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Phillip Chew Sze Yuan


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Player name: F.A.I.T.H

Character number: 2

Faction: NOVA




Full name: Phillip Chew Sze Yuan

Nickname: Phil

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Equatorial Union Leader

Birthplace: Singapore

Citizenship: Equatorial Union

Personality: A quiet, well-mannered fellow who prefers all things to be done diplomatically and hates any kind of conflict. Diligent and serious so as to make up for his perceived 'lack of talent' in comparison to the leading personalities of his time.Prefers to sit back and make himself inconspicuous until he needs to speak. He tends to be overly harsh when agitated and is known to be rather obstinate. Phillip tends to become fanatically devoted to something he has set his heart on, even to the point where he would ignore others and dive into the situation if he simply wants to get it done. These are mixed with a good dose of compassion for the poor and the needy that balances off his weaknesses. Likes to do watersports and gets down to it whenever he's free. Surprisingly, he is able to look at things with a subjective optimism despite his inability to convey his emotions properly at times.




Height: 178 cm

Weight: 67kg

Hair Colour and Style: He sports a head of jet-black hair, usually without hair wax absent in the spiking of his hair. Despite his serious countenance, Phllip prefers having the top part of his hair spiked while having a neat fringe with hair combed to his temples.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Fair complexion, presumably inherited from his mother.

Build: Muscular with a fair amount of bulk in his arms and legs.

Clothing: Wears a typical business suit to work, but prefers collared shirts and a pair of comfortable pants while he rests or goes out. Prefers darker colors.

Handiness: Right handed. Is slightly uncomfortable when using the left hand.




Mother: Esther Brenda Chew (English, 52 years) (Coordinator) Retired English and Science (Physics, Chemistry) teacher.

Father: Aiden Chew Wen Loong ( Singaporean, 52 years) (Coordinator) Minister of Parliament.

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: Caridad Avila (Spanish, deceased at 25 years of age, supposedly 27 years old currently) (Natural)


Personal History:

Despite being born and bred in peaceful Singapore, Phillip came to the world during a period of uncertainty and growing tensions between the Naturals and the Coordinators. Being a citizen of the neutral Equatorial Union, Phillip was thankfully not exposed to the dangers of persecution that the Coordinator minority on Earth faced. Nevertheless, young as he was, Phillip would often see raw anxiety and fear reflected in the actions and eyes of his parents whenever news about Coordinators dying unnatural deaths (often coupled with reports on what he only remembered as 'Blue') and would simply stop crying and went about doing his own things without troubling his parents.


Being exceptionally intelligent at a young age, he was home-tutored after his parents had obtained approval from the government. The school was his neighbourhood, and the five-room apartment his classroom. He was able to learn other things aside from the typical Math, Science and languages. Things like ethics, religion and morals interested him so much so that the only time when he would pester his parents is when he hungered for more knowledge.


Phillip was sent to a government school eventually at the age of thirteen. Having absorbed the outflow of knowledge from his parents like a sponge, he impressed his peers and teachers with his maturity and wide range of knowledge about the basic subjects and world affairs. They, however, caused him to be apart and alone, as his worries were mainly focused on how close the war was to his beloved country (Where Kaohsiung was attacked by the ZAFT). The impending storm of war also brought about more fear and tension amongst his classmates towards the Coordinators such as himself. It wasn't until when the war began-and ended- did the frost between the two groups of people thaw slightly. The war also gave him the presumably unbiased view that the Equatorial Union could do little to help defend their Mother Earth, upon learning that the amount of military power and forces the Union had were barely enough to defend themselves.


Things, however, got worse as the Second War began in C.E. 73. Having burning passions of their own, Phillip would often get involved in verbal challenges and physical fights against his Natural classmates and sometimes even friends. Eventually, though, his mother had endured all forms of humiliation from other Natural parents with a genuine smile on an occasion where his parents were called to school. He was indignant, but she was forgiving, and eventually taught him to soften his heart. His father, on the other hand, opened his eyes to the world of the Equatorial Union's strength-The economy, and the power of politics. Through gradual and steady mentoring, Phillip stopped despairing and decidedly worked towards the goal of making the Union even more economically powerful.


Six years after the Second War, with relations between PLANT, ORB and the Earth Alliance still slightly unstable but improving, Phillip enrolled into a local university with a double degree of political science and economics and met 20 year-old Caridad Avila. He had his qualms. She didn't care. He was terrible at socialising, she didn't care. Eventually He dropped his reservations and they got married after three years of courtship.


His happiness was, however, like a wavering flame in a gale of gloom. Merely after two years' of marriage and while Phillip rose with his diligence, talent and charisma to the top tiers of the business and political world in the Union, His wife perished in a plane crash while on the way back to visit her parents, with the crash supposedly suspected to be the work of Coordinator pepetrators from PLANT. The two-time Businessman of the Year grieved for his inability to protect her, even in the slightest way. However, he quickly transferred it into a demonically tireless energy and drive to work even harder towards his goals, pulling him away further and further from his friends, relatives and even his loving parents. With the elections for a new leader coming, however, Phillip has found an outlet in which to immerse himself in so as to forget the pain.


His rise was by no means a knock on his door of chance by Lady Luck. Despite having been relatively well-versed in the knots and nooses of the political world, he had no advantage. Nevertheless, driven by the notion that was a necessity in his life, Phillip quitted his business to enter into politics. It was almost as though he took on a new persona as he continued in Samaritarian works around the poorer regions of the Union while campaigning for a place in the Union Council at the same time. Speaking at length to crowds, promises made to the poor, the middle-class and the rich alike were fulfilled and despite the emptiness in his heart, he continued working towards a fuller Union in terms of the disparity of incomes in the Union and better medical facilities in the poorer parts.


Eventually he rose to the seats of the leaders, though even so he felt it was not enough. Phillip realised that only absolute power could aid him in what he wanted, and not even his father could persuade him from overworking himself just for the position. He befriended the rich, the powerful yet managing to prevent himself from becoming obsessed with power. His apparent charisma exuded charmed the crowds every now and then. With good works and powerful acquaintances to back him up, He assumed the role of the Equatorial Union Leader with a landslide victory in the elections for the leader, only one and a half years after becoming a Council member.


He has seemingly recovered from his grief, though the plastic smiles on his face even while in public tell a different story. Having won the latest elections to be the leader of the Equatorial Union, Phillip strives to make the Union into a even more powerful country in order to give it a stronger stranglehold on the economy of the world as well as a stronger and more well-trained military force.

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I never say it is a bad thing, these sort of profiles make an easy read for some of the people that does not have levels of English that sophisticated.


Yeah, it's a good thing to talk about his rise to leadership, everyone is probably curious about that too, politics in Singapore is never easy :/ .

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