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Jason Wellington


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Player name: Calamity/X

Character number: 1

Faction: Soldiers of Fire




Full name: Jason Wellington

Nickname: N/A

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: MS Pilot

Birthplace: Tunis, Africa

Citizenship: Earth Alliance

Personality: Jason is a caring man to everyone no matter what their race. He usually keeps to himself. If someone needs help or comforting though, he'll try the best he can to help them. He deeply cares for his teammates and allies. On the battlefield he is very strategic, and tries to destroy the enemy quickly. He does however get flustered easily when stressed out. He has a bad habit of becoming extremely cruel when fighting the EA for a past event in his life.




Height: 5'10

Weight: 150

Hair Colour and Style: Black and Short

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: N/A

Skin Tone: Peach

Build: Medium

Clothing: Clothing wise he wears an Orb military uniform perfectly with a blue muscle shirt underneath. When in public though he wears jeans, a red shirt and sunglasses. On the rare occasion he wears a hat. During meetings though he wears a black suit, tie, and a red dress shirt. He feels most comfortable in these clothes as it reminds him of when he was wealthy. He’s always seen with a gold pocket watch in the right pocket of his suit.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Mary Wellington (deceased)

Father: John Wellington (deceased)

Siblings: N/A

Wife/Girlfriend: N/A


Personal History:


Jason was born in Tunis, Africa to wealthy English parents. He loved both his parents very much and defended them no matter what. He did not like one thing about them though. They secretly funded the Atlantic Federation. Jason was always against the idea but finally gave in from all the speeches he had from his Father. He had always hated the alliance's ideals and beliefs.  Unknown to Jason though, they owed the Alliance their lives. Without a secret agreement between his Father and a high ranking EA Admiral they'd never be wealthy.


Jason’s childhood was not a happy one. He was always picked on by the other children for being a different color than them. If he wasn’t being picked on for being a different color he was being picked on because he was rich. Most of the students were average class. He had no friends and became very quiet and started ignoring anything other than his family and school. Then one day his parents were called away for business to an EA Base. The base was on high alert for a ZAFT Attack. This was not told to Jason's parents. Two days later Jason found out that they had been killed in a friendly fire incident during an assault on the base by ZAFT. Jason was devastated and filled with anger towards ZAFT. He began funding the Alliance.


Then one day he was visited by a man from the alliance. Jason quickly welcomed him in and they became good friends until he tricked him into signing a new contract for funding. Within two days Jason was disowned by the Alliance. When he questioned the man he said he did it because Jason was different and the Alliance didn’t need him. Jason’s anger towards ZAFT quickly changed towards the Alliance. He swore revenge and ran away, but not before he killed the man he thought was his friend.


On the run Jason joined Orb briefly. There he learned about infantry, bombs and other explosives. Jason knew this military was the only one that would take him in. If he went to the EA they'd shoot him on sight. If he tried to join ZAFT he'd be rejected for being a natural. He refused to join both those factions anyways. They both made him suffer.


During that time in the training academy he became bitter. His teammates tried to talk to him but he usually told them to get back to work. Jason excelled in MS Training. He learned to pilot an Astray and Murasame. This took a lot of time. About one year. The bitterness didn't last long. One day on the beach he met a Reverend. That day he felt lonely so he decided to start up a conversation. Learning more about this reverend he found out he took care of an orphanage, that consisted of both Naturals and Coordinators. This surprised him.


He never thought that both coordinators or naturals could live together like that. Over the course of the next month, Jason visited the Reverend three more times. Unknown to Jason he started to become less bitter with every visit. On the last visit he asked the Reverend about trying to leave Orb. He had become tired of being ordered around, trying to protect ideals he didn't agree with.


That same night with the Reverend's help he snuck out of Orb on a ferry. Not having any options open to him since he was now wanted by both Orb and the EA he left and headed to China. While living on the street he heard about a new mercenary faction causing hell for the EA. Still craving revenge he learned more, until he found where they would be. Leaving that instant he headed to the area awaiting a new life.

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Before I say anything else, I love your avatar. Zakus win. Plain as that. ^_^


Now, on to more official matters. First off, your Player section. I'm fairly certain this is your first character on AD, not your fifth. The character number should be changed accordingly, as I think only Valiant (and maybe one or two others) has the cash reserve to get a fifth character. _<" title="" />


I noticed this first in your personality section, but it's true throughout your profile. You have several sentences which could (and should) be combined into one. For example:


On the battlefield he is very strategic and tries to destroy the enemy quickly, though he does get flustered easily when stressed out.


This would be the best way to handle those sentences taken from your personality section. Long sentences are fine if it all speaks to one main point and has proper punctuation.


On the topic of your clothing section, you say he wears his military uniform, yet your character would be a member of the Soldiers of Fire, which is a mercenary outfit. As such, I don't think they have a set uniform for all of their personnel (Basing this off of my experience with Serpent Tail. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) You need to state what uniform he's wearing. A blue Alliance uniform? A red ZAFT uniform? This should be established.


Finally, your Character history. My first point is that it needs to be longer by a fair amount. I would recommend looking at some of the profiles in the Character Library for some good examples on the proper length and such that we look for in a character profile. Expand further on your character and why he is the way he is. Why did he choose to become a mercenary after the experience with the man from the Alliance? Why not go to ZAFT? Where was he trained in mobile suit combat and skills? Why is he such a kind person despite the fact that he was picked on so much as a child? These are some questions that you could start lengthening your profile by answering in depth.

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@DD: Yeah, it's a Zudah. (Though I wouldn't blame you for that mistaken identity, considering the similarity in construction and armaments)




Personality:  'Their' instead of 'there.'  Also, I do not quite see how he's a caring man if he keeps to himself.  A little more emphasis here would help. 

Though he does get flustered easily when stressed out.

This is a fragment (incomplete sentence) so you need to fix this.  (Easiest solution would probably be to remove 'Though' and tweak the sentence slightly)


History: *cracks knuckles*

In Paragraph 1, why does he not support his parent's decision to fund the AF?  Why did they fund them in the first place.  Tunis, Africa is part of the African Community, which is an allied nation to ZAFT.  How were his parents able to blatantly support the 'enemy'?


In Paragraph 2, when his parents' died in a 'friendly-fire' incident, did this take place during the one of the wars?


I honestly don't get the whole contract and deception in Paragraph 3.  A contract for what?  For funding? (Which wouldn't make sense since it would be considered donations for a cause. 


You still did not mentioned much about his training for MS Piloting.  Perhaps you could expand slightly on his stint at the training academy at Orb.


Other than the above, you got a decent profile here.  Keep at it.

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I'm not sure if it's just me, but that first sentence for the personality section seems a little... awkward. The phrasing seems a little off. Perhaps try replacing 'of' with 'what'?


I know it's not a major thing, but it keeps jumping out at me. 

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