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Re: [NPC] Ryota Mitsukuri


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Player name: kct

Character number: N/A

Faction: NOVA




Full name: Ryota Mitsukuri

Nickname: Ryota, Switch (see Personality)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Mobile suit pilot

Birthplace: Malaysia, Equatorial Union

Citizenship: Orb Union

Personality: A character of anonymity, he was one that looks for methods which 'solves everything' using various tactics, even if the said method is questionable. Relies a lot on use of instinct and thought-of-the-moment, although he is for one never a proper team player, because he sometimes questioned the strength of the teams that he would be assigned to. Once his trust is gained, a master tactician is in place inside any team.


There is a disadvantage to this though, sometimes critical decisions might be driven by purely instinct if he is pressed to do so, something which might end up in a total advantage, or a total disaster for the ones not being cautioned about it. Other than that, he is a very dutiful person.


Always being on the move, he is constantly seen doing at least something, be it anything that is important, or not. Have a knack for taking photographs of life all over the place, as provides him with an avenue of creativity, something which he sometimes lacks.





Byakuya Kuchiki, Bleach

© Tite Kubo, Studio Pierrot[/align]


Height: 183cm

Weight: 75kg

Hair Colour and Style: Being male never stopped him from having a longer-than-usual streak of hair, whose blackness basically extends beyond the shoulder. To keep it neat, or at least to do it, he parts the hair on the right.

Eye Colour: Brown, but strangely comes with a dose of seriousness in them.

Identifying Marks: None. That is even better for him, he never liked being in the spotlight.

Skin Tone: He have a fair skin tone, although it is slightly darker due to being under the sun.

Build: He got a fairly medium build, although it was rather overshadowed by the fact that he is a bit on the tall side.

Clothing: While others have at times choose to be extremely regal in their appearance, he decided to have something which is in the line of simplicity and comfort. Of course, he would be usually seen with a pair of slacks and a shirt, or at formal occasions, it is something formal, although whatever he wears, it is to blend into the crowd. At other times in the military, he will be sporting Orb's military uniform.

Handiness: Despite being left-handed from birth, he is right-handed in practice, making him technically a right-hander.




Mother: Namie Shiotani

Father: Shino Mitsukuri

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: People like him would never usually have a girlfriend, although a certain Hinako Shirakawa is his confidant, although their relationship is 'nothing more than friends'.


Personal History:


Typically boring would probably be the best word to describe the life of Ryota Mitsukuri, something which is to be expected from an unassuming bloke that comes from a middle-class family. The family deals with typically business matters, since the Equatorial Union is an extremely strategic location to speak of in terms of economy, being located in the middle of important trade routes. This turned the Equatorial Union into a force to be reckoned with in matters pertaining economic relations, however, maintaining peace is not a comfortable exercise, since they are constantly under the threat of being taken over by the far more powerful Eurasian Federation, or the threat of an invasion by Oceania Union, an ally of ZAFT during the past wars.


This situation is a constant reminder to the people around the Equatorial Union that they must be very careful in whoever they deal with, as problematic dealings would probably go the extent of the forces from both sides showing at their doorsteps. However, this situation gradually changed after the shift of the Second Bloody Valentine War has moved to the elimination of LOGOS (which later moved to space). Obviously this restored a bit of peace in the region, since they are not directly affected by the developments in space. In fact, this lasted for several years until the Mitsukuri household decided that they're moving to Orb 'to pursue greater ambitions'. Unfortunately, this sentiment is not something that Ryota often shared, being on his own most of the time. He never seemed to be interested in doing a lot of things, as his life consisted of mostly monotonous regimes like schooling.


That lasted until he started schooling in one of Orb's typical multi-stream schools. He was little interested in the opposite sex (although he usually fails in starting relationships), but he never understood the whole big deal with his friends talking about which girl is probably the best looking and similar discussions, until he was forced to admit that he does in fact have harboured a crush in an attractive classmate of theirs. Knowing that he definitely needs a bit a socializing, his friends immediately forced him into getting involved in a stage play organized by their class for a cultural festival, placing him among the backstage crew. He never liked that, but at least he got something else to do other than wandering off to do something random. Placed in a team consisting of a small band of hardworking male and female students, he was very shocked to learn that he will be working with that very person he have a crush on, and was basically stumped. He realized it was a setup by his friends, but he never mind that.


Of course, a lot happened over the course of preparations, when a close mishap during preparations give this rather anonymous character a chance at 15 minutes, rather, 15 seconds of fame, after saving that very person from the mishap. He obviously brushed it off as being 'merely doing his job', but it wasn't as simple as that. He came to know that particular girl, called Hinako Shirakawa, in proper. Everything is smooth sailing after that, managing to get everything ready in time for the festival, which went smoothly.


Despite being often seen together with her, Ryota never dared to consider Hinako more than a friend, for the fear of destroying their friendship. The situation does not help, as rumours about them being a couple (despite never being one in the first place) are circulated all over school. Faced with a tough choice of taking the next step or maintaining the relationship between them, he chooses the latter (much to Hinako's disappointment, although they knew it is for their benefit). He does not want to create a situation out of it, so he decided to indulge in the hobbies of taking photographs of life as something else to fulfill his life (and the need for creativity), in addition to a new-found interest in cars. These hobbies give him something to do, as he took part-time jobs taking photographs, while earning a license to drive (and eventually buy a second-hand car). The sense of speed is something that excites him a lot, although a lot of people warned him that one day it could be fatal.


Knowing that these and schooling can only take him so far, he decided to join the FREE Forces of the Orb military, realizing that an opportunity to face the far reaches of the Earth and space will give him insight into new things. Being able to adapt to piloting mobile suits in a short time (the driving he have helped, since he learned to be very adept at controls), he become known for his sometimes unconventional tactics. In a strange twist of fate, Ryota was a bit surprised when Hinako joined the FREE Forces, but however, it was not a smooth journey. An accident during a live mobile suit training session left him injured, requiring operation on the head. He immediately requested for probably the sole friend he had in the military, Hinako, to see him for what probably is the last time he can look at her face, at least, for this time. As fate would have it, he would be placed into a state of coma after the operation. What would become of him is unknown.

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Not bad, don't have anything to comment on for the first two main sections.


The family deals with typically business matters, since the Equatorial Union is an extremely strategic location to speak of, being located in the middle of practically everything on the planet, for example, trade routes, sea routes, and so on.


The phrasing is rather awkward here.  This is my suggested revision:

The family typically deals with business matters since the Equatorial Union is an extremely strategic location, due to it being a nexus of various trade routes.


Another problem in general would be your use of tenses.  You primarily stuck with the present tense in the first half of the History, while you began to mix past and present in the second half.  Because this is the 'History,' it'd probably be easier to just stick to the past tense.


Other than that, I don't see any other major issues.


EDIT: Okay, you fixed the tenses.  Looks good.

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Yup. I miss those boards. I was supposed to request for an Archangel-class ship of my own, since Dark was going all tyrannical on us, or perhaps the Sea Fleet I was going to commandeer on Earth, and I was supposed to bring you with me for the ride, hehe..


Too bad for that though. I hope our characters will meet again at this world.


(whoah, that sounded like from a movie.. hehe...)

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evo: Going to make that happen. Until then, reserve the Impreza for the second coming of the Skyline sedan, don't want to see the EJ20T of that thing going kaboom until then.


dark: Technically we're still listing it as Orb at the moment, since each of the nations under NOVA have their respective forces.

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