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Funny Pics...Kawaii Pics...or anything


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I actually suggested a GAR list on 4chan, but somehow it didn't work out .>" title="" /> .


(Of course, personally I'll take down Junichi Asakura for various reasons.)

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No, the art section requires that you are able to take credit for the work; or would have permission from the artist to post it on his behalf.  If its a net find, or the artist is unknown, you would post it either in general discussion or pointless chatter.  (hope that clears it up for you Ryou)


As for that image; I rofled when I saw it a while ago.  I was quite glad to see Athrun at the top, along with Shiki and Shirou in the top five (cause Type-Moon does harems right  ).  Ah well, time to dig into my photobucket account


I'm with Gilgamesh on this one; I want that sword!


This one technically belongs in the art section; as I did make it...

(Note: While I did make this card, It wasn't all that hard, so I really don't feel that I deserve any credit for it.  The image used is still property of its original owners, and Magic The Gathering is property of wizards of the coast)


I love Himura Kiseki for creating the Archer-ko character

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oh god, I love threads like this on 4chan (prolly the only thing good there >_>)

I actually can't stop laughing at all of those (yeah, I lack self-control ) *saves pics into a folder*

And so, here's a pick from my "Pics for Laffs" folder (yes, its called that!)


It prints money!

Connect One. zomg

Zaku protection Act

Agreed, Megatron

and, to full in the "obligatory" kawaii part



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This thread must Live! LIVE!!!


First up, some GS/GSD related images:


Happy Belated Birthday Shinn Bastard 


width=480 height=600http://www.maj.com/gallery/htlr/EffectsSheet/1185738378798.jpg[/img]

OMNI Propaganda poster...More say I need?





Somethings wrong? but I cant find it 



Who sayz Pink Zaku wasnt capable of combat...apparently Dullindal was too desperate 


Now for more pressing matters:


AAAAAAaaaHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Prepare to be gang banged



Fearsome weapons of the AXIS Powers



sighted in a US Navy Complex


I have you now...

Use vader voice 





width=692 height=600http://www.maj.com/gallery/htlr/EffectsSheet/1186730148099.jpg[/img]






How true 


And Awesome Pics, Enjoy


I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning

Smells like...Victory


I see you

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OMG!!! The happy birthday Shinn thing my brother made Where'd you find it Konigstiger?! I didnt know it got around to placed apart from his LJ


On a side note: Shinn *wink wink*


... and that fllay thing is creeping the shit out of me! .>" title="" /> cant.. stand to look at it..............


oh forgot to mention. You might want to redo your links a bit.

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Aannnd, random SRW Image Flood time!!!! 



-Zenger x Irui ish kawaii



-Alt Eisen parts are highly adaptable.... <_<



-This is why Zenger isn't allowed in the kitchen anymore *nod*



- Wai! Valsione ish kawaii!  Can I have one for Lune, eh Valiant? pwease?



- And umm...... yeah..... 

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