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Battle: It takes two


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Number of Competitors:

This is basically reserved for two players and a referee



Terrain: Mountainous

Surroundings: Boreal forest

Outside Temperature: 5 degrees Celsius

Wind: N/A

Time: 7:00 pm


Mobile Weapons Restrictions:

The choice of mobile weapon is restricted to GAT-X105 Strike GUNDAM


The players are allowed to upgrade their mobile weapon once before the start of the match to either of the Strike variations.


Other Restrictions:

None, other than the ones stated above



Appointed upon request

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Hmm...everything looks like it's in order.


Approved, the randomized battle order is:


Charlotte Clarick (Milady)

Ryou Misaki


You may now start your thread in the Battle Arena. (You can start with introductory posts or whatever)


Entry order does not matter, but after my confirmation of battle start; then it must be in that specific battle order. Failure to comply will result in forced damage to your MS.  Posting time limit will be 24 hours.  Failure to reply by the end of that time period will result in an automatic disqualification and victory to the other player by default.

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