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Tips to get your profile approved faster


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1. Keep things simple. A simple profile begets a simple approval. The more complicated it is, the higher the likelihood of problems cropping up. I understand that you might want to start off with something different and stylish but that can be achieved with a very simple profile. So, unless you are very confident that you can pull it off, try to keep things simple.


2. Double/Triple check! Make sure that you have entered all the required information. If we have to go through a profile and direct you on how to write the profile when there's already a template, it is just unnecessary waste of time. Time which could have been spent in approving other profiles.


3. Spell check. Run it through a spell checker. We have a spell check integrated into the forum. Use that or your preferred spell checker. This would eliminate obvious errors. THEN, read through the passage again. Proofreading can, believe it or not, help you pick out errors that are spelt correctly but used in the wrong context. For example, "He hoped to become a pilot" as opposed to "He hoped too become a pilot". Or things like "stationary" and "stationery".


4. Be patient! If you keep bumping or pestering someone to read your profile, you would just make them less inclined to help you out. Patience is generously rewarded. Most of the time. The remaining instances are when my patience in waiting for my laptop to stop lagging is "rewarded" with a system crash, or worse: the blue screen of death.


5. Have an open mind. We have a set of rules or standards that we go by here. You might be new and unfamiliar with those. When we inform you of such issues, it would do us a great favour if you simply oblige to follow suit rather than trying to argue your point. Arguing doesn't make any headway and it slows the process even more. Take things as they are and if you still feel very strongly about whatever issue it is, bring it up in the suggestion or RP discussion boards. Have a well-thought and thorough discussion with the site admins and fellow RPers. If the change is really necessary or popular with the community, it would get implemented.


6. Help us out! While waiting for you profile to be approved, you can practice your language or writing skills by review other profiles. If you help others to spot their mistakes, they might show gratitude by looking through yours.


I hope this impromptu guide would help you out in getting your profile approved faster.

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