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Thought I'd Say Hi

Dante Alighieri

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Hi everyone. I'm Dante and i just joined the site today. I noticed that everyone was making an introduction thread so i thought that i'd do the same.


I've been rping for a year, so i'm not that good yet. I've been on other gundam rpgs in the past but all of those died out due to inactivity from players. I really like the way this site is, I think you guys have done a great job making it into what it is now.


If you guys want to know anything else feel free to ask.

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Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. I just posted up my application...it's not the best one i've ever done, but i was in a rush to get approved so i wrote it up quickly. If you guys get the chance can you take a look at it and let me know what you think? You probably won't want to read the history since i think i made it kinda long  .


By the way, i just had one question. Are we able to come up with mobile suits based on the gundam anime? I know you don't want canon characters, but once we get to making mobile suit designs can we base the designs off of the show? ex. the wings of light used by the destiny, the dragoon system, or phase shift armor and mirage colloid.


Anyway, thanks again for the welcome it's good to be here.

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Oh I see, the mobile weapon we have is up to the faction based on rank and things like that.


Thanks for the quick answer.


By the way, i'm on an rpg right now that has a lot of 'unwritten rules' I'm not sure if you know what i mean.


Anyway, are there any unwritten rules on this site? I know how hard a question this must be, but I'm just curious..i don't wanna look stupid, even though i might look that way right now.

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Ah, I see.


I don't think we do since a lot of it (I believe) is common sense.  We do not have established 'minimum' RP post length limits but it's kinda obvious that one-liner posts will be looked down and frowned upon.


Basically it's about playing it smart, I suppose.

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I see now. Thanks a lot for the answers, i appreciate it. But i have one last question.


Do you know who i talk to about joining ZAFT?


With that, you'll be given a chance to choose a Faction to join after you're given the approval and go from Valiant. Basically, after Valiant says that you apply for a faction in your character profile thread and wait for the faction leader to accept you. Check out the other Zaft operative's applications and you'll see what I mean


oh and welcome Dante 

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