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Gundam Seed Art by Makoto24


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Hey guys.  I draw Gundam Seed fanart, and unlike others I dont have photoshop or anything like that to make it all fancy, so these are straight either pencil shading or colored pencil.  I'll post the link to the pictures because they are too big for the page.


I call this one Archangels:



I call this one Heine Tribute, because he didn't deserve to die...:



This one is titled Nicol Amalfi (kinda self explanitory):



This is Lunamaria:



This is Makoto Corale, Luna, and Meyrin:



Good ol' Kira!:




I will have more as I have more time to draw! But also you can just check out my Deviantart site at this address: http://athrun-zala-guy.deviantart.com/



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oh I know. I'm definately not going to be a manga artist when I grow up.  But I would say the best Gundam Seed fanart i have drawn is a pic of Cagalli and Lacus hugging eachother.  I didn't post its direct link because i didn't know if I would get in trouble for it, even though its not bad at all.  Just some people might get offended.


If you want to access that picture you can check out my main page and it is the featured deviation.

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