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Re: ZGMF-1017 GINN (Waiting For Approval)

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General and Technical Data


Model number: ZGMF-1017

Code name: GINN

Unit type: Mass Production General Purpose Mobile Suit

Manufacturer: Asimov Design Bureau

Operator: ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty), Civilians

First deployment: 3 November, C.E. 69

Capacity: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Height: 21.43 Meters

Weight: Max gross weight 78.5 metric tons

Construction: Unknown

Power plant: Ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features: Sensors, range unknown

Fixed armaments: MA-M3 heavy sword, stored on waist, hand-carried in use; MMI-M8A3 76mm heavy assault machine gun, stored on rear waist, hand-carried in use

Optional hand armaments: 2 x M66 "Canus" short range guided missile launcher, two missiles per launcher; M69 "Barrus" heavy ion cannon, 1 x M68 "Cattus" 500mm recoilless rifle


Technical and Historical Notes

The first combat mobile suit  developed by ZAFT, and the backbone of its military forces. The fighting strength of the GINN is equivalent to that of five Earth Alliance  mobile armors, and can singlehandedy destroy an Alliance escort ship. Although the GINN is classified as a Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter, it can operate on Earth as well, and this versatile machine can be adapted to a wide range of mission roles and combat environments. Its standard armament consists of a machine gun and a blade for slicing apart enemy mobile armors, but the GINN can also be outfitted with a variety of heavy weapons and guided missiles.


I am aware that I haven't yet attended the Pilot Academy, but I want to get this suit approved so I can use it right away.

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Basic License


A mass produced mobile weapon assigned by the faction leader.  No customization is allowed to the suit other than a specific paint job (only pure colours, no funky decals or the like).


I can sympathize with the desire to get everything for your character going ASAP, but it doesn't work that way. Even if you join ZAFT, as noted above, it's up to the Faction Leaders what you get. You can ask for a GINN if you want one that bad, but the choice ultimately lies with them. Only when you upgrade to an Advanced License do you get to choose your own MW.

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