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I'm sure everyone would be glad to hear that server issues with our hosts have been solved and we will continue to be hosted by them. Yes, this mean that the impending server move and site downtime has been avoided. Let's hope that we maintain this good relationship with our hosts.


A small note: I have finally moved into my new dorm, where I would be staying for the coming semester. The room looks great and now that I have settled my personal issue as well as the host problems, things seem to be getting back on track.


A smaller note: I noticed that the blog feature isn't used much. Is there a reason for that? I'm sure we have some bloggers around here. Is the cost of acquiring the blog too high?

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I'm interested, even if I just use a blog as a 'diary' for Julia - It'd help improve my writing skills.


As Ryou said, it's a matter of not being able to afford a blog whilst the RPs are down. Of course, the moment RPing is open again and I get enough money, I'll be buying a blog

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