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The Required Introduction ^.~


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Hello there,

It is a pleasure to become a part of a group. Kind of got talked into this by a friend, but whatever - we all need a healthy dose of peer pressure.

Anyway, I am seventeen and had just graduated high school. So, I have two months until university starts and so why not kill some time on message boards?

Now, I guess I should give some of the vitals about myself.

Name: Incognito  ;)

DOB: 10.29.1989

Favourite Movie: Gone with the Wind

Favourite Book: Les Miserables

Favourite Anime: Noir

Well, I cannot come up with anything else, so I guess this is it for the introductory post.

Thanks in advance for being a lovely community.

Love 'ya!


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A rather thorough introduction.


Anyways, welcome and all that.  If you don't mind my asking, which friend talked you into this?  Is he/she already a member?


Oh, be sure to read the rules and guidelines if you haven't done so already.  Hope you enjoy your stay.

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Thanks - love a friendly neighbourhood.

Anyway, the friend is the guy that posted right after me in the introduction. Boredom is a great thing, so we figured we'd role-play here.


Yeah, I noticed you two geting along quite 'well.' 

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Welcome, milady)) Enjoy your tmie here and so forth)) *looking on profile* AGAIN?? Why always ZAFT or ORB? In this case even ZAFT AND ORB((( *crying*

*changes his facial expression* Now I know, why ORB and ZAFT should be destroyed!!

Hehe, now you're my eternal enemy, milady))

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Welcome to the family(s****d greeting, always the same)

Forget about it......

Hmmm as of what I have observed(is my sentence correct), it seems that there are more female joining ADORPS(Advent Destiny Online Role Playing Site) rather than the guys(which is a good news to me)and they are experienced in RPing.But then again....Welcome and have a nice RPing.

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Um, OK, wow! I did not expect so many replies.  I guess I was right about the whole friendly community thing.

So, I'll attempt to reply to everything in one post, and if I fail miserably, do be kind.

1. Yes, I try to have as much fun at Mio's expanse as I possibly can, and, in my defence, he is free to do the same, but had not been able to yet *snickers* poor sucker!

2. I have never seen Les Miserables in theatre, although I would love to. Unfortunately, the last time I had been in theatre was quite a few years ago - I've gone to see Giselle, and I have to say that I loved the ballet... Now, the last play I saw was Tartuffe (have to love Moliére). But yes, I'd kill to see Les Miserables and Dog in the Manger.

3. Yep, I love Noir - awesome anime. *puts Mireille on a pedestal* Yeah, I tend to like fashionable female characters with an attitude... Gee, I wonder why 

4. I wanted my character to be a part of Orb Union because I always liked the state in Anime; as for ZAFT, well... If you're going to spy on a country, you might as well spy on the one with the cutest uniform

5. In most rpg's I'm in there is always more female than male participants; no idea why. 

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Kawaii!!! So kind and smart!! I wish everyone's like her *refering to some AD pipz  *. And oh! feel free to use the shoutbox, its better than waiting for someone to reply to your post nor read someones post.





      cute signature

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Greetings, Milady!


And dang if that doesn't look downright medieval. Anyways, welcome to the site. It seems you'll be fitting in just fine around here. Enjoy your stay.


lol Actually, I chose to use a name of a fictional character as my display name. In Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers, the main villain is Milady de Winter, or just "Milady." I swear to god, I love that woman. She is my favourite female character of all time: "Monseigneur," replied Milady, "a fair exchange.  Life for life, man for man; give me one, I will give you the other." He-he I just love evil women. 

Thanks, by the way, I'm sure I'll enjoy being here - already am. 

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Oh, THAT Milady?! Wow, I didn't thought about that)) Then why you're on "good" side? This RPG need more evil characters))


Actually, there are quite a few similarities between Lady Clarick and my character. For one thing, I got her name "Charlotte Clarick," from combining two of Milady’s aliases - Charlotte Backson and Milady Clarick. Milady spied for Cardinal Richelieu, and Clare is spying for Orb. Cardinal sought to protect the sovereignty of France in the midst of the Thirty Years war that was fought by the House of Habsburg and the German Princes. Orb wants to protect its sovereignty in a war between the PLANT and the Earth Alliance. Milady used men to get whatever she wanted, and Clare will too (but not as bluntly). Milady did not have a patriotic bone in her body, and neither does Clare; and finally they were both work for a good cause, but do it for all the wrong reasons. So, really, I think my character matches up with the username quite well. ^.~

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Well, at this point he is not villain)) But, you see, Rau too wasn't "absolutely" evil - he adopted Rey and, IIRC, said that:"I'm going this way 'cause I can't see my dream at end of it." (I always wondered, what was his real dream in that case)

So I think about dying my character in more dark colors as time passes)) Maybe even rip one of his eyes apart and then force him to wear mask))

But he too won't be absolutely evil - as any "Gundam's villain", heh.

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