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An Arm


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Well, this is just the severed arm of what could be a Mobile Suit; it's not great, but, well, I'm rather fond of it, as it was basically my first successful attempt at drawing something mecha-related.




Try and ignore the ridiculous gun.

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noice Holy ribbed tiger striped hand, Batman! Protip fingers don't have that many joints, but I do see what you're trying to do (and no, i'm not being condescending ). I also like the bolts on the arm, and the ammo belt of the gun, although it kinda doesn't make sense with the ammo coming out of the arm The wires are cool too although try to remember there are pneumatics and such, not just wires

Good stuff, I smell a rising talent 

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Well, I was drawing the hand with a vague image of the "shining Gundam" in my head, and all I really remembered was that there were lotsa lines.


Well, you were supposed to just ignore the gun part; that thing was just ridiculous.

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