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Gundam Mods


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I was wondering if anyone else here has played the UC gundam mod for homeworld 2, its actually pretty good.  Awesome if you want to have your own live MS battles that don't suck like the console ones.


If not take a look 


(apologies in advance for the music)




The seed mod is terrible so far, look at this gigantic wing on the archangel


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yeah I got this a month ( I guess ) ago (when I caught Hw2 fever).

BTW, not all ps2 gundam games suck anyway, 79-83 (the mod) is alright I definitely like assaulting with an army of Zakus (not to mention a Char's Zaku thrown in there somewhere ) but it really hits the fan when they've got GP02 :O My only gripe with the game is the tech tree, its too long for my liking (I know that it requires alot to research a gundam, but heck, its too long)

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