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A little of this and that


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mmm....thats a lot more like it well done, good blending (although some areas are blended better than others :S) and colour change

Ray: I wish it was a sabre from Armored Core! (i say this coz its hard to find art for AC) but its the  Gouf Custom machinegun, from 8th MS team

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ladies and gentlemen The ZGMF-YX18 Xellias, A MS I came up with by combineing a Gera Doga, Kampfer, on a Chaos Impulse Frame.


ZGMF-X88%20Torrington.jpg Version 1

A Gundam made from G-Saviour, Nu, MKII, Re-Gz, & GP04

ZGMF-X88 Einheriar


Version 2 of the Einheriar (final)


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Whoa, u sure are on a creative tangent!

Einheriar: Love it, very well blended (i think youve been learning of winders its full of fanciful goodness )

Gouf/Geara/Sazabi: i hope you werent taking ur time on that one! Good concept, but it looks abit like a powered red frame (big shoulders, yknow the deal) i mean, lol, i can still see the red on some parts of it! no offence though

Kampf Doga- Ahhh, its like a zaku, what with the shielding and all 8D.

Now if only they had guns....

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the one thing I like the most are the drawings. they are nice.


However I have a question why not draw the mobile suits entirerely instead of just doing cut and paste.


I know you can draw them and it would at least 100 times better then just doing the cut and paste jobs, I have noticed throught the art threads here.


Unless of course you preffer the cut and Paste. In that case ignore this.

Just giving out my honest opinion as an artist. If you ever have any questions on drawing mechs feel free to throw me a line. My mechs arent the best by far but they are fairly deseant, I know a few tutorials and exercises to help you out in drawing robots. 

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A few minutes after drawing the machine, thought I'd take a whack at my character, Commander Delfina Schneider. I used pencil at first, then moved on to some shading, followed by some coloring. I <3 Prisma Color Pencils, they blend together like crazy.

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