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Kylier Zergas


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Player Name: Kaizer

Character Number: 2

Faction: Serpent Tail




Full name: Kylier Zergas

Nickname:Kai, Kaizer




Occupation:Apprentice Mechanic

Birthplace:Eurasian Federation (undisclosed location)

Citizenship:United Emirates of Orb

Personality: Kylier is the silent and brooding type, never one to overly engage in conversation save for when she is feeling particularly lonely.  Her androgynous figure allows her to pass as a relatively feminine boy, and it is often how she wishes to be viewed, oftentimes hiding her true gender from others save from those she believes to be trustworthy, or those of an administrative position, such as doctors and school directors.  In public she always refers to herself as Kai or Kaizer, and can usually be found reading a book or drawing in her sketchbook.  Her sketchbook is a prized possession of hers that she protects fiercely, and is about the only thing besides her gender that she tries to keep to herself.  When someone manages to truly anger her, she becomes aggressive, violent, and downright dangerous to herself and those around her.  Despite all this, she is generally kind, though somewhat distant from the world around her, and will help someone 9 times out of 10 if they ask her nicely.  While she is the studious type, she enjoys running and playing certain sports; particularly soccer and badminton.





Weight:43 Kgs

Hair Colour and Style: Long, shoulder length black hair, often tied back in a tomboyish ponytail to disguise its length.

Eye Colour: brown

Identifying Marks:

Skin Tone:Fair, though surprisingly more tanned than expected of the studious type of person.

Build: thin and androgynous

Clothing:Kai often wears less revealing clothes such as jeans and long-sleeved shirts, never wearing anything that might be seen as feminine.  Oftentimes it is impossible to discern her as being a girl, which is exactly how she likes it to be.

Handiness: Right handed




Mother: Classified (deceased)

Father: Professor Steven Orman (deceased)

Siblings: None

Husband/Boyfriend: None


Personal History:


While the details are unknown even to Kylier, she was in fact the result of a trial test to determine whether the traits of Extendeds would transfer to a fetus via natural conception.  Her father was Steven Orman, the professor who originally proposed the idea, believing that if Extended traits could be transferred to children, then it would be easier and cheaper to create them, and possibly avoid the mental problems that Extendeds had become known for.  Kyler’s mother was a 1st Stage Extended with no known past or relatives.  Not wanting to wait for the men upstairs to approve of his theory, Orman set about the task himself, and when found out by his superiors, was murdered.  Not wanting his experiment to go to waste however, the extended was allowed to give birth to Kylier, and was disposed of shortly afterwards to tie up loose ends.  After various tests found that the resultant child was of poor health, she was secretly transported to an orphanage in Orb, as few wanted to stain their hands with an innocent child’s blood, nor did any want to be tied to Orman and his experiments.


Thus Kylier was found and raised, and was allowed to choose a name for herself once she was old enough to talk.  As she grew up, her caretakers found that she began to drift further and further away from the other children, merely keeping to herself and reading whatever books she could find.  From time to time, she would be convinced to join some of the other children in playing games, but would oftentimes collapse halfway through the game.  Several trips to the hospital later revealed that Kylier suffered from minor cardiac defects, and would most likely never be able to be as active as the other children her age.  No longer allowed to play sports with the other children, Kylier turned to more creative outputs, and started dabbling in the fine arts during this time.  She tried her hands at singing, dancing, and instrumental music (focusing largely on the drums), but she turned out to be a mediocre singer and drummer, and dancing was quickly barred from her for the same reasons as sports had been.  She then turned to drawing, and found that she had a real talent for it.  She started slowly, learning to trace the works of others, then by learning to copy the drawings by hand, and eventually to start drawing things of her own design.  She never focused on one particular style of art, and drew everything from portraits and landscapes, to Japanese ‘manga’ style art, to architecture, and even dared to try a few abstract drawings.


While she had never overly enjoyed playing sports, save for soccer and badminton, she hated the idea of being told that she couldn’t play any sports whatsoever.  She began to avoid society altogether afterwards, and also began to dress more masculinely.  She figured that since boys were physically stronger than girls for the most part, that she might get stronger if she started acting like a boy.  This ideal carried on into her teenage years, where it instead changed to jealousy towards other girls, who all seemed to mature and develop faster than she did, while she began to look more and more boyish as time went by.  Determined to prove that she could be worth something someday, despite her poor health, Kylier, who had long since began hiding her gender from others under the alias of ‘Kai’, began studying with a vigor during her last 3 years at school, and graduated from high school with honors.


Being an orphan with no parents and no foster parents left her wanting for cash, and knew that a university education was far out of her reach.  Hoping to someday become an engineer and apply her knowledge to the betterment of mankind, she applied to become a military engineer.  After 3 years of service, Kylier left Orb with a firm understanding of the basics of engineering and mechanical repair, though she had found the entire experience somewhat trying, and yearned for a career that would give her the chance to better her knowledge, and still give her the freedom she desired.  Now a legal adult at the age of 21, and having lived on her own away from the orphanage since the age of 19, Kylier left Orb to travel to the Shesha colony, which she had heard was a frequent meeting point for the Junk Guild and the mercenary faction ‘Serpent Tail’.  She figured that a mechanic could find a job easily with mercenaries, as they didn’t have access to the same large facilities as military factions such as the Earth Alliance or ZAFT would have, and it would give her the chance to learn from people who had worked near and around mobile suits for the greater portion of their lives.  Kylier had pondered the thought of joining the now famous Soldiers of Fire, but their militaristic style of command didn’t appeal to her, as she had left Orb for the same reasons.

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This is our first Serpent Tail character, if I'm not mistaken. Good times.


At any rate this should be an interesting character to observe. The androgynous (you know I used spell-checker for that one ) aspect to her is an nice addition, and should be very interesting to see played out with a group, especially if some know about her gender and some don't. Reminds me a little bit of Mai-Hime's Akira, except less ninja.


I see no actual problems with the profile itself. Looks good to me.

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That was an entertaining read, and thus far looks to be a promising character. I find it funny that you made her androgynous. So, now we have to have five or so male characters surround you, and change "Serpent Tail" to the "Ouran Host Club".


If it means anything, I believe this profile is good to go. I see no continuity errors, or bulging ones thus far. So theres my few cents into the pot, keep up the good work Kai.

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Looks good.


However, I believe the correct spelling is "United Emirates of Orb." 


Blame that error on the Del Ray manga version of SEED, I think they messed it up once or twice as well .


I haven't heard of Mai-Hime all that much, but I did pick up on the Host Club similarity the other day; its odd when you make a characters without any specific people in mind; only to end up mimicking someone else.  Does this mean there aren't any good character ideas left 0_o

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In answer to your question: No. No, there aren't.


Now then, since I'm Serpent Tail leader, I guess it's my job to approve this. So I suppose I shall.


[align=center]Serpent Tail[/align]



Kylier Zergas, your application to join the Serpent Tail mercenary forces has been accepted. You will join with the rank of Specialist. The Serpent Tail is an old and well-known mercenary group which prides itself on its long record of excellent service to our clients. As a member of the Serpent Tail, you will be expected to contribute toward continuing this tradition.


Please report to the Serpent Tail Central Command at Shesha Colony as soon as possible. When you arrive, you will be assigned to a Serpent Tail team for initial training and initiation.


Good luck and fair sailings to you.


~Michael Sebastian Carlini

Serpent Tail Commander

Shesha Command

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