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Character Library Organization

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Hi I know I am new, but I wanted to first offer to follow up on my own suggestion and offer an idea.


I was looking at the Character Library and I was thinking (I don't know how to do websites but I can use yahoo tools or something like that) to built not a website but a character library page.  In which all the character information is in one place and then organize it via aphabetical order. 


That way when you are looking for a person, you click on their bio and then a webpage will come up with their bio information. 


That way the character library would look more profesional than the one that we have in the forum.  And once a character gets approved he is tranfered to the website. 


Then on navigation a link can be placed that says bio information.  We can then divide the bio information by either factions or by having everyone on the same page.  We had this on a Star Trek RP and it was useful and fun. 


I am more than willing to back what I am saying by doing it and then handin in all the administrator information to the bio person so they can update it. 


Just let me know if the idea sounds interesting, because I can explain in greater  detail...


BTW this is not saying that your site is bad or anything just a sugestion to see if someone might be interesting in that.  Let me know no pressure either way

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This is actually very easily achieved. The way to do it would be to have a link in each member's profile to the bio page of each of that member's characters. There would be no other website, just the topic in which the character's profile already is. The only real way I see to improve that would be to remove all replies from those topics, and for each member to make sure to update their bios as the RP progressed.

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There were plans to have a little space where the players can use for their character profile. However, that didn't bear fruit and the impending implementation of the multiple character system made it even harder. I understand your concern but please try to understand that I'm trying my best with my limited coding abilities


Perhaps you can try using the newly integrated blog system. I'm not sure how well that would go but we can perhaps make use of it to present your character profile.



If you need to organize the character profile by alphabetical order, you can sort the threads by clicking "Subject".


You can add pictures within threads too, if that's your concern.



With regards to Ryo's suggestion, I wouldn't go for something like that. If we were to delete the other posts made in the profile thread, we would be deleting hard work by the various members to comment and help improve on the character profile. It would discourage them to state their opinion, since it'll get deleted anyway.


Leaving the comments there can also help other players pick up ideas and learn what mistakes to look out for when making their characters.

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Whilst the current Character Library is great, I think Aures has a point.


Even sorting the current Library, you still have to go through all the profiles to find others of your own faction and/or nation. Unfortunately, not everyone has a link to their character profiles in their signature - which certainly makes things easier for fellow rpers - but I'm getting off topic 


Perhaps a seperate website, organized and updated by a few members might be helpful. Preferably members that have time on their hands, so our already busy admins don't have to worry about it?


It wouldn't have to be anything fancy, just something organized, perhaps with faction and nation lists, and at least a basic search function. It wouldn't mean the removal of or changes to the current Library either - just a link to the organized version. 


I believe it would be helpful for any new members as well - I know that I personally had a hard time choosing my faction, partially because they all seemed so interesting, but also because I wasn't sure what other characters for each faction were like.


It's just a suggestion, but hopefully this idea can be re-considered, especially as it wouldn't necessarily mean more work for the current admins. I now I'm certainly willing to put my limited coding skills to the test to get this working, if people like the idea.


(And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say something, but I didn't really give it much thought until recently. )

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hmm well, I think the best idea is to just get everyone to link back to their own profiles in their signatures for easy access. However, if what you think is that we need some sort of sorting thing then I could easily skim through the character library and organise all active members alphabetically on a single thread. All that'd need is people to pm me when they become active again as the rp progresses.


I'm willing to do this unofficial sorting of the profiles.

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I'm still looking into ways to optimise the workflow and the general management of info and RP posts here on AD. If you have any bright ideas, don't be shy to shout out.


The best would be to develop our own platform to work with but that'll need someone with as much free time as I'm busy.

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Well with Aures idea, why don't you add a few additional boards inside the character library like you did with the coliseum.These boards would separate each of the characters by faction so when you look for a character, you just go into character library, go into the board of the respective faction and look for the character's name.


I know this isn't what Aures had in mind but it would cut down the character library list into five or six smaller lists making them easier to find.Plus it wouldn't bne as hard to do as Aures' idea

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