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Unofficial battle - 2v2

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I was chatting with Ishian today and we hit upon the idea of having an unofficial match like the ones that have been popping up recently. But to mix it up a bit, we decided upon a team match, Ishian and myself against any two challengers. This is open to anyone who wants to participate. Mobile suits are limited to mass-production units ONLY. No Gundams whatsoever. Also, while this is unofficial, let's keep it within arena rules anyways. We can go 'till destruction (as opposed to a Coliseum knockout) if we prefer, but let's all keep from god-modding and such. So, to blatantly copy liubei's format, since I'm a lazy bum:



Number of Competitors: 4 (Two of which are Christoph von Crailheim and myself)

Battlefield: Mountainous (unless anyone has any suggestions. Whatever. )

Restrictions on MS:  Any mass production mobile suit.

Battle Mode: 2v2

Referee: None (unless one feels like dropping by)



For my own part, I'll be using a Blaze Zaku Phantom in the fight. Nice mix of long and close range goodness.

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Taken from chat:

`eightball Should liubei and evo_Sieg have the first round in our battle?

DragonDaimyo: You wish.

Well, that's as close to a random number generator as I've got. XD


And it really is the closest thing I've got. >_>


Anyways, if there are no objections, we can get underway. I'll be taking the first round, followed by someone from the team of liubei and evo_Sieg (I'll leave the decision to you two unless you'd prefer I go ask eightball again ), then Ishian, and so on and so forth, alternating back and forth. I'll serve as the pseudo-ref, keeping track of turn order and such. Also, FYI, I'll be using my Coliseum character, Samantha Winson, as I'd like to get a little practice using her.




Samantha sat in the cockpit of her Zaku Phantom, waiting for the deployment of the Wizard pack she was set to use. The mobile suit had a wide range of options available to it, which it made it a favorite of hers in most situations. Since this would be a battle on Earth, she eschewed a more traditional pilot suit in favor of a looser-fitting jumpsuit, which she felt would give her a little more comfort and hand mobility. She did, however, strap a helmet onto her head. No sense in getting KO'ed when the helmet could absorb the blow and keep her in the fight. She thought about the fight she was about to have, a two-on-two match between herself, with another Zaku, against an Astray and Kerberos BuCUE. The Astray was a simple, but effective mobile suit, and not to be underestimated. The Kerberos unit would be tough to tackle, but Samantha was confident that she and her teammate would hold their ground and seize the day. It would just take a little bit of work. She now regretted shooting her mouth off in the pilot’s lounge a few hours earlier. She now had a not insignificant amount of money riding on this match. She’d just have to fight that much harder.


An alarm sounded as the mechanism to attach the Wizard pack was finally ready to attach the pack to the Zaku. Samantha had chosen the Blaze unit for this match, which would be a nice compliment to her teammate’s unit. The extra thrusters would keep her moving fast and force the enemy to stay on their toes. The missiles provided would add some extra long-range punch as well, though she’d have to get the timing just right for them to have good effect. The other thing she’d customized for this engagement was her selection of grenades. Two flash grenades sat on the right side of her torso armor, while a smoke and a fragmentation grenade were attached to the left side. The standard equipment of shields, beam rifle, and beam tomahawks rounded out the loadout she would be using. The suit lurched forward slightly as the Wizard pack was attached, and the Blaze Zaku Phantom began moving out toward the battlefield.


She was deployed into a mountainous region, with cliffs and rocks everywhere. Guerrilla warfare might work well here, as there were plenty of places for a mobile suit to hide or at least take partial cover. Samantha stood waiting, as there was little for her to do until the match began. She just hoped her partner wasn’t some wet-behind-the-ears kid who she’d need to babysit. That’d probably cost her the match right then and there.

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[OOC: Here I go.]


As the VTOL guided its way through the hazardous mountains, ChengHu sat back in the pilot seat of this M1 Astray.  He studied various maps and tables of the battle area as the VTOL's pilot struggled against strong headwinds.  It was due to these hazards that ChengHu opted not to use his preferred mobile suit, a Jet Windam.  Flying around here would be very difficult if not suicidal.  Partially out of curiosity and out of need, he was able to obtain one of Orb's M1 Astrays. 


All Astrays already had the appropriate OS installed, so no custom work was needed, unlike if he chose to use a ZAFT mobile suit.  Unlike his opponent's suits, the Astray was a lot lighter while still sturdy and reliable.  He already ran through several test runs prior to this match, so he wouldn't come in unprepared.  Then a red light blinked slowly, indicating a message from the pilot.  He opened the channel and let the pilot speak.


"Liu-Shosa, we are about the arrive at the drop zone.  One minute until drop," the pilot said.  ChengHu could tell the pilot was gritting his teeth due to his struggle at keeping the VTOL from smashing into the mountain side.  He nodded to himself as the pilot was another loyal soldier of the Republic.


ChengHu then put on his helmet and flexed his shoulders slightly. He chose to wear his officer's uniform, which was styled after the white Earth Alliance uniform, with the exception of having red stripes and gold highlights to represent his nation.  Then he hit several buttons and waited for the suit to boot up. 


Once his Astray was activated, he quietly counted down with the pilot.


"...wu, shi, san..." (Chinese: five, four, three)

"...san, ni, ichi...Drop!" (Japanese: three, two, one)


ChengHu felt his stomach lighten as the clamps opened, releasing the Astray.  As the altimeter scrolled down with manic intensity, he calmly gripped the controls and placed his feet over the pedals.  Then he pressed down on the pedals, triggering the Astray's thrusters as he slowed his descent.  Then he eased his way toward the drop zone, which was a relatively small and flat rocky area.  Then he coaxed the suit into a soft landing as he drew his beam rifle and kept his shield close.  Though the match was organized, old habits died hard as he never let his guard down.


Now all he had to do was wait for his teammate to arrive.  Though he knew that working together against their opponents was important, he also knew not to rely on his teammate, lest he be a hinderance.

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Ooc: I am using a character called Isaiah Hazael, he might be implemented as my second char at AD in the future.


A flash of green light ran trough the cockpit as Isaiah booted up the Zaku´s OS, equipped with the gunner wizard pack this ms was Isaiah´s wet dream, a big overpowered Orthros cannon, four fragmentation grenades strapped on the Zaku´s hips and good mobility made sure that this was going to be an interesting battle.


The cockpit buzzed while systems booted up around Isaiah, the OS had gone trough its boot checks and was starting up rest of the systems aboard the Zaku. His black and white pilot suit matched the pilot seat perfectly, custom colors was a high priority on Isaiah’s list, it boosted his already all-time high ego, his had spent a lot of money on his pilot suit making sure it looked designed from top to toe. A black helmet with white stripes and a mirror visor that concealed his face when it was down, he looked like something out from a mobilesuit model magazine all the was missing was a model pose, that was quite hard to pull of as he was strapped tightly to the pilot seat.

But that didn’t hinder him to pose around with his mobilesuit as an extension of his body.


The Zaku itself was a painted in a bright yellow color with some white trims, making sure he was noticed on the battlefield as he wrecked havoc and did his trademark overkills.


The main HUD flickered and a buzzing sound ran trough the internal speakers, a red light danced around in the otherwise grey launch bay, reflecting of the well polished Zaku making it sparkle in an intense red color when the light hit it, the main launch doors opened a strong wind forced its way into the launch bay twirling papers and other rubbish that was laying on the ground all over the deck.


A male voice announced that Isaiah was cleared for launch.


Isaiah cracked a smile, he moved his hand to the side of the helmet and with a fast motion the mirror visor slid down covering his face, the HUD reflected in the visor with an intense green light, you could almost make out the whole panel in the visor.


“All right lets do this, Isaiah Hazael, Zaku Gunner, launching.”


With an intense burst the Zaku left the VTOL in high-speed, burning the twirling papers to ash, thrusting downwards at maximum velocity the bright yellow Zaku almost looked like a yellow hawk swooping down on its pray, the Orthros cannon pointing downwards as the beak, the wind could be heard all the way into the Zaku, a trail of cloud danced in his path as he blazed trough cloud by cloud.


Just before hitting the ground some distance behind his teammate Isaiah repositioned his thruster power downwards, a loud roaring sound like the sound of a modern jet fighter could be heard as the thrusters worked at maximum capacity to break the Zaku´s fall. With a loud bang the Zaku hit the ground, rocks and dirt sprayed around its feet and a dust cloud concealed the entire mobilesuit.


As the dirt cloud started to settle Isaiah positioned the Orthros cannon tightly to the Zaku´s hip pointing slightly upwards, the right foot on a large rock and the other foot on lower ground made the Zaku looking battle ready, overdone of course but that was the way Isaiah liked it.


He opened up a video feed to his teammate; tightly gripping the controls with light reflecting in his visor, a small nod indicating that he was ready was all he sent.

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Sieg was fuming inside the BuCUE's cockpit. The dog had already been chained for a very long time as its transport went up the mountain road leading to the staging area.


"Could you please just hurry it up, even just a little? I'm running a little late already..."


"Sorry about the delay Sir! My reputation for getting you to your battles on time has been tarnished. I sincerely apologize.", said the transport truck's driver.


Late. It was the only thing running in Sieg's mind. The reason why they were late? Simple...


Flat. A flat tire. On a trailer. A mobile suit trailer. On a mountain road. It took a jack the size of a small refrigerator just to lift the trailer.


The truck slowly stopped in a small clearing the looked like a truck stop. Here Sieg's trusty Kerberos rolled down the back of the trailer.


"Ok. Just wait for me here. I'll radio you if I'll request air evac, but that's just a worst case scenario, not bloody likely to happen."


Sieg made the BuCUE roll through the woods toward the staging area of their team. He saw on the radar the Astray standing on guard, most probably waiting for him. He edged the Bucue to the Astray's side, making it look like its pet has just arrived. A terrifying pet at that.


"Howdy there partner!", Sieg said when he opened a private channel to talk to the Astray's pilot.

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((Turn order is set as follows.







I think that's all of the formalities, so I'll go ahead and kick things into gear. ))


Samantha appreciated Isaiah's more quiet demeanor, even if other things about him seemed over the top. That paint scheme though, could it be any louder? It almost screamed "Shoot me! Shoot me!" If she'd been in a mean mood, she probably would have obliged it.


Setting into motion with nary a word, Samantha quickly moved to a nearby boulder, using her thrusters to speed her along. The huge rock wouldn't provide much cover, but anything was better than standing in the open. She avoided taking cover initially in order to press the attack sooner. She quickly took aim and squeezed off a trio of shots from her beam rifle. The first went for the BuCUE's front left leg, while the second was aimed at the right-side head. The final shot was fired a second later at the base of the Astray's shoulders. They were far enough apart that she didn't expect the shots to do much damage, but it was better than just standing around. She couldn't just charge into closer range, though. Not quite yet.

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