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Battle: This Rivalry Will Never End ( Reserved )

Ryou Misaki

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Number of Competitors:

Reserved for two players and a referee



Debris Belt - Space


Mobile Weapons Restrictions:

The choice of mobile weapon is Any with no Restrictions; Gundam or Mass Produced is Fine. Except Strike Freedom for which is too overpowered even for my standards.


Other Restrictions:

None, other than the ones stated above





Posting Time Limit:

One Week



(( Considering the last battle was so short...>__>; Well more tweaks at least so it should be fine ))

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Claim the place of a second pilot


Name: Charlotte (Clare) Clarick

Alliance: ZAFT

Moble Weapon: ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam

Quote: "I never do know when to quit... Oh well! He can just give up!"

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