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Player name: HHLkill3r

Character number: 1

Faction: Soldiers of fire





Full name: Houston Lau

Nickname: HHLkill3r/ silenced angel

Age: 25

Gender: M

Race: (Natural or Coordinator) Coordinator

Occupation: Mercenary taking jobs which involves the need of demolition experts/snipers/MS pilots

Birthplace: Januarius

Citizenship: Plant full citizen

Personality: He is silent, efficient, vigilant and aware of surroundings at all time. When he first meets someone, it would usually be a one to two word conversation. However when he gets to know them better it might extend to a full conversation. He flinches and becomes scared and uneasy everytime he sees someone holding a scalpel or anything that a doctor uses.


Height: 183 cm

Weight: 74kg

Hair Colour and Style: black spiked

Eye Colour: black

Identifying Marks: marks of torture on back, 7 cm long and 3 cm wide scar on left forarm

Skin Tone: dark

Build: strength

Clothing: comfy black t-shirt and jeans, leather jacket, loose belt around hip two gun holsters can be seen on both left and right side of the hip

Handiness: (Left-handed, Right-handed or Ambidextrous) Ambidextrous




Mother: ~unknown~ deceased at the birth of child

Father: ~unknown~ deceased

Siblings: none

Wife/Girlfriend: none


Personal History:


At birth due to a hard birth, mother died whilst giving birth to a healthy boy. The father who was a wealthy merchant moved to Earth and started divulging into alcohol and gambling. It kept getting worse as the little one grew up and thus by the age of 6 the father had wasted the family fortune and committed suicide due to the large amount of debt that he owed to all the gangs. Dumped into the poor vicinity of the world, the boy has to steal in order to survive and gets beaten bloody whenever he gets caught. At the age of 10 he was caught from stealing meat from a butcher and was handed to a local gang for punishment. Thus he was tied up and tortured with medical scalpels in a doctors emergency operations room in an abandoned hospital for a day and a night. He escaped 2 days and a night later with his back scarred for life as well as a large scar on the left forearm.


He was picked up by a married couple of ex-soliders who found him lying on the ground outside the outskirts of the town next to a bakery a day later. They took him back to their house up in the mountains and nursed him back to health. Afterwards they became his foster parents whom he loved greatly treating them with the respect as though they were his real life parents. Their life passed simply for a year until the little one found out their true occupations. They then began to give him strengthening exercises and started teaching him the basics of close combat. By the age of 13 he progressed to the use of firearms and excelled at the use of twin handguns and multi-target shooting. At the age of 15 the foster parents began to teach him about the theory on the different types of explosives and skills with the sniper rifle. He began to practice the snipering skills everyday after his strengthening exercises in their home up in the mountains shooting wild birds. since his foster father would not allow him to use real explosives without his supervision, once and only once a month, he would follow his foster father to the deepest part of the mountain to test the theory that he learnt in the entire month.  The tragedy happened at the age of 17 when the foster parents were murdered brutally by the gang that had tortured him in the past all because of a small nontrivial bump on the leader's shoulder knocking the leader over.


His anger let him to hunt for revenge thus he went and picked up his explosive gear from the deepest part of the woods and he began to plot for revenge. His revenge began then with the blowing up of the gang's hideout using a high powered explosive which the authorities never found out who the culprit was and assuming it was a act of revenge from another gang they let it lie low after a few months. With the gang hideout in tatters he began to hunt each of the 10 upper echelon gang members with the sniper rifle that the foster mother left for him. This took him a year to complete.  At the age of 18 he started and became a rogue taking random assassination assignments and explosive sabotage.


Two years after he started as a rogue and gained some fame for his use of his sniper and explosives, he found a new machine in a corner of the pub where the jobs were posted up so he enquired about it with the pub manager. He was told that it was a mobile suit simulator, which was salvaged from an abandoned base up north and was repaired by the pub's own mechanics, that for a price to sponsor the pub, will teach anyone the use of a mobile suit. Although price was half of all of his saved money, he still paid it and recieved a data card which was to be used on the simulator. Once he got in and inserted the card the simulator began with the basic controls and movements. This "basics" of the training took him a month and a half to learn and fully master. He took a break then to continue with missions since he was low on money. When he came back to continue the training, he was able to advance to a point where he could use the weaponary. By the end of the sceond year of simulation training, he was able to fight using any type of mobile suits that the simulator randomly assigned to him in simulation battles, including once the legendary Strike Freedom(probability of getting it out of all of the other mobile suits = 1/10000000), which he used to completely destroy the ZAFT forces at the invasion of Orb in late CE73.


At the age of 23 and a half he started taking on the missions from the mission boards that require rogues who can pilot a mobile suit but without a mobile suit type missions as well as his assasination and demolition missions.  The missions were challenging and required the cooperation between more than one rogue.  It was then that he first heard of the Soldiers of Fire from a fellow rogue. At the completion of the mission board missions he was rewarded part of the reward money, which he saved up for his retirement later on in life. He enquired more about the Soldiers Of Fire from the same rogue as the year went by and learnt that they were a professional mercenary organisation. At the age of 25 after gaining much experience in mobile suit piloting, he heard that the Soldiers of Fire were recruiting members so he went to apply at the Soldiers of Fire to test his own skills as a mobile suit pilot as well as giving support with his own set of unique skills that he pocesses.


Player name: HHLkill3r

Character number: 1

Faction: Soldiers of fire

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oh since he's on earth and lived in the mountains... i think it was in the original post somewhere but yeh you are right i gotta change it a lil i guess shouldnt i... i guess i'll only limit it to blowing up the hideout as a major incident in life that pushed him towards becoming a mercenary


edit changed the personal history just a lil bit to fit in with your suggestions boss hope it works out

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Where did he learn how to pilot the mobile suit? You can't just go along and pilot one
boss i did it in a hurry on the bottom couple of lines describing the aftermath of the gang killing, it was in between assignments after he started to be a rogue where he learnt to pilot a ms. as for which one i do have my own but since i think its a lil too overpowered so you can assign me one.
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At the age of 23 and a half he started taking on the missions where a mobile suit pilot is required but the mobile suit will be assigned to the pilot type missions. He completed those with relative ease since he's seen and used the power of the legends in simulations and gained large amounts of money through the completion of these types of missions.


What missions were these? I mean, who assigns them to him? Were they assignments for him as a mercenary or is there some other story behind that? What do you mean by the power of the legends? How would he gain large amount s of money from those missions? If those are mercenary missions, he would have had a hard time competing with established mercenary organizations for jobs.

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