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Hiro Matsunaga (Overhauled)


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Full name: Hiro Matsunaga.

Nickname: Hiro.

Age: 30.

Gender: Male.

Race: Natural.

Occupation: Chef.

Birthplace: Toronto, Canada.

Citizenship: Orb.

Personality: Hiro Matsunaga is a man who sees his path clear in front of him; he has a plan and goal for life.  His enthusiasm for life and for his work is almost infectious; there are times when you can see the people working around him seem to take on a second wind, as if his very presence inspired them- even if they felt they didn’t care about what they were doing.  He has this incredible way to turn even the most mundane tasks into something that can be enjoyed.

Those would have been the words of any of Hiro’s friends…twenty years ago.  Before that Bloody Valentine War.  Before his family were killed at Heliopolis.

Now, Hiro merely exists.  He passes through life merely because he has to.  Where once he was outgoing and friendly; he’s now nothing more than a husk of the man he once was.  Moody and short-tempered from constant hangovers, he’s become withdrawn and cares little for himself or his work.  He hides his inner pain well; his self loathing at knowing what he has become, his anger towards coordinators and the loss of his family…he seeks the bottle to dull this pain; but even that lasts only a short while.

If by some miracle he was to be found sober, most likely, Hiro would be severely withdrawn, sulking; and more than likely in search of another drink to dull the pain his conscience screams at him.




Height: 5’9" (5 feet, 9 inches.)

Weight: 85 Kg.

Hair Colour and Style: Short black hair, that is generally greasy and unkempt.

Eye Colour: Brown.  Glassy and blood-shot from many years of drinking; where the spark of life and youth once was, only a dull requirement to live shines.

Identifying Marks: none.

Skin Tone: Caucasian.

Build: Average, but with some extra baggage.

Clothing: When he is not working (which is unfortunately often) Hiro is usually found in a stained light green T-shirt that looks like it hasn’t seen an ironing board in years.  His grey ¾ pants with the small tears at the hems aren’t in any better condition.  The shoes he wears may once have been black, but age and wear has destroyed their outer coating to expose the brownish-grey material beneath.

Handiness: Left.




Mother: Aimee Matsunaga.  (Deceased).

Father: Nathan Matsunaga.  (Deceased).

Siblings: none.

Wife/Girlfriend: none.


Personal History:


Hiro was born into a military family.  His mother was from a long line of chefs and musicians; whereas his dad was from a line of military men.

Despite being a Jnr. Lieutenant in the Earth Forces, Hiro’s dad believed that coordinators and naturals could co-exist- this was no doubt influenced by his wife.


Eager to see his son carry the family tradition, Nathan saw to Hiro’s education; ensuring Hiro was enrolled into all the right schools; Nathan had wanted to enrol Hiro into the military academy, but Aimee would absolutely not have that- tradition be damned, if Hiro was to join the military it would be by his own choice.  Undoubtedly, Nathan had regretted falling in love with a woman with such strength, integrity…and effective strategies of persuasion.

Needless to say, Hiro was faced with an onslaught of study, both at school and under his fathers own personal tutelage (Nathan’s way of bending the rules about the academy).  When Hiro wasn’t studying at school, he was studying at home; and if by some great fortune he wasn’t studying, Hiro always found something to do in his mothers kitchen.  While some people found escape in a television or a book, Hiro found his escapism in the kitchen; those spare moments in the early years of his life saw Hiro eagerly watching his mother at work in the kitchen, even lending a hand.


High school brought on a new wave of intensified studies from school and from his father (who believed his son was wasting his time in the kitchen).  The study was almost unbearable, what little social life Hiro had all but disappeared.

With an unending oppressive workload being forced upon him on two fronts and no idea on how to cope with it, Hiro became depressed, which soon enough reflected in his grades.  Nathan’s solution was to rant and rave at his son and tell him to do better.  Aimee’s solution proved the more effective.  After listening to her son tell her of how he could hardly cope with the workload and schedule she gave him advice on how he might cope.

Hiro heeded his mother.  He started with a simple thing; goal setting, getting one thing done at a time and not overloading himself as he had been.  Goals with rewards; this was simple, if he got all his work done he would be able to spend his spare time in the kitchen- but this had it’s draw-backs, he would be looking forward to the reward so much that he would sometimes not do his work properly so it was a challenge for him to temper himself; an easy trick to this was to stop wearing a watch and not to have a clock (such things marked the passage of time and counted down the minutes he would not have in the kitchen), by removing those items, he removed distraction.

Finally, it all began to pay off and Hiro soon found himself coping with even the most laborious assignments with ease and still have time to pursue his passion of cooking.


Hiro finished high school at seventeen and Nathan did everything but drag his son down to the recruitment offices.  Not wanting to let his father down, but also not liking the idea of possibly fighting, Hiro did something his father had done to Aimee years ago.  Hiro bent the rules.  He joined the military; as a cook.

The first few years in the military were a dream for Hiro.  Not only was he getting to do something he absolutely loved to do- he was getting paid for it!  His love for food and cooking was only matched by his talent and capacity to learn, and if life were to continue as normal, Hiro may have been a superb chef.


But then came the fateful day where Hiro’s life plummeted into an abyss.

Hiro’s father had been transferred to Heliopolis, he had taken his wife with him; three months before it was destroyed.  Hiro’s parents were both killed with Heliopolis.

Those closest to Hiro thought he had taken the news of his parent’s death rather well; he did not instantly pick up a gun and threaten to kill every coordinator in existence, but instead sat quietly, took a few deep breaths and kept working.  If only any of his friends were psychologists, they would have instantly seen what was happening, they would have instantly recognised the emotions Hiro suppressed.  If only…


But Hiro’s apparent peace degraded after a month.  It started when Hiro turned up to duty drunk; then when he became hot-tempered and argumentative; these few incidents brought a lot of trouble upon Hiro, but it was his failed suicide attempt that earned Hiro his discharge from the Earth Forces.


Hiro moved to Orb after the following war.  He currently resides in a run-down shabby apartment but still has trouble holding down a job, and paying the bills- seeing as he spends most of the money he does have on booze.

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Hiro Matsunaga has permanent resident status in the United Emirates of Orb. This person may immediately apply for and gain citizenship whenever this person wishes, under the Heliopolis Refugee Act of CE 71.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Rad Rider-Kamakura




Welcome to ORB, OPA.


We have a master (iron?) chef! Oh, sweet tidings! We'll be feeding the troops with power meals now!

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Okay, I've finally done it, I've finally overhauled Hiro to what I think is a more believable level- espescially considering he was very 'suish' before.

So I'm guessing he'll have to get approval again, and I guess I'd better officially apply him for Orb again...


So, if there's anything that needs fixing, let me know

Looking forward to getting back into this RP...can someone RP me a quick overview of what's happened while I've been gone?  There's a lot to read and not enough hours in the day.

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