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Advent Destiny Team (circa 2007)


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Core Development Team


Webmaster and chief administrator. I was formerly known as Kira Yamato on SeedRPG. Hannah and I met up and started SeedRPG. And since then SeedRPG has been running for more than a year. Seeing the need to expand our horizons, we decided to setup Advent Destiny. And that's where we are today.

 We take pride in the knowledge that our site and ideas are so well recognised and respected that many have imitated us, or even resort to downright copying due to a lack of creativity on their part.

 My vision is to create a long-lasting community for Gundam fans to RP in and simply just to interact and get to know each other. I look forward to the active participation of all members in both the OOC boards and RP boards.

 As the head of the Team, I would like to express my gratitude to our loyal members for waiting for the new release and special thanks to the Advent Destiny Team for making this site possible! Keep up the good work everyone! I hope you'll have a great time RPing here and become part of a great community!



I was the one who got "dragged" into this by Kira, aka Valiant! That's right,  I was Lacus Clyne.

Advent Destiny is finally up, and I must really thank Valiant for doing most of the work! And for not firing me yet!

I also want to thank all the people who have supported us on Seed RPG, I hope you all will continue to do so on Advent Destiny! Have fun!



I was formerly known as Athrun on Seed RPG. For those who still do not know, I am Valiant's brother. When he first told me of the idea of a Gundam Seed role playing forum, I was enthusiastic and eager to join. Hence, I took up the mantle of first a moderator and then that of an administrator.

Back then, I daresay we were the pioneers of the GSRPBs. Although the entire Advent Destiny Team (minus Valiant) is busy with exams right now, we will be back full-force at the end of November!

Thanks to Valiant for shouldering the bulk of the work right now!


Constantine (on a 2-year  hiatus)

Formerly known as cruxofpenance in SeedRPG, I was roped in to help out with the Advent Project last year.

The team decided to bring away from the shackles and the restrictions of the storyline in Gundam Seed, which brings forth this project.

As a member of the Team, my role is to streamline operations on this site.

Ultimately, this converges to a simple purpose that is to create a friendly atmosphere for Role-Playing.

 I hope that all of the members will contribute to help make Advent Destiny a success, and we shall scale greater heights together!



[Entry pending]


Windingo (on a 2-year  hiatus)

I was formerly known as yzak on SeedRPG, and it was Valentine who introduced me to the forum. I was MIA for quite some time but I helped out with the setup of Advent Destiny. I hope this site will become a success and everyone will have a fun and enjoyable time here!




Hi everyone, the name's Kaizer, glad to meet you .

Back on SEED RPG I was known as Kai Zergas, Jeremy Knight, Lilium Trollius, Maria Kumiko, Edana Caelan, and Sanger Zonvolt (Yeah, I'm crazy like that).  I joined the site early on, and was only a relatively unknown Orb character for the longest time.  After our Earth Alliance nearly lost all of its members, I petitioned to Valiant saying that I would make an EA character to help bring the faction back on its feet, and from there I ended up getting promoted to EA deputy, then EA faction leader.  Once we made the transition to the new site, I resumed the mantle of EA leader, and thus had to make this intro post for the people who don't know me.

While I don't need you to call me 'The Great Kaizer' or anything like that, I do accept applications for minions, and all my minions get a free dental plan; something that the other moderators and admins can't promise  .  Hope to see you all around the site, and if you ever want help with MS concepts (but no art, I suck at art), then give me a shout; I'm more than willing to help.



Heya.  I was formally Jerome Mensalien and Alicia Mackwell back at the ye olde Seed RPG, though I was only a member there half a year before the big move to Advent Destiny.  I was an 'Orbie' and decided to retain my faction of choice here at AD, as a rank-and-file member.  I tend to go around, posting in OOC threads as well as critiquing new members' Character Profiles.

Over a half-year later, I was asked to become a Faction Deputy/Leader for Orb.  Though surprised at the offer , I accepted it and I continue to work as both a regular member and a moderator of this great site.  I am now a faction leader, nation leader (Republic of East Asia), narrator (spiffy red font!), and a referee for the Coliseum.  Hence the 'Too many titles ' tag under my username. 



Keiji Kurohiko

[Entry pending]



Well, unlike most of the staff I had almost nothing to do with SEED RPG; in fact I got on just in time to see it close down.  Even still I'm happy to be here, though I'm often over anxious for a fight.  Right now this is the only RPG I'm involved in so if I happen to have some free time in my schedule you'll find me here plugging away and trying to raise activity in ZAFT.

Hopefully I'll be here for a while, my last staff position on another site lasted for about a year but hopefully I'll stick around for a while longer here on AD.



[Entry pending]



[Entry pending]



Wow! I have a space on this page?!?!

Alright, I'll cut the crap. I'm Asahi, originally known back at Seed RGP twatmaster(lol). About 2 years ago, I had no idea people roleplayed on forums like this. Back then I was the cocky newbie jerk, with no RP experience, no idea of what the word "flame" meant and just some hot hands (and fingers). I jumped into the online RP scene (introduced by a buddy of mine)

I had about half a year at SRGP, giving me enough time to shape up and get to a barely acceptable level of roleplaying (which I hope I am at now). Surviving the migration from SRGP to AD, I spent another half year being a useless pawn. And here I am now, the useless pawn mod of the current fantabulous Advent Destiny!

Considering this is my first time in a staff position (ever!), I'm apprehensive not to stuff up O_O But that doesn't mean I’m not one easy going dude . Just like you, I’m some other random person after some satisfying roleplay. Apart from roleplaying, I’m a real gundam and mecha freak, a gaming fiend, and I dabble in some mecha drawing and whatnot So, you ever feel the need to bug me, or throw a huge responsibility on someone, I’m your man



[Entry pending]



[Entry pending]



[Entry pending]


Retired Staff


The name is Rad... Rad Rider. I prefer my role-plays shaken, not stirred.

Relative to the other members of the staff, I am the most recent addition to this great community, having joined GSRPG only a few months before Advent Destiny opened, back when I used to go by the name of Radon Antila. On this site, I am a proud Faction Leader of the Orb Union, and am always happy to assist any and all members of the site on virtually any matter. If you see me online, chances are I'm also in the AD Chatroom, so please feel free to drop by if you have any questions or requests, or simply to chat with me and the other members.

See you around!



Howdy, I used to be known as Takashi Wilhelm at Seed RPG. One day I just randomly thought to join a RPG, and found Seed RPG to be a great site with tons of decent people. I was a loyal Zaft soldier starting at a low rank, and slowly worked my way to becoming an Elite member. Now with the transition to Advent Destiny, everything has changed for the better.

I have to thank Valiant and all my peers for allowing me to become the Zaft moderator. They have my gratitude, and I will continue to support them anyway I can. I hope all of you have a good time here at Advent Destiny, if you need help don't hesitate to ask.


Ray Katsuki

[Entry pending]



G'day, now you all should know me as winders. But I'll allow you to call me 'winders the Great' or 'winders the allmighty'. I've been one of the longest serving members of this site, snagging the Art Moderator title in my second month. As you should know, I'm obnoxious and pig headed, I'm currently the only Admin, but still one of the Advent Destiny Team.

On this site however, you guys will know me as the post-count frenzy demon; a single post and I reply to it! So beware. I am one of the staff members that gives a great deal of advice, usually in the form of whinging; to Valiant and I am responsible for several of the developments on the site. I am a self-confessed battle maniac and I take pride in moderating battles and skirmishes.

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