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New person, reporting for RPing


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Howdy all. Well, I'm new. I joined a long time ago but didn't have the time to play until now. I thought of a few interesting things for my character though, so hopefully I'll be able to make good plots and stories for people to enjoy.


I'll be 18 next month and my favorite animes are Mezzo, Madlax, Wolf's Rain, Hellsing Ultimate, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Elfen Lied, Outlaw Star, GANTZ, Ghost Stories (dubbed), Ouran High School, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Peace Maker Kurogane, The Place Promised to Us, Crimson Climax, Pilot Candidate, Full Metal Alchemist, and Jigoku Shoujo.


I've been RPing since I was 11, but only started serious role playing (writing over a page or more in Microsoft Word for a post) when I was 14. I like to think of myself as good writer but of course that's relative to opinion.


Um, so basically...hi!

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Heya, welcome and all that.


That's not a bad retinue of anime you've watched.  Anyways, be sure to read the rules and guidelines if you haven't done so already.


I think you'll be fine here and I await your profile.  As you can probably see, this site's going through several changes, some of which will be implemented in the near future.  (Thanks to Valiant)  So, yeah, enjoy your stay. 

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Nice introduction-Check.

Promising profile-Check.

Ardent anime and roleplaying fan-Check.


I don't see any problems. Anyway, welcome! I'll be eagerly awaiting your profile and your first post as a character. I'm quite glad that a girl has joined as well-Too many males around.


Adding on to liubei013's comments about the changes...If you want to, you can make suggestions as to how we can spiff up the whole place a little more.

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Thank you everyone, for the warm welcome.


Liu: Believe it or not, those are just my ABSOLUTE favorites, the ones I wouldn't mind watching over again and again. I've watched much more then those and read even more manga. Then again, I've been into anime since I was 9, so it accumulates over the years. Obviously I'm also a gundam fangirl, Gundam Wing being my favorite.


FAITH: Glad I pass inspection. And I know how you feel. Last Gundam RPG I was on, I was the only girl.


Valiant: Yes, many, usually based on Gundam Wing and only one other on SEED. I also helped my friend run his GW one, but that was three years ago.


HHL: Thank you! Hopefully we can RP together soon.


DP: Thanks, and is English not your first language? Because if not, it's not noticeable at all accept the parentheses threw me a little. My character will actually be with ZAFT, but I'll probably join another character for EA next month.

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Heh, why always ZAFT?? ))) And yes, English my third language (or even fourth?? if we take Ukrainian, then fourth, 'cause in that case Deutsch would be third. As for first language - it's Russian))

And if you think about second character, you should ask Valiant, when he agree to that.

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Well, your English is really good. I speak a little Spanish, Italian, and French. And when I say little, I mean I know how to ask permission to use the bathroom, where the nearest hospital is, and that I don't speak the language well. 


And I chose ZAFT because of what I decided to make my character, which is basically a human test tube. Once I write her history it will become more clear.


About second characters, I thought in the rules it said that as long as you're active, you can have as many characters as you want?

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