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Literary assignments


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I'm in a good mood after a great birthday celebration.


I'm giving away $2000 for literary assignments. All you need to do is to let your creativity take over and write up a description of a prominent location in the world of Advent Destiny, as long as there is an RP board for that location. There is no word limit but try not to ramble on. It should be something fairly brief and very descriptive. Readers should be able to visualise the setting after reading it.


Your descriptions will be reviewed and if is up to standards, it will be accepted and you will receive your prize money. There will be a maximum of five accepted entries per member to be fair to all members. Should there be more than one entries per location, a poll will be set up and the members will decide which entry would win the honours.

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Just to be sure, we're talking RP dollars, right? 


Seriously though, would this award be payed per location description?  Or is it to comission someone to do multiple descriptions?


Also, I'd like a bit more clarity as to the length of descriptions with a word count.


(Oh, was it your birthday recently?  If so, then happy birthday. )

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Ah, thank you.


I used Wikipedia to do a quick search of some the cities listed to get an idea of the geography.  Several thoughts occured to me at this point, though, and I have some questions.


- Does anyone know what regions were greatly impacted by the fall of Junius 7?  I remember a bunch of famous landmarks getting destroyed, but am not sure if the African community was greatly affected.


- What's the status of Banadiva?


- Who controls Suez now?

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Ack, a bunch of questions right when I'm about to take my leave. Could this wait? I have the Destiny DVDs but I'll have to re-watch the episodes to check up on the cities affected.


I believe Suez is under the control of the African Community. This might be a little out-dated but it might help. I'm still working on the AD version of the world map.



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I had some time to look things up. The main areas hit were places along the equator and coastlines.


Here are some places I identified:

The Vatican City

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Potala Palace

The Great Wall of China

The Colosseum

The Parthenon

The Shanghai Oriental Pearl


These two are places that I couldn't really differentiate. I will post images of the scenes when I get back.

Ely Cathedral or the Basilica de la Segrada

Petronas Twin Towers or the Relian Astrodome - this confusion is because in the scene, there's twin towers on one side and a large dome shaped stadium in the other. I can't tell which of these landmarks they are.


Durandal mentioned the following:

Gobi Desert




I hope this list helps.

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