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Rules question


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Liubei noticed this while we were chatting and it kinda confused us. I know this wasn't the rule not too long ago (Neog's and Evo's latest posts in this forum stand as evidence to the fact that this is a fairly recent change), yet here it stands, as quoted from the rules thread.


9. Players may only participate in up to FOUR battles at a time


When did this change? And is this truly the case, or an accident? I ask because there was never any announcement about the change, and it's a fairly important point that we'd like to know the answer to.

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It's an authorized changed effected when the multiple character system and pilot academy were launched together. This is to allow players who are in the League but want to get a license to have more flexibility.


Thanks for bringing it up. I've forgotten about it. I guess I was too busy to make an announcement about it.

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