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[Battle: It takes two] Clare vs Ryou


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Charlotte had done this more times than she could count, and yet there was something new about each battle. No, make no mistake, she was not exited or agitated in any way. People join army for many reasons. Some wish to cover their name in glory, others hope to make a career; there are those who seek to fulfill their dreams and bring their ideals to life, and there are those who join simply because they do not know another way to die. Charlotte was not among any of those. She enlisted simply because she had nothing better to do, and although she did not seek death, she was not about to run from it either. This was all a mad game to her - a chance to push her wits, her courage, her knowledge, and skill to their limits and see if she can live through it all. In other words, every battle had to be taken seriously. How else could it be when this woman thrived on competition?


"Five... Four... Three... Two..." As the monotonous voice of the dispatcher began to count down the seconds before launch, Charlotte felt the familiar tingling in her stomach - the adrenalin high she lived for. "....One"


"GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam, Charlotte Clarick launching!"


The shining dot on the horizon grew larger. In the light of the setting sun Clare could see the area she was going to meet him at. Thick boreal forest dominated by the ancient deciduous trees stretched as far as the eye could see. It covered the steep heals of this mountain region in a strange smoky-green veil that seemed almost unreal against a melancholically grey sky. Not even the sunset could break the gloomy pastel colours of this place.


"Lovely," Clare muttered under her breath. She meant it. Somehow the cold air, the gloomy sky, the damp evergreen forest filled with ancient giants - all of it appealed to her. Clare took one last good look at the place she'd be fighting at and went back to work. Before she got any further, all the equipment had to be checked one last time to ensure that it was functioning properly:

  • 75mm automatic multi-barrel CIWS "Igelstellung" x 2
  • assault knife "Armor Schneider" x 2
  • beam saber x 2
  • 57mm high-energy beam rifle

All seemed to be in working order.


"Now, to find the kid," she thought as  the Strike continued to glide smoothly over the forest, descending every time it completed a circle.

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" Piece of Junk... " The boy had whispered as he knew who had made this suit; Earth. He had his hands on the controls and pressed for the keypad to be shown to him, having then gone through the system before getting released to the outside even though it was within progress already.


" Eh? Are you sure this is just a practice battle between you two? " The girl on the intercom had mentioned. Clare and Ryou having been at each others case since the graduation ceremony.


" Well, perhaps taking her hair conditioning and placing pink hair dye was too much. " He said with a snicker as he was updating the OS and changing a few things with the area environment and temperature. " She was dubbed the next Lacus Clyne for a while in the base... " He said, shaking his head.


" Well, you got your just desserts with that act you did to Alisha Diederich during when she was walking around the base. " The girl had said with a laugh. Ryou couldn't share it with her. The leader of ZAFT had come to give out a speech and look around the base and potential recruits and here Clare and him were arguing to the point when she had pushed him and out of the corner came who; The Commander of ZAFT. Not that it wasn't a soft landing for Ryou's face, it was something publicly humiliating for him and when he looked for Clare; She was nowhere to be found. He had been forced to clean the ZAFT suits for a month due to that 'perverse act' or so it was called.


" Central Catapult, Online. "


His thoughts went back to reality as he heard the voice and saw the area in front of him light up. His hands stopping at the keys as he had made the necessary changes to the suits programming. The keyboard having then gone back to the side as he placed his hands back onto the controls and activated the suit. " General Unilateral Neuro-link....Gundam? How odd...it does use a different OS compared to the ZAFT suits. " He whispered as he looked back in front of the path ahead of him.


" The GAT-X105 Strike will be taking Launcher pack along with it. " The voice of the girl had echoed through the area as Ryou gritted his teeth. " Too dangerous... " He whispered as he knew the issues with such a thing. The attachments having been placed on the shoulder and the large cannon attached to his back.


" All systems online, starting launch sequence. "


He cracked his neck to the sides and shrugged his shoulders a few times as he gripped at the controls. " Ryou Misaki, Strike, Heading out! " He shouted as the suit was launched forward and into the outside. The Phase Shift armor having activated and colored the suit as he flew forward and into the ground.


" Now then Charlotte...I'll show you that I'm no pushover when it comes to battling.. " He whispered.

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Charlotte, Clare, Charlie - those were all names to which our heroine responded. It would be difficult to pick a better set for her. This particular young lady had no problem switching between being distantly formal, coquettish, and tomboyish. Her personality somehow managed to intertwine all of these characteristics to form one dynamic individual. There was always a certain quickness and stubbornness about her that slumbered under a phlegmatic demeanour. Perhaps that is why Ryou and her were at odds half the time, and yet if Charlotte's character was the reason for their constant quarrels, it was also the binding force that made the two stick so close together all the time... Shall we call them "arch friends" just for laughs?


"Got 'ya," Charlotte hissed under her breath when the monitor focused on a GUNDAM on the forest floor. Neither of the two was aware of the Strike modifications the other chose, but Clare was not surprised to see Ryou in a Launcher Strike. Somehow it fitted him, just like the versatile Aile suited her. Sure, his packed more firepower, but there was also the terrain to consider. Closely packed trees and uneven terrain were a lot easier to deal with from above. Plus, Aile Strike gave her a great mobility compared to the other versions.


Now, the question was what she should do. Clare's strike was good for both close-range and far-range combat, where Ryou's was only good for far-range. Of course, the optimum strategy was to get close to him, but he was no idiot. Of course Ryou must have known his Strike's limitations. Getting close was good on paper, but he would hardly let her get anywhere near him.


"Damn," Clare laughed when she weighted all the pro's and con's. Her long-range weapons were rather costly when it came to energy consumption. Sure, his was too, but Clare only considered her disadvantages at their worst, and if things turned out better than she expected, then great. Of course, he was already on the ground and she was up in the air - that's a plus. "Let's see how stupid you really are," she chuckled quietly and pulled the controls, lowering the Strike to the same level as the tops of the highest trees. She moved the machine in such a way, that her lowest loop was right underneath Ryou's GUNDAM. As soon as he was under her, Clare released a round of shells out of her Alie Strike's Igelstellung. Sure, it was a cheap shot, and she certainly did not expect to hit anything, but was necessary none the less.


Alie Strike moved up almost as soon as the shells were fired. She needed to stay a good distance away from him for the time being, and then... No, she did not thing about "then." There was only now, and she would most likely think of something when this far off "then" finally came.


"You look rather green today," Clare shouted into her communication device once she was at a good altitude. "I always knew you were pretty invisible, but honey, it is a sin to clash so much with the scenery!"

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Aile attachment...Ryou should have known. That girl's ego was too big not to be in the air. No matter considering he was grounded while she could fly circles over him. Then again her direct approach towards him was the same as always considering he'd never shoot her down until she made the first move so he had no issues with her flying in front of him and then above as a few missiles had come from the suit.


He saw the issue with missiles and the forest underneath him. Having then dashed backwards as his machine gun started to shoot off a few rounds having been able to hit one of the missiles and then the other before it hit the ground. " Tch, perhaps the green helps with this suit but it'd do me no good if you start a forest fire... " He whispered as he looked up at her once more while his suit was flying overhead a few trees and heading back.


The time it'd take him to take his giant cannon and aim it at her would be a waste of energy considering the distance between each other. He decided to let out the two missiles from his shoulder pack without any cost of energy.


He smirked at her comment, having not taken it personal at all. " No worries since you're the center of attention! It'll be easy to shoot you down considering that ego! " He shouted out from his communication link as a com link was made to her suit and her picture had appeared above his main camera. They'd mock each other anyhow so seeing each others faces wouldn't matter.

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Clare only smirked at his come-back. Sure, she could tel him that the term "ego" in Freudian psychology is referred to the part of the conscious brain that is responsible for making decisions and choosing between "id" and "superego." So, in all reality, he simply told her that she is a well developed individual (or at least that was the interpretation that Clare liked). Of course, she said nothing of the kind. Clare was nowhere near that nice. "Hey, at least I have an ego, what about you, you walking human complex!?" Yeah, not a very nice girl...


Having dealt with the insults, Clare headed straight for the mountain top. As she was shooting random rounds, a lovely idea came to mind. Aile Strike flew in spirals, turning around every couple of seconds to fire small shells. However, Clare's target was the mountain top. Now, what had she learned in physics?


As the Strike propelled forward, Clare activated the Beam Rifle - the most powerful weapon of her specific strike variation. Yes, it was costly, but she was sure to put it to good use. The aim was set, all she needed was to get a little closer for the impact... Just a little bit more... There! Without a moment's hesitation, Clare fired the Beam Rifle, hitting the slope a few meters bellow the top. The laser beam cut through the rock as if it was butter, forcing the tip to cave in towards her. The mountain opposed the energy flow, and that is why Clare hit well bellow. Now the rocks would tumble down the slop on their side. Of course, that concerned her very little - she was up in the air, but what about Ryou?

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[OOC: Milady, the Strike's "Igelstellung" 75mm multi-barrel CIWS fires 75mm shells, like a minigun/Gatling.  It does not fire missiles.]

OOC: *sigh* I just used it for a lack of a better word. Yeah, I am quite aware that it is a very weak in comparison to the other Strike weapons and amo - hence why she used it first.

*goes off to fix the posts*

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The woman needed to stop thinking about Freud and start thinking about the present and what his words represented. Sure, she could feel proud about having been complimented but it was a insult to her still even if she did change the meaning of it. Then again, she would do something like this...


The Strike had turned it's body towards the mountain top having seen the tumbling rocks coming down. Having then shot out two missiles to the side and then jumping back as it took out it's beam cannon and aimed it up at the Strike once more. " You and I both know what this represents.. " He whispered.


It was a unsaid 'Keep Shooting and I'll shoot You' and yet he didn't pull the trigger as his suit was flying back. He had enough range to know how the tumbling rocks would grow so he had enough time to move back and avoid it. She on the other hand had issues do deal with....


The Aile pack was not made for flying but it was all general combat, but the boosters were cutting short by now. And with the two missiles having now hit the other side of the mountain, the ground in front of her and behind her was the pathway for an avalanche. Ryou was ahead and aiming a giant gun at her if she dared to aim at the rocks once more, while the whole side of the mountain was going to have lots of rocks around...she was trapped and she was flying since the beginning of the battle from when she flew forward at him.


" Got ya Clare-chan.. " He muttered, his finger on the trigger as the system OS was predicting the range of the rocks now that it was falling.

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Of course Clare knew and understood the gravity of the situation, but it would be an overstatement top say that she really cared. There was a strange trait in her that made this young woman purposely look for trouble. For the same reason she would discard a much needed card at the end of the game just to prolong it or to make the victory harder for herself. She did not see enough complications in her life, and so she sought to create them. The little act with the boulders was only part of it - a random move enticed by sheer boredom.


Clare pulled the control shift and the Aile Strike increased it's forward velocity. Sure, the boulders were rolling down the hill, but the top was relatively steady, and she had blasted a nice little stand there with her last shot. If she could not fly for long, at least she could make sure she took up the best sniping position. Aile Strike landed softly onto the flattened mountain top. It was hardly trembling now, since the shock wave had gone downward. Standing on it, Clare herself aimed the Beam Rifle at Ryou's GUNDAM. IT was a matter of waiting now...


OOC: Sorry for the extremely short post - tired and pressed for time.

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Ryou felt his finger lay off his trigger as he was watching her fly to the top of the mountain. Why was he growing a conscience now of all times about allowing her to simply fly off when he had a clean shot at this point? Even shooting the tip of the mountain top would make her unable to land and crash down for a early grave and burial.


He had continued to move back until he was out of sight from another part of the  mountain and behind were more rocks. Having then continued to move until he could find better cover than a rock. Even being in high ground may have been better but she couldn't aim at him with all the boulders around large enough to hide a suit and the ammo cost of her beam. " Her Strike back must be overheating if she landed. Fine then, I'll just make her catch on fire then! " He said as he got out of his cover and aimed at the top of the mountain and shot a large beam. It was aimed at her but if it didn't hit it would collide with the top of the mountain and cause another avalanche. His boosters were not made for flying but he had no worries about being in the air long enough to avoid a few rocks.

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