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Ahrend von Wullf


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Player name: fireminerva

Character number: 002

Faction: ZAFT




Full name: Ahrend von Wullf

Nickname: The Black Wolf

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: ZAFT Interrogation/Combat Specialist

Birthplace: October City, PLANT

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Ahrend is a rather manipulative man who sole focus in life has been to get to the top.  That being said Ahrend recognizes the need for strong leadership and curbs his ambition when it comes to further advancement, such as taking over the world, though the potential to do so does not escape him.





Height: 5’11

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Purple hair kept trimmed at a reasonable length, just to the point where it’s acceptable for someone in Ahrend’s profession.

Eye Colour: Slate

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Lightly tanned

Build: Ahrend has a very light build, similar to a long distance runner.  He moves with a deliberate sense of purpose that comes from years of self indulgence.

Clothing: If it was possible Ahrend would prefer to slink around most days in a pair of well cut pants and a long sleeved shirt, with his trademark white trench coat over top.  But quite often he wears a standard ZAFT uniform.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Claire Driscol

Father: Lukas Wullf

Siblings: Manfred von Wullf (Older brother)

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Ahrend grew up under the political shadow that October City cast, so it is of little surprise that he grew up into the political radical that he is.  As a young boy Ahrend expressed a rather odd interest in psychology, constantly reading books on manipulation and popular thought.  As he grew Ahrend became a decent scholar, never achieving the high marks that his brother Manfred gained but still Ahrend’s grades were something that his parents took pride in.  As he moved into secondary school Ahrend became an avid runner, winning many competitions throughout PLANT.


By the time Ahrend was 17 he had gone away to university where he majored in history as well as psychology and graduated with honors in both fields.  But by the time of his graduation war had already broken out amongst Earth and the PLANTs and so, like most young men his age, Ahrend volunteered and became a member of ZAFT.  Because of his specialization in the field of psychology, as well as the recognition of his talents by his superior officers, Ahrend became a member of a special interrogation squad.  Though upon his entrance into the squad Ahrend was just a standard soldier his father, Lukas, used some of his influence with his connections to see that his son was promoted to the rank of Captain within the ZAFT militia.  Though it was dull Ahrend’s experiences during the First Bloody Valentine War would serve him well during the second.


In between the wars Ahrend took up a job as a psychology professor at a university in October City where he existed only in a state of mediocrity, for Ahrend the Second Bloody Valentine War would be a blessing in disguise.


As soon as the war began Ahrend was called upon for his services and seeing no hope for advancement as a professor Ahrend rejoined ZAFT expecting to be returned to his old post, however the new political situation dictated otherwise.  In order to properly fight the war several high ranking ZAFT officials realized that well trained commando units who could operate behind enemy lines for an indefinite amount of time would be an invaluable asset; given their ability to hinder MS movement, destroy supplies and fuel, as well as create local insurrections these commando units could tip the balance of power in the war so long as they were deployed in sufficient numbers.  As the political and interrogation specialist in one of these squads Ahrend spent many months of the war supplying arms and revolutionary literature to those who ZAFT had “liberated” from the control of the Alliance.  Though it was dangerous work Ahrend did quite well and as the war returned to space he was recalled to the PLANTS and given command of his own MS squad which participated in the closing battles of the war; while Ahrend himself was issued a ZAKU Phantom the other three members of his squad piloted a restored trio of GuAIZ R MS.


With the war at a close Ahrend remained in ZAFT as a squad commander.  Ahrend's current war record has been manipulated by senior ZAFT officials to hide the fact that Ahrend was an insurgent commando, instead it reads that he was an MS captain who served upon the Nazca Class Destroyer Bentham.  Currently he is assigned to a home defense unit but he still waits to be called back to active duty as a interrogation/combat specialist.

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Sorry, meant to look at this yesterday (when the forum went to hell and back .>" title="" /> ).


Great profile here.  (Oh, paragraph 2 in History: 'serve' instead of 'severe' )


I think you could expand more on how Ahrend developed his ambitions to the point where it leads to his 'current' views on a pre-war state for ZAFT, etc. 


Otherwise, I don't see other issues. 

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Ummm...Did you by any chance recycle this character's description?  In the "Build" and "Clothing" section it says 'Izumi.'


Also, while you're at it, you can delete the stuff in parentheses under "Handedness."

(For that matter, I think "handiness" should be changed to "handedness" for the profile template. )


Later on, I would like to know the tactics and methods Ahrend used as a commando,(treatment of civilian property and prisoners, for example).

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Yes I did recycle this character, originally his name was going to be Izumi but I decided to make him a GS tribute to the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthoven.


Yes I did recycle this character, originally his name was going to be Izumi but I decided to make him a GS tribute to the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthoven.


As far as Ahrend's methods are concerned he is a killer, make no mistake in that.  Prisoners are just that, after they've surrendered the battle is over and he treats them accordingly with the rules of war.  During combat however Ahrend has no problem with causing collateral damage, after all he rationalizes that war is not only to be waged against the soldiers on the battlefield but also on those who support those soldiers by manufacturing weapons and by supporting war mongering politicians; please understand that though he doesn't regret killing civilians he also doesn't go out of his way to kill them or make their lives miserable.


Ahrend's philosophy is one of total war after all, war ends when the motivation to fight is gone not when soldiers die; though sometimes they do coincide.

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