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Role play launched!


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The long awaited relaunch of Advent Destiny's storyline has finally kick started! With new exciting nations setup as well as the emergence of the Non-Offensive Vanguard Alliance (NOVA) and Serpent Tail as new factions, the prospect looks fantastic, to say the least. Add to that the new multi-character system, you have limitless opportunities to RP here on Advent Destiny.


If you previously created a character and found yourself stuck in a situation because a fellow RPer became inactive, we have good news for you. Since the storyline reset itself, all previous RP posts have been archived and your character is free to start off fresh in the RP.


The start of the RP is usually the best place to jump in and get settled in the flow of the story. Create your character if you haven't and strive hard for your chosen faction.


This is what all of you have been itching for so put on the writing cap and start RPing!

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Ack!  This is what happens when you don't check in frequently.


So, where would I go to find more info about the new character system?


Also, it doesn't seem that the new factions have much of a description yet, when can we expect them to be updated?


Oh, and in the "Getting Started" section, Orb seems to be missing from the faction list for some reason.


(Funny, I thought there was a spell checker here...Man, I've been away too long. )

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