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Gundam Seed Supernova


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Here's the latest from the Bandai Visual Site (English translation | Original in Japanese)


Note: The translator isn't very good at it so if you can read Japanese, let us know what it says exactly! I'm just posting what it says.


Gundam Seed Supernova DVD




Release Date: 25 September 2007



TV animation special compilation + original animation

Color/(estimate) 50 minutes/Dolby digital (stereo)/single sided 1 layer/standard (part 16: 9 (squeeze)/vista size)




Character Songs Remix


Seed coming and others theater

The complete new work where the well-known “seed coming and others” participates it is short in the SEED fan compilation animation


WWS-World Wide SEED- 

With blowing changing version of each country, it will try comparing “SEED” of the world!


MS TRICO STAGE (mobile suit explanation movie)





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what does that mean?? 



err... what does what mean.... if you meant the fan disk itself... its something along the lines of fan made short and lively Seed animations, as well as remade character music and others... it is being released to widen the Seed World after the hits of Seed and Destiny

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