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Re: Impromptu MW Desert Battle


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Since not much is going on right now, I'm using my extra little authority to start this MW battle as a ref and participant.  (and I don't like to abuse power, so don't worry about that)  Since this is in Pointless Chatter, there will be no post counts.  Also, this battle MAY NOT be used as a reference battle for License application.  This is just for fun.


However, Coliseum standards still apply(to an extent), so I don't want any god-mod or ZOMGWTF sort of stuff.




Number of Competitors:  4 or 6, iono

Battlefield:  Desert

Restrictions on MS:  Any mass production mobile suit.

Battle Mode: Royal Rumble (multiple participants, last man or woman standing wins)

Referee:  Me



Each participant must state the following:



Mobile Weapon:

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Okay, we got four contestants ready to beat the life out of each other.

Using a random number generator, the order will be the following:




Ryou Misaki

Ryo Kazunine - Disqualified




To keep things moving and in case of absence (sleep, class, work, etc.) participants will have up to 24 hours to reply when it is their turn.  (Regular matches normally are 2 to 7 days, depending...)


Also, from now own, use informal [OOC] tags when posting such.




The referee hated the desert.  It was hot, dry, sandy, dusty and irritating.  Not only that, the view was really boring.  Nothing but dunes as far as the eye can see.  The suits were arrayed haphazardly across the battlefield, so that not one contestant was too close to the other.  But this job paid the bills...so, he had to do it.  He didn't care about the hotshot pilots in their massive machine of destruction. 


He switched on the all-frequency intercom and spoke, "Okay, I want a clean fight."


"Like that'll ever happen," he thought.


"This Battle Royale will now BEGIN!" he shouted as he blared a horn, which indicated the start of the battle.

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(OOC: I'm starting first!?!)


The desert. Sieg remembered his close friend's story, Takumi's battle in the snow. Though he got defaulted back then Takumi told him that it would be quite a boring battle. The field was pretty clear from obstructions, meaning they can all see each other. Bad thing is all of them didn't have enough cover as well.


"Oh bugger. this sucks. Good thing I brought my trusty quadruped..."


Sieg was in hi transport, a gigantic track-wheeled transport truck, much like what Takumi did in the snow. He wanted to have some time at his hands to think about strategies on the way to a battle.


As the truck reversed onto the imaginary outskirts of the battle area Sieg began the system checks on his machine.


"Sir, we have arrived to the site. Shall I unload you now?", asked the transport truck driver.


"Ok. Drop the ramp and I'll load the machine out myself. Head-out as soon as the machine leaves the trailer", Sieg radioed to the driver.


"Roger that sir."


Sieg powered-up the beast, its mono-eye glowing in the desert sun. It was in tank-mode in its trailer. It slowly rolled down the trailer. Upon reaching ground Sieg maneuvered the BuCUE towards the staging area. The BuCUE transformed into quadruped mode then Sieg checked his scanners for his enemies. As he did the referee blurted something on the radio.


"Okay, I want a clean fight."


"We're starting already? I just arrived! Jeebus..."


Sieg continued to check his scanners for a DINN, a GUAIZ and a Murasame.


"This Battle Royale will now BEGIN!"


The last line from the radio was followed by the blaring of the horn, signifying the start of the battle.


"Two fliers eh? At least I'll get this dog some target practice... Let's get this on!"


The BuCUE braced itself to jump, then it leapt towards the right, dropping into tank-mode as it landed. Sieg will try to search for them in the perimeter while he gets a lock of the enemies on his scanners...

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Why is it that the earth couldn’t be kept at a constant temperature like the laboratory she called home? Instead the weather had to be moody, shifting from hot to cold, from humid and arid and so forth. And it was never very dependable either. It would rain in one place and then not rain in another! Such a very, very strange and massive ecosystem…and Tomomi hated this particular section of the earth. She remembered that it was known as a desert, a barren place where no flowers nor no hope ever grew. It seemed that this place had a very bland and loveless existence in store for all its entirety.


Well, maybe not for the next hour or two…


Tomomi had automatically put herself into position, keeping her suit close to the dunes. The sun glared upon the sharp metal armor, causing the suit to shimmer like water. She was bored waiting in the heat and was reading a novel that she had ‘borrowed’ from one of the pilot’s rooms after she had ‘taken a break’ from her duty as a lab rat. When she heard the referee begin to speak through her helmet, she threw the novel unceremoniously onto the cockpit floor, most likely never to pick it up again.


It wasn’t until she heard the referee call ‘BEGIN’ that she fired the first few shots at the first contendor to step up to plate. In a way it was as if she had just tagged him, initiating that the chase may begin and he was ‘it’…and about to lose. Before the other pilot could counter her, she immediately withdrew behind a sand dune and then utilized her beam rifle to aim for the legs of the Hound.


“This is going to be annoying…”

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The boy had been fanning himself within his suit at the temperature within the area he was within. " Could have chosen Alaska...could have chosen ORB for God's sake... " He had whispered to himself as sweat was going down his face. Ryou never liked warm places, especially inside a suit where he felt like he was melting. No matter, everything but the air unit was his problem at the time.


Being a Air unit walking on the ground was a idiotic idea itself so he made his suit accelerate and fly into the air while being cautious of his alarm in case of getting aimed at. He needed to get decent air space before he could decide upon who to target and what to look for. For the time being he had simply wanted to fly into the sky.


" Alright then, overheat...sandy hills...and a bunch of dogs... " He whispered and smirked upon this idea. Suddenly smirking as he laughed at the thought of how badly. " This will make my father proud if I survive. " He said with a weak laugh while he ascended with both his hands holding both weapons.

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In the bright mid-afternoon sun of the desert, a blue-green quadrupedal mobile suit charged towards a battle zone.


"Perfect"Ryo thought. "I love the desert." Ryo took a quick diagnostic of his machine.


Two minutes until arrival. His main screen read. The machine was in top shape. The twin beam cannons on the turret seemed to give him an edge against other quadrupeds. The Wild Dagger seemed to be jumping from the inside. Up and down it went, but the view seemed to remain the same. Sand. Lots of sand. As the suit made its way over a particularly high dune it looked down and saw a rag-tad assortment of other mobile weapons.


"This isn't Kaohsiung. Ian and Emi won't be giving me any backup today."


"...BEGIN!" Crackled over the close-range frequency radio.


'Clickclickclickclickclick!' The barrels of the Wild Dagger's cold steel gattling gun loaded their 46mm bullets and prepared to fire. Ryo's golden eye followed a Murasme dashing across the skyline. He followed its path and aimed ahead of it. He slowly squeezed the trigger and couple of rounds burst into the sky...

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why oh why does this battle have to be so far away!!! i'll just make it on time but barely... HH thought as his Murasame flies over the desert dunes


HHL looks at the screen with all the diagnostics as he flies the Murasame in its mobile armour mode. Systems all green with a minute left till destination of the battle. Scanner shows 2 MS below heading towards the same local vicincity

hmm... they are late too! lucky for me i wont get penalized then he thought happily.


On the only open channel the ref announces the start of the battle as he sees the other mobile suits *Royale...BEGIN!*


Alright lets start objective: to nail them all... he thought as he began to concentrate on achieving his objective. The sensor alarm flares as soon as the words of the ref faded into static.

damn... gun fire from the dagger already... its not even a minute into the match... he muttered. His mind flared as he thought about the options of escape go left... right... left... right... fine to the right then


He pulls stick hard to the right as the Murasame does a hard and fast barrel roll

Try all you can mate but you'll need to try harder than that to hit me. now to put some distance between us we'll meet again on this massive battlefield he thought as he comes out of the roll.

He pushes the thrusters to max and flies faster towards the flying Dinn


hmm... a flyer lets get you first i would like the skies for my self thank you He muttered to himself  He then locks onto the Dinn's right arm and fires a quick shot with the Type 72 cannon.


[OOC: good luck guys^^ this is going to be fun]


[EDIT OOC: fixed it up a lil to make it a lil more clearer]

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The desert heat, so arid, so dry...so good. For only one man calls it home. Doernitz was wearing his  military uniform, instead of pilot's gear. He really never liked wearing one. Besides also the heat it produces. And a cigarette on his mouth keeping the mint flavor to cool him down.


Doernitz, was reviewing the battlefield behind a sand bunker, taking cover from the other enemy ground mobile weapons. And also reviewing his airborne foes. He knows that this fliers will not stay long in the air, sooner or later they will loose energy and their only option would be to land. And by that time, the feast of chaos shall begin. The only thing he can do more damage now is to take on the ground.


He reviewed the other two. The other was a comrade both having same mobile weapon as he is, Kerberos. The other was of a different class, but still a quadruped, Wild Dagger. And as soon as he saw the Wild Dagger, shooting at another mobile weapon. Doernitz, engaged his targeting system and looked through its visors and aimed it at the Wild dagger. The kerberos's other two heads moved above the sand bunker, opened their mouths and waited for the trigger. As soon as Doernitz was ready, he pulled the trigger. From the mouths, came green blasts from its twin beam cannons. One was to hit the right side of the Wild Dagger, the other was intentionally heading to its rear.

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[OOC:  You guys don't necessarily have to wait for my post...unless one or two of you did something too overpowered or just wrong.

Whatever, I'll post once every one or two turn cycles unless the circumstances call for me to moderate something.  Just keep your posts detailed enough so people knows what's going on.


HHL: See the PM I sent you.]

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As Sieg waited for his Kerberos' computer to get an ID on all of his oppnents he scanned the area for any immediate threat. Since the battlefield is a gigantic open area, any hostility would be easy to spot, albeit it wouldn't be that easy to avoid as well.


Suddenly warning lights and sounds flood the BuCUE's cockpit.


"Damn it! I'm being fired at already!"


A unit fired a couple of shots near the BuCUE. Sand was threwn up near the area  where his MS was, good thing he was on the move. The MS's computer finally identified all of the mobile suits in the area. One screen showed their positions in a map of the immediate vicinity, distinguished by colored dots on the screen.



TMF/A-802W2 Kerberos BuCUE Hound

MVF-M11C Murasame


GAT-X399/Q Wild Dagger


The top-most MS caught his attention. The computer was able to track the shots fired at the BuCUE back to that suit.


"So I think I now have a date.", Sieg told himself.


Sieg maneuvered the Kerberos to veer to the right, distancing itself from its 'date', a GuAIZ R. As he did the two extra heads of his Kerberos pack emitted green beams from each respective mouth, kicking sand upwards as it hit. It was aimed towards the general direction of where GuAIZ is hiding, akin to a desert smokescreen to facilitate the BuCUE's escape towards the sand dune to its right.


"That should keep you at bay for a while. I'm still thinking of a spectacular way to tackle you..."


As the sand dune's crest came to the BuCUE left it transformed to quadruped mode. Like a predator checking on its prey Sieg maneuvered it on the back 'hump' of the dune, whilst Sieg checked the scanners for the GuAIZ.


"Hmm, since everyone seems to still be on the other side of the arena, that GuAIZ will really be my date. Hehe, this dog has that meal all on its own.."


Sieg waited at the back of the dune, careful not to reveal the top of the machine. Sieg kept the dog crouched down somewhere in the middle. It would be all to anti-climatic if he sped down towards its position and hacked its way to it. That would be too easy, though he was prepared to do it anytime. Sieg kept an eye on his scanners, to check for movements of the mobile suits around him, since gusts of wind may impair any line of sight he may have on the GuAIZ.

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OOC: A date? You wish...




As more players entered the little game they had all been drawn into, Tomomi sighed and shook her head. She truly and honestly hated everything about battle. It was usually pointless and took more effort then it was worth. Unless someone meant to send her to her grave she didn’t mind a little brutality. She had become accustomed to it.


Since the other mobile suits seemed preoccupied with the aerial-born DINN and a Murasame, she decided to pick on the Hound she had marked earlier after the referee had began the battle. She wasn’t all too pleased with the Hound’s course of action it moved forward in the sand.


“Stay still so I can win...”


Tomomi suddenly aimed her beam rifle directly on the ground before the Hound and took two shots into the sand dune’s center, causing it to burst, rise and engulf the Hound. She activated her thrusters so her GuAIZ would only levitate from the ground to prevent friction and add speed as she rushed the hound, shooting into the drift several times.

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Ryou hadn't expected to hear that annoying alarm already, especially from in front of him. " You're not serious...? " He whispered, his left hand pulling back on the thrusters while the other pulled the other control a bit forward for the arm. Ryou's eyes having turned into slits as he was measuring the angle and movement of the Murasame.


The Dinn's thrusters had turned off and it started to drop, the mech having leaned back while it's right arm with the shotgun started to raise itself. Having disappeared behind the Sand dune he watched the Murasame's acceleration and knew that it would still be coming forward. Even if it were to cut down on it's speed it would still come to the Sand Dune and the acceleration speed was too fast for it to move fast for any quick movement to the sides.


The Dinn having been completely on it's back now as he turned on the thrusters again and sped backwards with his back facing the ground while the body faced the sky, the shotgun having been angled to aim at the Murasame as he kept up with the speed of the jet with his own thrusters for a few seconds. " Back off!! " He had shouted at the shotgun had shot at the Murasame's inner belly which was not guarded by armor, a spread shot at somewhat close range would harm it's wings if it were to move to the side, it's thrusters if it were to accelerate and it's pilot if it were to slow down. " You're mine! " He shouted as he was shot closer to the ground from the recoil of the blast.

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[OOC: since Ryo hasn't posted in 24 hrs... so does that mean i continue with the battle... i'll just assume that it is but if it isnt just delete my post but btw ryou murasame's inner belly does have armor its sorta the hip region of the ms ]


HH sees the Dinn turn off thrusters and fall behind a sand dune to evade the cannon shot. The sensor alarm flares as HH flies over the dune. "Damn... a trap... i've fallen into it hook line and sinker. don't panic don't panic just remember what anyone else would have done" he muttered as he he put his left hand on to the thruster control and pulls slowly. Slow thrusters by 25%... mobile suit form... now he thought as he presses the button to transform.


Instinctively he puts the left arm of the mobile suit with the shield to cover the ms in order to block the shotgun shot. The shield rattles as the shot impact, small sparks flared from the arm. HH looks down at the diagnostics. Left arm mobility down 40% from the shock of the impact... a second longer and it'd have taken out my whole arm...  power down 4.25% but its to my advantage for now. I'll sac the mobility of the left arm to heavily damage either you as well or destroy one of your weapons as you are recoiling towards the desert sand he thought as he mobilised the MS's right arm with the beam rifle hmm... heat defraction of the desert about 1 degree which is accounted for he thought as he fired 4 rapid shots in a triangle with the first one centering on the cockpit of the Dinn and one to each side at the point where the cockpit would be if the Dinn thrustered to the left or the right as well as a final shot targeted at a point just above the head of the Dinn to restrict his movement.


"This would be even more effective with a spreadshot like a shotgun but even though theres a minor lag in between each of my shots but it'll have to do... with this the Dinn should be damaged or a weapon destroyed. If its the latter i'll just have to keep firing the beam rifle" he muttered as he back thrustered the ms slowly back into the sky with the beam rifle locked onto the Dinn.

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An explosion ripped through the sand dunes near the Wild Dagger. Piles of sand streaked for the sky at the force of the impact. Doerntiz's, visor could not see the Wild Dagger anymore. Its energy signatures were non-existent. Though only one beam blast would hit the target, it would seem enough. Though it is unknown if the Wild Dagger was still in this fight, But from the Kerberos' sensors, it was a goner.


Draco puff through his cigarettes, enjoying the moment of his kill. Though he was unsure if it was destroyed at all or even was it his kill.


"All too easy..."


He looked through his radar system, trying to find his next prey. Marking each mobile suit in the area, he concluded that he would a better prospect of catching some between the two other ground units. He was very familiar with the other as he was comrade of his. Though he thinks of him as a subordinate, he is a comrade-at-arms nonetheless. The other mobile weapon, a GuAIZ.


The whole time he was reading his radar, he was already on the move. Analyzing the terrain they were in, he found a perfect route to take. A route with enough cover not to be seen by the enemy at ground level. The high coverings of the sand dunes would cover some of the radar's radio waves. Even though he might be spotted, they're to busy to even notice the Kerberos.


As soon as he could visualize his route, Doernitz activated the kerberos to Quadruped mode. That way, he would not leave much dirt trail. He could sneak up on anyone, to give his surprise. The Kerberos pounced to its position, Doernitz could see the GuAIZ rear. It was thrusting towards some sand dunes and firing at its direction, Draco could tell that the other Kerberos was over the other side. The GuAIZ, was in the open and this is a moment of chance to attack. He opened up his secondary heads mouths and fired two beam cannon shots towards the GuAIZ.

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