filled with confident, military men and cocky, flirtatious pilots flirting with the female crew, be it other pilots, mechanics or whatever. If they had a pretty face, they were good entertainment for the time being.


It was something even he had relished in back in his youth, usually with the nurses of the medical team. Ah, how he missed the one that nursed him while his arms were covered in bandages, bleeding almost all to easily if they moved too much. She had fed him, helped him with phone calls and whatnot.  He was even contemplating on the option of proposing to her, or at least asking her out.


The opportunity never came. The ZAFT GINN he had shot down had crashed right into the tent she was in. He couldn't bear to see it all.


Jolted back into reality by the harsh, gory image, he sighed and took a look around, noticing that his future engineer had briskly walked away all of a sudden, he felt that she might have felt a little lonely or just unwelcome, he caught up with her, his lengthier legs allowing him to take large strides, catching up with her almost effortlessly.


He almost placed his hand on her shoulder, but remembering the look in her eyes back when she had shook his hand, he pulled it back and opted for a simple, verbal greeting.


"A little lonely there, little missy?"


He had asked, sounding as brotherly, or as fatherly as he could for his age.

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Kylier turned around when Zeru spoke, half-expecting him to be speaking to that other woman, only to see him next to her, and looking straight at her.  Of course, now she remembered.  Micheal had been sure to introduce her as Kylier, and not as Kai, so Zeru was aware of her gender.  However, just because Zeru knew of her gender, that didn't mean that everyone else was aware.  Nor did it mean that she was confident in having others treat her as a girl while she was in her masculine guise.  She quickly turned and muttered another brief "sorry" to the man she had bumped into, before turning back to Zeru,


"Hey now, just because I'm not as big as you doesn't mean I'm a girl."  She said while plastering a small, false smile on her face.  She then moved up next to Zeru, whispering to him briefly while she passed him, "Sir, I'd be much happier if you didn't refer to me that way; could we perhaps take this conversation elsewhere?".  With that said, she walked briskly out of the administration building, and away from the general crowd that had formed.

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As she whispered to him, he couldn't help but to chuckle for a bit. He wondered why the girl had wanted her gender to remain anonymously male. Of course, he wasn't in any position to judge her, other than his own opinions, which he'd rather keep to himself. He turned around and followed her through the crowd, having a little more trouble than she had due to his larger size. But he managed to catch up to her outside anyway.


As she stopped on a quieter spot, he stopped with his arms crossed, and allowed himself another comment to start off the conversation with.


"You don't really like social crowds I take it?"

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((And Kylier takes my 600th post )) 



"Not that I don't like them... just that I wouldn't have much to say."  Kylier replied as Zeru stopped in front of her; having no difficulties in catching up since Kylier had never been all that fast a runner, never having the endurance to be able to train after all.  Now that she thought about it, she had probably sounded a little harsh when she had told him not to call her a girl, and while she was sorry about it, she wasn't about to tell him to forget anything she had just told him.  She wanted this job to work out well, and since she was now in charge of maintaining Zeru's mobile suit, she would have to get to know both the machine, and the pilot behind it.  Okay, so maybe that was a lie.  Kylier could take care of Zeru's mobile suit just fine even if he hated her guts and vice versa, but Kylier wasn't a hateful person by nature; couldn't usually muster the resolve to truly hate anyone.  Be annoyed by them, yes, want to avoid them, most definitely, but hate them, no.  It was easier to befriend a person, or at the least, be indifferent towards them, then to hate them.


"I'm sorry if I offended you in any way eariler, Mr.Ayanami.  It's just, I would rather not have people thinking I'm a girl."  Kylier said, bowing her head almost automatically at the mention of the word 'sorry'.  Her face bore a solemn expression as she spoke, though she soon replaced it with that oh so practiced false smile of hers soon thereafter, "I'm not much to look at after all, so its usually better to go about things this way." She added, poking fun at herself in an attempt to give reason to her actions.  After all, it was better to bully herself than to let someone else get to her first; an insult loses its sting the second time around after all.

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"When you smile next time Kylier, take a good look in the mirror. Your eyes aren't honest about it."


He said with a slight grin, playfully tapping his index finger on Kylier's head. Zeru was a very casual person, truly emphasizing the value of being friends outside duties. He wanted the best relations with his working crew, so they could do their best in whatever they did together. He wanted everyone to work in a very positive mood. And Kylier was no exception.


"Just call me Zeru, or anything you find comfortable calling me with. Formalities make me feel old."


He said, frowning as much as he could, before cracking it with a chuckle. He looked away from Kylier for a moment, taking in the fresh air (albeit with the scent of oil and gunpowder), before turning his head to face her.


"You look like a fine lass. Not all men look for boobs and butts. Some look for something different. As for me..."


He trailed off, thoughtfully rubbing his chin, before he continued on.


"Anything you'd like to do? Lunch or to discuss anything official between us? Mobile suit specs or anything?"


He had said, trying to sound nice and not imposing about it.

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Kylier winced in response when Zeru tapped her none-to-lightly on the forehead, rubbing the spot soothingly with one hand as she took in his words.  Was she really that easy to read?  And why did he even bother to comment on it?  Was he trying to give her pointers on how to fake emotions, or was he telling her to not even bother trying?  She gave a brief nod when he told her to stop using formalities with him, and it seemed like a reasonable enough a request; after all, they were going to be working together for some time now, so it made sense in a way for them to have a certain level of trust and friendship.  However, those thoughts left her mind the moment he mentioned 'boobs and butts'.  Even if it was supposed to be a compliment towards her, it sounded more like he was just trying to hit on her, and that was not something that Kylier would be all too thrilled about.


"Well, if you're offering, Mr.Ayanami, then I guess it would be impolite not to accept." Kylier said with a smirk.  If he tried anything funny, she'd make sure he regretted it; but for now, it was better to play along in case his intentions weren't as perverted as Kylier had thought them to be.


"So, do you know your way around Shesha yet?  If you're offering lunch, then would it be wrong to assume that you've already got somewhere in mind?"

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He was aware that Kylier would suspect him of flirting with her, but he had done that out of goodwill. He had thought that a little touch on the slightly intimate side was enough to break the ice for a little. But he knew that she would be fully aware of his actions and words from then on. Silently remembering that little, important detail, he went on to hum thoughtfully.


"Well, I guess I do have a place in mind. Got any transport? If not, I could give you a ride."


He paused for a while, before adding.


"You can sit at the back if you'd prefer."



Trying to sound at his very best, as nice as possible.

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'Well I'm not getting anything done here.'  Sakura resisted the urge to pout and instead slipped out of the building certain that she would receive a message from her commanding officer sooner rather than later.  Heading out of the building Sakura craned her neck upwards as she examined the interior of Shesha Base wondering just where she would stay until she was assigned to a combat unit.


"Well, I suppose that it doesn't matter, something will work out."  With that Sakura began to search for a hotel that she could stay in.

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