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Brianna Galen


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Player name: DragonDaimyo

Character number: 3

Faction: Serpent Tail




Full name: Brianna Galen

Nickname: N/A

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Serpent Tail Liaison

Birthplace: October City, PLANT

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: A cold and calculating woman with a sly smile, Brianna is a demon at the negotiating table. She is constantly seeking the best deal she can get in just about anything she does. She'll give a little leniency for friends, but not much. Altruism is a word not found in her dictionary.


One of Brianna's little hobbies is to play with people's minds somewhat. She is not malicious in this at all, but she enjoys teasing people by fooling them, especially friends and especially those friends who are a bit gullible. She generally does not drive her friends away in this manner, as once she has convinced them, she is very quick to clue them back in on the truth before they publicly embarrass themselves.




Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 96 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Fiery red, kept loose at shoulder length.

Eye Colour: Deep blue

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Slightly pale

Build: Slight

Clothing: Usually wears a woman's business suit with a long skirt. For more casual events, she typically wears a longsleeve shirt and short sleeve jacket with jeans.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Lisa Galen

Father: Richard Galen

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None. And no husband/boyfriend either.


Personal History: From her childhood, Brianna was all about getting as much as she could for as little as possible. And from her childhood, she was stunningly good at it. Brianna has an incredible business sense and she leveraged it quite well in her youth. As a child, whenever her family would hold a garage sale, she would hold her own sale separate from that of her family. She would go through and secure things she thought would be good sellers and mark them up, then sell them for more than her family would have though possible. In school especially, she would prey on children who wanted certain "cool" things to keep up with the latest fads. After all, Coordinators, genetically engineered though they may be, were still human, and still went through fads as fast as anyone else. These children were often willing to pay a price substantially more than the market value of such items, a willingness that Brianna all too often took advantage of. The net effect of her commercial savvy was that by the time Brianna graduated high school, she had built up quite an impressive nest egg for herself in the bank.


Upon graduation, she applied to and attended one of the foremost business schools in all the PLANTs, delving into her studies with enthusiasm. She wasn't able to pull many of the tricks she had in school, since her new classmates were both more mature and were often thinking along the same lines she was. She scored quite well in her classes, though not quite at the top of the class. She used financial support from her parents as well as income from a part-time job to keep herself in school, during which she learned that she absolutely hated menial labor. The fiery battles of the negotiation table were what drew and intrigued her. She graduated as the top-rated negotiator in her class, leaving to work for a prestigious arms company in Martius City. Everything seemed to be working out just fine for Brianna.


Her new job bored her to tears. Simply put, there was no challenge for her. The problem with working for such a large and well-known company was that most of those she were negotiated with were already intimidated by the company's size and reputation. By the time they began negotiations, the other representatives were already cowed and willing to give in to all but the most obscene terms. The lack of challenge frustrated her to no end. It got so bad it started souring the romantic relationships she would sometimes experiment with. In the end, about a year after starting her job, she simply quit and began looking for a new role in life.


All the other companies in Martius were all completely dominated by her former employers, and if she ticked them off even a little bit mid-negotiation, she'd probably be fired from any job she took in the area. So she began looking outside Martius for a job. She never thought she'd find one outside of PLANT, but she did. The Serpent Tail, a prominent mercenary organization down on its luck due to competition from the up and coming Soldiers of Fire. An aggressive negotiator might be just what they needed to pull their star back into prominence.


She traveled to Shesha colony and applied to join the Serpent Tail. She was accepted and assigned as a liaison to a minor mercenary team to test her skills. Command found her performance exemplary, and quickly moved to promote her within the ranks of the liaisons. Within a couple of years, she found herself within an ideal job. She was assigned as the senior liaison for the Serpent Tail, negotiating many contracts for the group as a whole and acting as the personal liaison of the Commander's mercenary team. She had to fight hard for some contracts, but the rewards were always worth it.

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So now we have a Nabiki Tendo on our hands  .  Though I would wonder as to whether or not she would blackmail and exploit people to the same extent as Nabiki would   As for the profile itself, its short and sweet, but not too short to leave you wanting for more.  I hope that someone does take up Brianna as a full character some day, as her aggressive personality would give Serpent Tail the bite it needs to keep up to the SoF's popularity.  Nothing I can find to critique upon, so I would give it a thumbs up (though Serpent tail charries aren't my decision of course  )

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I don't think she'd be that cruel. It's not really greed so much as exercising her skills and making a profit. She enjoys a challenge and simply wants to come out of a situation in a better place than when she started (I can see how that could mean the same thing, but they're different in my head. Honest! ). My personal vision of her would have her probably viewing the Nabiki approach as more cheating than anything else. And yes, I would love to see someone take her on. Heck, if no one's done it by the time I get the cash for another character, I might do it myself.



liubei, she's not incapable of affection. As I stated in her profile, she did have a couple relationships, though they didn't work out for unrelated reasons. But again, she'd probably still have that aggressive negotiation sense, so she'd probably need someone who could put up a fight in that category to make things work.



Well, since two Narrators and a Faction Leader have gone over this without finding problems, I feel secure in going ahead and giving it an official approval. As always, thank you all very much for your feedback.

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