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I surprisingly had enough time to type out all this @.@ anywho it the most coding I've done for a single forum post lol enjoy the convenience

Visit my gallery if you want to see more. I'll list all the titles of the stuff here. My vectors are up for use. I encourage fans to make stuff out of them, but tell me if you're going to use them cause I want to see how they turn out.


Traditional stuff as Aya prefers

This is my most recent one that I've scanned

width=252 height=600http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs18/300W/f/2007/218/0/5/Cagalli___From_our_hearts____by_Andou_Mahoro.jpg[/img]Cagalli- From our heats, Our power

Then there's also:

Cagalli- From our heats, Our power

Cagalli-  Salute

Cagalli- Welcome home

Cagalli- idiot.

Cagalli- Painful decisions

Cagalli Yula Athha- 00, 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 10, 11, 12, 13.


Athrun Zala: 00


Asucaga- You'll always be the only one


Misc: (but still gundam related )

uncleaned sketches


You have got to see this one! Athrun S2 Cagalli



Most recents are

Cagalli_JVector_upgraded_by_Andou_Mahoro.jpgCagalli Yula Athha JVector Upgrade

Cagalli_Yula_Athha_KVector_by_Andou_Mahoro.jpgCagalli Yula Athha KVector

For our Orbies: Orb Union Emblem

And for our Zafties: Zaft Emblem


Chibi Cagalli: 02

Chibi Cagalli- Squish

Cagalli- Innocence

Cagalli- Ouran Uniform

Cagalli Yula Athha: AVector, BVector, CVector, DVector, EVector, FVector, GVector, HVector, IVector, JVector, JVector Upgrade, KVector.


Athrun Zala: AVector


Asucaga: AVector, BVector.

Athrun Cagalli- Gun Point


Wallpaper (although they arent good I'm seeking to get better so if you have advice please offer it )

Cagalli + Lacus

Cagalli- Innocence

Cagalli + Strike Rouge

Strike Rouge x Infinite Justice

Cagalli Wallpaper - Green Grin

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yes so far everything I post here are my vectors but I can at least give Bladester the proper link or make him the wallie. Cause none of these were for wallpaper purposes originally lol


width=800 height=600http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs18/f/2007/190/f/e/Cagalli_Strike_Rouge_Wallpaper_by_Andou_Mahoro.jpg[/img]


now this is a background


also as part of this look at my signature. The first line doesnt make sense eh? .>" title="" />

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