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I need more than flashy electronics, I need protection, I need a bodyyguard.

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I'm looking for someone with a PLANT character who might want to function as Supreme Council Chairwoman Hitomi Matsuko's bodyguard.  I kind of figure that the existence of such a position only makes sense, it's a crazy universe out there in the CE world.


Your character doesn't have to be a member of ZAFT and they could totally still have a life outside of protecting Hitomi.  This bodyguard would also be someone that Hitomi really trusts and so she might confide in them a bit, which makes me think that having a female character guard Hitomi would make a lot of sense.  But at this point I'm not being picky so if you're interested and think that your character would be a good fit post here and let me know.


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Heh, I wouldn't hire a merc to protect me if I was a high ranking official though, 'cause you never know if they'd turn on you for a greater pay. Someone more devoted to the individual would be a more logical choice.


Anyways, this is an intriguing proposition...Really, I'm surprised there aren't more people jumping at this opportunity.   What to do?  What to do?  I wonder if I can be up to such a challenge?


Oh, right!  Perhaps I should reintroduce myself, seeing as I'm not a frequent poster.  I've actually haven't created a character yet and have been trying to come up with something since last December. My intent has been to create a ZAFT character and I have posted some questions in the recruitment board a long time ago (not sure if that thread still exists).  I've sent messages to Valiant before, but I don't think I've spoken to you, fireminerva.


Creating characters is very difficult for me as I've got plenty of ideas but putting them all down in a way that's cohesive is daunting.  If I can prove myself, my intent was to make my character into a ship captain over time; however, setting things up so that she'd be a suitable candidate has been trouble.  Not knowing anything about who will arise as an enemy force, I've been trying to create a scenario in which she can rise to action without being a MS pilot.  I had wanted her to be someone who was preparing for an inevitable crisis, secretly gathering people to join a unit that would serve the PLANTS separate from the main ZAFT force.


It's too much to undertake alone though, and something that cannot be done without your consent.  But now, your request for a bodyguard makes me consider the possibility of further adapting my character to work alongside yours.  I don't know if she'd meet the qualifications of a bodyguard; however, my character might make a good aide.  If you're willing to work with me on this, I'm hoping to develop a character that has more than a superficial relation to the Chairwoman, and instead have a shared past.

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I think that your idea as a whole sounds good, though I do urge you to create a character soon so that we could at least have some interaction prior to becoming heavily involved in the new storyline; it would simply be good RPing.  The only thing which I question is your character's desire to form a group that exists outside of ZAFT, that's what FAITH is for and working around the established system could do a good deal to complicate the storyline but that's just my take on things.


I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.  Send me a PM once your character's profile goes up.

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The other thing that I would recommend.  Is to close your eyes and think what is the ending of where you want the character to be. 


Another thing that I do when I am confused take a word file and the template and write out what I know off the bat.  Like Rance Gener appearce (maybe personality) sometimes in personality I wait till I write the story and think to myself how would a person like this act.  (ex. person grew with military background, the personality should be an obidient soldier). 


In history once you have a begging and an ending (what you want to do in the war) filling the middle should be easier. 


I don't know that how I do it

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Heh, yeah, I kinda figured that.


About FAITH though, I figured that since FAITH members are supposed to be amongst the best it wouldn't be a good idea to form a unit with such highly skilled members when the average RPer should start with a character that has yet to prove his/herself.  My thought was that this unit could be composed of individuals whose talents are above average but not highly recognized by ZAFT higher ups.  A gathering of such individuals would be less likely to draw attention from internal opposition as well as spies.

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