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Re: Gundam 00 merchandise


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From Gunota:


Hobby Shop Midori has a scans of Gundam 00 merchandise promo materials.


The first run of the HCM-Pro Gundam Exia will come with a Special Pack which has a Special Block Base stand that can support 4 MS. The figure comes with a full weapons set including a GN shield, GN sword, GN long blade, GN short blade, GN beam dagger, and GN beam saber.


Gachapool also put up info for the HGIF Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Characters coming in October. It comes with 5 figures: Setsuna, Lockon, Allelujah, and two unnamed female characters.

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Gee, they aren't wasting any time. 


marketing tactic to get the audience to watch the anime... since its a new director they need get the popularity first to get the tv ratings...


back on topic: the model looks alright and since all but virtue are coming out in september.... but it seems that they might not put out any master grades as of yet... hope they do though

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Gundam is all about merchandising the gunpla. It's a sad but true fact. I wished they would spend more time to develop the various alternate universes rather than come up with more and more alternate universes. There should be some limit to the different kinds of storyline that they can come up with. No?

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It's all about the greater market demand (which most have felt that SEED cannot be saved anymore in a way or another, and demanded something new) vs. the minority who wanted more development in the universe used. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Bandai is abandoning a Gundam-verse just like that, it happened in the past, and it still happens now.


Remember, whatever happens, the sad fact remains that the target market will be primarily the Japanese, not the rest of the world. Hopefully they can change their mindset now.

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