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Similar to Ash's "Next" topic, I'm wondering where to go from here. However, unlike Ash, I know that being a Mobile Suit pilot isn't on my immediate priority list, as I prefer working on board ships. Not sure if the Squadrons are just the Suits, or if they are attached to ships, or what...

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Okay, first of all you will be assigned either to 87th Specials or to 13th Black Squadron. That will affect from where you will start - from AF or RoEA. Both teams will be assigned to some ships (I suppose, 'cause this isn't official statement from our leader Kaizer). So first thing for you to do is to wait for assignment.

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Sorry to leave people hanging, had a mid-term last week, and with a final next week (summer courses go by super quick ) I just haven't had much time to do moderation and the like here at AD ((and yeah, I realize that every time I post, I seem to have an excuse; and no, I don't have a book full of excuses that I use to weasel my way out of things )).


I'll be assigning the new members to their respective groups soon enough, and with a much needed update of the team lists.  As for Tnsumi's concerns, no, not every team member has to be a mobile suit pilot, some of them may still be in training and unable to pilot, and some may not be interested in piloting all that much at all (I believe that Konigstiger once said that he wanted to keep a kind of back lines strategist position of sorts once; or at least, thats what I believe, I could be wrong ).  So if you don't want to pilot a MW right away (or ever), you don't have to worry about it. 


In general, the team assignments just help everyone to realize who they are working with, and just who outranks whom in the military hierarchy

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