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We have an award system but... we need awards!


Generic awards such as Member of the Month etc have been planned but we need help to implement them! If you can make an award image, post it here! The maximum image size is 88x33 pixels.


Have an idea for a unique award, tell us here!

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Well, it isn't much, but here's my attempt at an award image for Member of the Month.



I'm not very good at this kind of thing, so I apologise for the poor quality.


As for suggestions for awards... Perhaps a Frequent Rper's Award, or an award for consistent good quality rp posts?

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There was the thing with RP quality back then, though I don't know whether it will be taken out all the way or not. Nevertheless, it seems to be a pretty good idea.


Perhaps a 'Best Coliseum Battle' award, just so to encourage more fighting in the Coliseum?

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Best Pilot of the Month(monthNameinBrackets)


Best Rp'er of the Month(MonthinthisBracket)


Best Story Writer(Don't really know..Month? or whatever..)


N00B Award(If you made a really big mistake or are just a noob then everybody will know and this will be handed out by Mods or etc*Is cruel*)


AD's Artistic Contributor(Sigs,Avatars, anything made for the site or drawn for it)


AD's Story Helper(Something that can be done by normal people. If they had made their own technology/Weapon/Suggestion to help the story/plot for the site. )


As for the month things, it's a simple thing as to how to enter and vote. At the last week of the month; make a topic for others to enter their names(Only others can recommend another person and not themselves Example: Ryou nominates KCT. Bad: Ryou nominates himself :3: *noob award given*WRONG) and then once the week is over and the new month begins; take all the names and make a new topic for the first week of the new month and let it vote for a week.


The only issue with the poll thing would have to be numerous accounts made for just voting; It'd be maybe better for just people to vote by posting on who they vote.


don't know...

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Numerous accounts are already a no no on this site, so we won't have any problems with that  .  I think Ryou's method of voting is pretty good, and takes little effort on the Admins part to moderate (just pop in after the week is over and see who gets nominated, then pop in after another week and tally the votes).  The only thing I could think of adding would be that when someone nominates another person, they should give a reason (don't just say I nominate such and such for an award, say which award you nominate them for, and why).

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I like the voting system


You can also have factions awards given by the faction leader given to the character and intrgrate them to the storyline...like


Medal of Courage - Given to a pilot when he risk their life and goes above and beyond

Medal of Humanity (or some crap like that) - given to people that support humane causes


I think you get the picture each faction should have x awards and give them to their faction memebers for actions that they have done during the battle.  This way it encourages people to stay to earn medals and promotion in their faction.

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Well maybe you could also include some other awards that would encourage players to play AD and that anybody could win if they played enough. Some good examples would be:


Submitting a certain amount of posts

Submitting a certain amount of new topics

Participating in a certain amounts of Coliseum battles

Winning a certain amount of Coliseum battles

Getting A character approved without anybody you to tell you to fix something


Well you get the basic idea and these could be given out at the same time as the other awards.With the other awards (e.g Pilot of the Month) it would be unfair to other people if the same person kept winning it every Month and discouraging towards others.

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Well, I guess our more art-inclined members must be pretty busy, so whilst waiting for the people who actually know what they're doing, here's a couple more award attempts, based on some of the suggestions.


100PostsAward.jpg - PhoenixForce's certain number of posts


BioAward.jpg - PhoenixForce's profiles that didn't need editing


ArtistAward.jpg - based off Ryou Misaki's Artistic Contributor idea


I realise I'm not very good at this, but seeing as I had the free time...

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We could go well beyond that something an award for people being active over a long time frame.


For example, you all know how we have a  'Total time logged in:' thing? Well we could award people for being online for say 10 days (cause I cant seem to get so much ) or even further- 100 days ;]  We could call it the 'AH100' (active hours 100) or change the number according to what we want.

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I couldn't help it - the moment I read Janus's suggestion, I just had to try. So, here's an attempt at an award based on the AH100 idea - ActiveHoursAward.jpg


I realize it's not the specified size - it's 40 x 40, based off the basic pilot's crest. And yes, that thing in the background is meant to be a clock.  .>" title="" />


Oh, and just in case anyone's wondering... Those other three awards I tried; they took nearly 2 hours all together. Most of that time was spent trying to figure out how to get the AD logo for the 100 posts award right. Never again... I'll leave this to the actual artists now, unless another suggestion is made and I can't help myself.

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Nice work on that Janus I'll add that when I have time. I wanna devote this little slot to posting to lessen my guilt and sin of not posting for ages.


Prod me on IM or something about the award


PS: A border would make the pic perfect

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