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Hernando Joaquin (Under construction)


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Player name: Neogmkuma

Character number: 02

Faction: NOVA




Full name: Hernando Cortez Joaquin

Nickname: Heinz, Ketchup, Boomer

Age: 25

Gender: male

Race: natural

Occupation: Explosives and demolition expert,

Philippine Armed Forces- Demolitions,

Co- Founder—Rapid Demolition Services


Birthplace: Sta. Maria, Philippines

Citizenship: Equatorial Union


Heinz is an easy going guy with a weird talent for creating new and innovative ways of destroying something. His friends call him the walking apocalypse just because of his penchant to the art of demolition. During his teenage years he accidentally blew up a stray dog, a car and a portion of the wall of his family’s grain warehouse, using substantial amounts of pyrotechnics and a remote detonator. Thus his uncanny ability of destroying is cemented into the local townsfolk’s minds.


Heinz as a person is a bright ray of sunshine to everyone around him. He always has a smile on his face. Being of a cool nature he rarely gets mad. Unfortunately for the person who does provoke him into anger, he can be compared to a rampaging bull elephant that knows martial arts and is a capable CQB fighter.


He has a small group of close friends which he treasures. He and his friends are virtually inseparable. It is said by some that Heinz and his friends are like a packaged deal. You can’t have one without the other. Usually hanging out at paintball or air soft fields they could be seen playing war games for hours at a time without breaks. He and his friends can be described as the local equivalent to the show “Jack A$$”. They have even been featured by a local TV show because of their bizarre shenanigans. Imagine… Combat Roller Dogging… Riding on roller blades while being pulled by 2 great Danes while shooting at each other with paintball or air soft guns.


Heinz loves dogs. He is the owner of 3 Great Danes and a Rottweiler. He is an amateur dog breeder. He cares for his pets deeply. As for other animals… Heinz suffers from ichtophobia or the fear of fish.


“Cool as a Cucumber” would be a phrase that is a fitting description of Heinz. Heinz can handle stressful situations with grace. Often tmes while other people are panicking you can see Heinz thinking it through, as if no problem can ruffle his feathers.


As if all that weren't enough, Heinz is friendly, charming, and great with people.




Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 240 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Salt and Pepper hair, Semi-Bald

Eye Colour: black

Identifying Marks: Burns on his left hand

            (A result of a malfunctioning remote detonator)

Skin Tone: Tan

Build: Heavy but muscular build, athletic

Clothing: Usually brightly colored T-shirts or Hawaiian shirts worn

    with slightly baggy jeans. Flip Flops or Chuck Taylors are  his preferred footwear.

Handiness: Right handed




Mother: Baby Socorro Concepcion

Father: Jun Concepcion

Siblings: Jay Concepcion

Wife/Girlfriend: n/a


Personal History:


Heinz belongs to a prominent family in their province. His family’s influence ranges from agriculture, politics and commerce. His family owns vast amounts of land which they rent out to farmers for a reasonable fee. Their clan, well loved by the people in their province, has been in politics for over three generations, holding position such as Mayor, Governor, Councilman, Congressman, and many more. Having numerous successful businesses and acres of agricultural land, the Concepcion clan is one of the more well known clans in the country when it comes to wealth and influence.


Being born into such a prominent family would truly be a blessing for some but not for Heinz. Heinz feels that being the eldest male, for his generation, in the clan has given him immense pressure to succeed in all his endeavors.


Even though he feels like all eyes are on him Heinz continues to do whatever he wants to do despite the pressure he feels. This pressure was lifted when he was responsible for an explosion in his province. He was apprehended by the community watch and he was punished by sentencing him to pay for the damages and to 4 months of community work. Even though it was a hard 4 months for Heinz, he felt as though a massive weight was removed from his chest because he now understood that everyone was equal and should be treated as such regardless of background.


Being one of the brightest students in his school Heinz is the only person in the school’s history that has rejected to be transferred into the school’s gifted section and opting to stay in the regular section. Heinz believes that he is nothing special, that all his peers are as smart as he is. This belief has increased the morale of his regular section peers thus causing them to study and work harder in school. His teachers marvel at his unwavering belief that all students are equal and should be treated as such.


Gifted with a brilliant mind Heinz also possesses a peculiar sense of humor often doing strange things comparable to slapstick comedy. He and his ragtag group of close friends are behind some of the school’s more hilarious history. Often tagged as mischievous geniuses their group can be considered a legend in their own right. 


During his senior year in High School Heinz became the commander of his school’s Citizen Army training battalion. This new experience made Heinz consider studying to become an officer in the Armed forces of the Philippines.


After high school he entered the Philippine Military academy his superiors noticed something besides his excellent leadership skills, his keen intellect and unbelievable strength and agility. This is his skill with explosives. Heinz has this ability to find new uses for explosives and to detect the weak spot of anything. His superiors marvel at his use of explosives using just the exact amount to destroy anything. During war games he can eerily sneak behind enemy lines undetected and destroy his targets.


Thoroughly impressed, upon his graduation from his academy his superiors manage to put him in charge of a demolition squad. His codename Boomer became the nickname of his squad. Operating during the night they were feared by terrorist factions. A survivor of one of their attacks recalled they did not notice anything that suddenly their camp just exploded and majority of their comrades were obliterated in an instant. 


After 3 years of successful campaigns, and becoming a living legend again in the military Heinz resigned from active service. He felt that he had served his purpose for now in the military. Before he left his superiors told him that he may be needed in the future. Heinz replied that if his country needed his skills again that he would gladly return.


Heinz decided to open up a demolition service with his father. This demolition service would then be a subsidiary of his clan’s construction firm. A year has passed and his company is rapidly growing. One day one of his superiors called him and asked if he was interested in becoming an officer in a reserve demolitions squad. Heinz agreed and now waits for a call when his service is needed again.

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Gee, thanks, kct. .>" title="" />


@Format: All wrong.  All headers should be in bold.  This problem could have been easily avoided if you copied directly from the template.  (The one with all the tags)


@Personality: Two-thirds of your personality section has NOTHING to do with his Personality.  That particular content is meant for the History section.  (e.g. friends, pets, demolitions skills, etc.)


@History: As kct mentioned, you tend to mix present and past tenses back and forth too many times.  Stick with the past tense.  (Since we are talking about your 'History' here)


This isn't a 'wrong' thing but it seems after a little 'struggle' in his life (Community service) the rest of his history makes him a bit too perfect.  (e.g. " ...noticed something besides his excellent leadership skills, his keen intellect and unbelievable strength and agility.")

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