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For whenever we start.

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I've been thinking that it would be interesting for my character Hitomi Matsuko to have a love interest floating around in her life, whenever the RP starts up again.  Different/opposing faction membership wouldn't be a problem, in fact it might make things interesting, so long as your character wouldn't expect Hitomi to run crying into their arms... the way that quite a few Gundam women do.


I never thought that I'd have to make a personal add, much less one for a fictional character.

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I would like to err... try.  My character has not been approved yet, however he is a Knight in the Gundam Universe from the Kingdom of Scandinavia. 


I think it would be interested to have a character who is a traditional oriented with a love interest to someone how does not have a traditional female role.  Just PM me and let me know what you think.

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