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When everything is finished


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When we try to get everything finalized, I will be assigning people into squads and things of that nature. Each appointed commander of said group, will get to choose what type of combat their team would specialize in. IE: CQC, BVR, ECT. things of that nature.

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I know this might complicate things more, but wouldn't it be better to let squad members fill different roles? As in, for example, a four pilot squad, there must be a squad leader, but the other three are allowed to choose their own roles? Oh yeah, and for this to work, ask everyone in ZAFT their preferred roles, and knowing that, put them into squads to equalize the classes lol? (Yeah, i know, it sounds like a game of BF2142 )

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BVR combat is "Beyond visual Range." CQC, "Close quarters Combat"


That is another possibility, each squad member could have their own skill or specialty. If they didn't put one into their profile when we begin. I suggest they make an addition to their characters, or simply have them develop the "skills" in open Role play.

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