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Has there ever been a character duel?

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I am relatively new to the site, however I was wondering if there ever been a character duel in which you place all the Gundam SEED character that people want.  Make a weekly pool and people vote and each week the character with the lowest votes get knock off until there is a winner for the year.


1.If this hasen't been done then where is the apropiate place to do this?


2. My proposed rule is:

People can check all the character expect for one.  So if there are 5 characters you can vote for four characters. 


Each week there is another host or referre wichi is not allowed to vote.  The reason is that if the end of the poll there is a tie the referee determines which character gets defeated.


The idea is to determine the sites most popular character, in order words wich character they like the best.


Any thoughts?

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The only problem I have with this is that I'm not exactly enthusiastic about most of the characters in SEED and Destiny. I really only have two or three that I really like at all, and indifferent at best about the rest. Maybe if you made it for all Gundam universes or just all anime in general, then I'd probably get a little more excited. But just CE characters... meh.


And in answer to Question #1: The correct place would probably be here in Pointless Chatter.

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At first when I read the title, I thought this was something like the colesium without MWs. Then I got confused with your description of this char duel. Well sorry for the word, but this kinda feels lame, for me. This is just voting with not much excitement on it. But if this were char duel, like that of the colesium without MWs I think that could even be more exicting

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Coliseum with people!?!


That sounds cool but it would be better if this happens in the pointless chatter page.


Why? Let me explain... Basically speaking like whatwhat DragonDaimyo is saying is that characters from seed and destiny are pretty lame. Only a handful of characters are interesting... What can make this more interesting is that there will be a refereed deathmatch between characters from different animes duking it out.


Well... That's just my opinion

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Actually, I meant our RP or coliseum characters duking it out. My "not interesting" comment was referring to his more Popularity Contest-ish idea.


If we brought characters from all different anime together for a fight, it would probably be a little bit skewed in favor of Kenshin-type characters.

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but wouldn't it be nice to see Rau or Shin getting their a$$e$ kicked by ... uh... let's say... aha!!! Someone like Naruto... Shin getting his butt whooped by 2000 shadow clones of Naruto.


Naruto:Hehehe... Take this you nut job MS pilot!!!!

*punches shin*

Shin: Oh no you didn't just call me a nut job!!! I'm gonna go all seed mode on your a$$.

*shin goes seed mode rushes naruto*

Naruto: Come out demon fox!!!! Your seed mode is nothing compared to my nine tailed fox mode!!!

*glows red*


---to be continued... gotta teach kids again---

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I think the brawl would be fun, think of the possibility for fights...you can fight at a bar, wrestling ring, on zero gravity, with parachutes, hand to hand, bazzoka vs. ninja, the possbility are endless,


including Gundam vs. Person Solid Snake can pull that off



You can even have a Smash Brother type of fight !!!!

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