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  1. Model number: MS-18E Code name: Kämpfer Unit type: prototype heavy assault mobile suit Manufacturer: Zeonic Company Operator: Principality of Zeon First deployment: UC 0079 Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Dimensions: head height 17.7 meters; overall height 18.2 meters Weight: empty 43.5 metric tons; max gross 78.5 metric tons Armor materials: titanium/ceramic composite Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1550 kW Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2 x 28500 kg, 2 x 27000 kg, 4 x 12000 kg; vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 16 Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 2.03 G; 180-degree turn time 1.2 seconds; maximum ground running speed 215 km/h Equipment and design features: sensors, range 6100 meters Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x beam saber, stored in recharge racks in hip armor, hand-carried in use Optional hand armaments: 2 x ZUX-197 Jagdgewehr shotgun, pump-action magazine and breech, 9 round magazine, can be stored on backpack storage racks; 2 x 360mm giant bazooka, clip-fed, 5 rounds per clip, can be stored on backpack storage racks; 2 x panzer faust, rocket-propelled warhead, can be stored in racks on legs; chain mine This is all of the technical data for the original Kämpfer. Hopefully over the next 24 hours I'll have modified it for the CE universe.
  2. OOC - We're going to run with this until I get in trouble, which will hopefully be never. IC - Punctual as always Wullf stood waiting in the briefing room already in his officer's flightsuit. As he waited Ahrend flexed his arms and twisted his back a bit, getting a feel for the new suit that he had recently drawn from supply; waiting until he was in combat would be a sad mistake for a Squadron Commander to make. Seeing that he still had ample time before the rest of the squad was due to report Ahrend opened up the laptop that he had connected to the briefing room's projector and drawing out a disk from his flightsuit's chest pocket he slipped it into the computer. In response the machine gave a low hum as it began reading the disk. The room's projector flickered to life and an image of the ZAFT insignia came up on the center of the screen at the front of the room. However in the lower right corner there was an additional logo, one meant specifically for Wullf Tai. It was a black outline of a wolf's head, perhaps it wasn't the most threatening thing in the world but it was his badge and Ahrend was proud of it. Pulling back the sleeve on his flightsuit Ahrend glanced at the time, nearly 1300, 'They should be arriving soon.' Ahrend bit his lip for a moment, surpressing the feeling of mild anxiety. After all, he had been in special operations for years, why should his first squad exercise cause him so much grief?
  3. The city was silent as twilight fell upon the city. Janus stood, wearing his uniform under a black military issue jacket a few feet in front of the Januarius City Memento Stone, built by philanthropist and now council member Joseph Whilhelm. The fact was that Janus had just come from a meeting with said council member. A dozen blue roses were at the base of the statue dedicated to a very special captain in the Great War. Janus answered his cell phone the second it rang, “Good, so all four snipers are set up and we have a 1 mile blackout radius. It helps even though this is not a high traffic area at this time of night. Understand that none of you are to fire, even if they aim guns at me. Very good, thank you old friend.” Janus clicked his cell phone and returned it to his pocket looking in the distance. The square was large enough of a park in the middle of a city. Janus had just walked in and introduced himself at Armory One, with little to no explanation. He had barely even had a chance to speak with any of the soldiers recently. He wanted to meet and speak with them formally but also wanted to see how they reacted under pressure. The commander seems a little soft. That’s all well and good, but I have to know I can fight at my full potential and not spend every second covering ofr them. Most likely should of asked the commander first. Janus laughed a little bit at the irony. He was making sure people his own age were competent soldiers where the closest Janus himself had come to death was nearly crashing a BABI in a live fire training exercise. Looking up Janus spoke to himself, “Good, they are arriving. Lets see if they earned the uniform they were wearing.”
  4. " And who's mind did this come from? " The room was dark at the time as the night had entered itself into the PLANT leaving only streetlights from the window to enter as a figure was sitting on his chair and staring outside, a computer having been on the table who which he had his back upon. The screen having shown that there was a online talk with another figure who's face was hidden. Kaze's eyes having stared outside as his head was supported by his hand, his lips having been barely open as he was wondering what else to say at the new decision having been handed out. " It's not a matter to you. It's an Order from you're superiors. The current tension between the EA and USSA require more direction. " The voice was filled with voice modifications, having been impossible to decode considering the amount of different additions and warping in tone. Kaze had attempted to change it himself but the data left over from the conversation would be completely deleted as if the call was never made. " The Assumed Creation of Suits. Yes, I've heard. " Kaze mentioned. " The PLANT's themselves are worried that this may turn into a global war for the planet. A new Leader of your status and capabilities would be better. " " And of Hitomi? " He had asked wondering what she'd take of this news. The woman had recently become the leader and such a thing may discourage her. If anything threaten her. " She will remain as she is. Consider it a cooperative Leadership. " He sighed, this was too sudden to take already. Having turned his seat around to look at the computer screen he had spotted the shine of glass and peered over to a chess board with glass pieces of black and white having been on the corner. " Do you wish for me to end up like the previous chairman? " He had asked referring to his teacher in medicine. " He served his purpose. That is all. " No answer like always, Kaze's eyes having darted back to the screen as he gave a disappointed look. " I understand. Keep my updated, though communication from now will be more harder to keep. " He had mentioned as he wondered how they would manage. " It had never stopped us before. If we do not communicate, a file will be in your computer from the next move. Remember Kaze, do not disappoint us unless you want your experiment to become public. " His hand twitched while his body remained calm, the fingers tightening a grip on the arm rest as he closed his eyes. " You wish to blackmail me using my Son? " He had mentioned, having understood they would take the chance would do it. " You've changed. Before you had called him a God, A Failed Experiment, and now a Son. Don't let yourself get attached. It will cloud your judgment. " He opened his eyes again to stare at the screen. " I call him Hope. A life that I've played God in, the same would go for her father also. " He mentioned having known the girl must have been his son of all others. " Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness. We have no further progress with this conversation. We will contact you when it's needed. " The screen had turned black as the computer shut down completely. A weak sigh escaping Kaze's mouth as his hand moved from supporting his cheek to his head, a weak smile forming. " It's all up to their Will then. " He whispered. Morning News networks had spread fast and moved to the PLANT's as the sudden spark of political debate had come up of a second Leader. It was a first for Coordinators, having a Cooperative leadership between two entities. The PLANT Supreme Council members having been arguing with themselves as they wondered how such a notion had passed and what it would affect in the future, it was rather unexpected for all of them. " A Second Supreme Leader?! The PLANT's will just end up in more confusion! " " Considering our previous ones we will need in case one does as the previous two! It'd be better if Kaze is elected, he's the leading scientist of Technology for the PLANT's. Who else?! " " For now we'll have to accept it. Whether he steps up or not we'll see. Besides this conversation is not worth our breath. The current issues of Mobile suits being made by USSA and in South America should be our main focus. " The Council had sighed in frustration, silence finally overtaking the room as a few members looked over to the empty seats as some couldn't make it. The meeting was rather unexpected so it wasn't surprising. Kaze o nthe other hand had to make it to the city in a car that was continually watched by news and several questions being shot at him as he made his way slowly to podium where he would make the speech, the room having been filled with several news networks from which he guessed a few were from Earth and ORB. Never the less there were a few soldiers at his sides that were prepared to defend him if needed. " I've come to talk about the speculation and rumors that have been going around. And they are true, I will be become the second Chairman of the PLANT's. Regarding my partner Hitomi she will remain also in control so this will be a cooperative leadership. It's rather sudden but for the progress of the PLANT's I feel as if I had no choice to deny it. As many as you know I am also the leading scientist for the military of ZAFT and you may be worried my views are towards War when they're completely far from it. I have been a doctor before and know full well the pain and loss of War. That's why...I wish to ask for a chance. That is all, I'll take no questions. " The speech was short but he had no desire to continue, having turned as a few people started to shout out questions and come close to him which made the soldiers and bodyguards start to move as they stopped them as he came out the door and into the main room of the Supreme Council building. Having sighed as he turned to look at the rock of the whale like creature that the first coordinator had brought back from space. Having smiled he opened his mouth and spoke: " Those who have a gift fail to understand the feelings of those who don't and those who don't envy those who do. "
  5. I was curious because its never stated in anything that Valient has posted but after several nuclear attacks has the PLANT's learned a lesson and built some sort of defensive network around the PLANT's to help prevent any future attacks. If so is it a ring design encasing the plants, several satellites in and around the plants, or a few long bar like satellites. Either way the defense network if properly armed can help defend the PLANT's against a variety of attacks from MS to Battle ships and also and futher Nuclear attacks. Now what i propose isn't something revolutionary most of the technology exists today I just want to make sure that the PLANT's aren't leaving themselves open to any unnecessary attacks.
  6. A List, for consideration of ZAFT Space Forces until a plot gets going... Battle Pirates Break the World Steal EA Gundams (We all know they are somewhere...) Invade ORB and steal ORB gundams (they might have some...) Invade ORB Train Have awkard romances, resulting in weird scarring of young characters for life or maybe just odd imbraces in space (only good thing Shinn and Luna ever did) Train under King Kai and learn the Kao Ken technique... Train under that guy from G Gundam and make our gundam's glow glow for no reason... Have someone defect with a gundam and a 20 episode battle trying to stop them Make fun of Shinn cause he sucks Build a new state of the art warship Build some Taurus mobile suits (Always have to insert cheap pop here and there)[/li] So seriously though, I was going to ask as a way to introduce my pops as an NPC and as a member of the ZAFT Supreme Council, throwing some kind of Party at Mais City. This is something informal that can get everyone invovled, introduce people, and to see me without a mask (gasps in background) and play a little see if I can trick my own squad kind of stuff.
  7. With a long line of purple and black coated soldiers following behind her Hitomi felt more like she was marching in a parade than beginning ZAFT's latest war games. It has taken far more preparation than she had planned but Hitomi was still resolute in her decision to go ahead with these simulated terrorist attacks on Armory One. As the set of doors which led into Armory One's main briefing room opened Hitomi let herself relax, things were finally underway. While she made her way to the stage all of the officers, save one, sat down in the front row int heir respective seats. Only General Diederich followed behind her and the slightly younger woman stayed in perfect step with Hitomi and was always a pace and a half behind her commander. The general took the rightmost of the two open seats on the briefing platform while Hitomi immediately moved up to the podium and microphone that had been provided to her. Everyone was already here, looking out over the crowd she could see as much, and she had intentionally kept them waiting simply to ensure the fact that there would be no latecomers. "I would like to welcome all of you to Armory One and to extend my greetings to everyone who is watching this broadcast from home." Hitomi was well aware that the entire nation was focused in on these war games and that with all eyes on her she was responsible to make a strong impression as PLANT's leader. "Today we will begin the execution of ZAFT's first official war game of the year. In the past this nation was the target of numerous terrorist attacks from former enemies and wayward soldiers who had lost their place on the battlefield. As a response to the recognized threat that we, the citizens of PLANT, always live in these war games were developed to simulate such an attack by our own forces here on Armory One. For those of you watching from home this broadcast will end momentarily as classified information cannot be broadcasted over the open airwaves. I hope that you will view these war games with great suspense and pride as we demonstrate the will of our country to forge a pathway into a new era." With that the red lights on the cameras all shut off and Hitomi's access to the audience of her countrymen was shutdown, which was fine since she was done speaking. "If all you would give you attention to General Diederich she will explain the particular maneuvers of this war game." Before applause could be given Hitomi turned away from the podium and sat down in her seat, not wanting to delay the exercise any more than she already had. At the same time the general stood up and took Councilwoman Hitomi's place. "Thank you Councilor Matsuko." The general turned and bowed slightly, always sure to be polite when the brass was around. Turning back to the podium and the audience she began her own, more detailed speech. "In accordance with those in Central Intelligence this exercise will be codenamed Operation Runaway and will primarily involve two squads, Okina and Zenastan Tai, both of whom will be working in opposition to each other." At this point Alisha broke the seal on the folder in front of her which up to this moment had contained information only seen by the chief of planning in Central Intelligence. "All of Armory One's exterior and interior will be available for combat between the two squads and as such the entire colony has been equipped with a special beam coating that will reflect all but the most determined off attacks on the colony's protective walls. Each squad commander should now be receiving a detailed packet covering the rules and outlines of today's operation and as such no further briefing shall be given in this auditorium except to note that it is currently 1205 hours and that Operation Runaway will begin at 1430 hours giving you just over two hours to prepare. That is all, you are dismissed and may return to your respective posts." Each of the packets that Okina and Zenasten had received were entirely different from the others and were as follows. Okina's Packet Objective: After gaining access to the colony destroy the simulated headquarters within Armory One and capture the simulated prototype mobile suit kept in one of Armory One's MS hangers. Rules: From the point of reading this packet until the completion of Operation Runaway you and your squad are not bound by the oaths of loyalty to ZAFT with the exception that you may not destroy Armory One. Time Limit All objectives must be met by 1600 on the day the operation begins on at which time a simulated "terrorist bomb" will detonate "destroying" Armory One. Zenastan's Packet Objective: Sortie out against a suspected group of terrorist, ascertain their objectives and prevent them from accomplishing said objectives; if at all possible capture the terrorists alive for interogation. Rules: You are bound by all oaths and duties of ZAFT pilots. As such you shall defend and protect Armory One at all costs and using whatever method the situation calls for, so long as you remain in the bounds of your oaths of duty. In order to better simulate a real attack you also will not sortie out against the "terrorists" until they are detected by one of Armory One's operators. You may use whatever resources that Armory One provides to you and from this point forth Squad Commander Zenastan shall act with the full authority granted to him within a combat situation. Time Limit The operation must be completed by 1600 on the day the operation begins, at which time a simulated "terrorist bomb" will detonate "destroying" Armory One.
  8. As of today PLANT once again has two faction leaders, the newest of whom is Ryou Misaki. Though he's just starting off hopefully this will give everyone someone else that they can go to and communicate with, which will take some pressure off of me to spend so much of my free time here. I hope you'll all be welcoming of Ryou in his new position and that you'll cut him some slack until he gets used to wielding SUPREME EXECUTIVE POWER or whatever we're calling it these days. In addition, since we're talking about leadership, I might meld the two original squads into one battlegroup. Since keeping a running membership in them isn't working too well I think that at this point in time this might be the most effective idea. Please note that I want feedback but if I don't get any I, now with Ryou's input and advice, will just run with it. I'll say it right now so it doesn't come back to haunt me later: It's a lot like voting people; if you don't give me your opinions now you pretty much lose the right to complain later. So complain away, or I dunno... compliment away, whichever you like best.
  9. If you're going to be absent for any significant amount of time, more than a few days, please post here letting us know when you're leaving and when you expect to be back. This is to provide squads with a more comprehensive list so they know who they have to work with in the storyline as well as giving everyone the opportunity and ability to be accountable to each other. I mean let's face it, we all come on here to have fun and nothing kills the rush like interacting with a character who hasn't been online for a couple weeks. This list will also act as a record for the new absentee policy that I'm starting which can be found here. In doing all this I'm not trying to single anyone out nor am I try to hold everyone up to some unattainable standard. The problem is that by having numerous members whose activity is infrequent at best advancing the ZAFT section of the storyline could become difficult. If you have ANY questions please PM me. Do not post in this thread unless you are letting the faction know that you'll be absent for a period of time.
  10. In an effort to consolidate ZAFT's military power and to enable our squads to function a bit better I'm instituting a new policy; though believe me I do not enjoy doing this. The basic policy will be as follows: As in the normal military where, when you fail to report for duty without explanation, I am going to be checking for activity here on Advent Destiny. This does not mean that I am going to frantically run around every day seeing who's been active and who hasn't. It also doesn't mean that I'm going to be counting the number of posts that you make. All this policy is concerned with is whether or not you're actually dropping by AD on a regular basis, not once every few weeks. After looking over the members list on any given day if I notice that you've been absent for over a week I'm going to simply make a note of it. After two weeks of unexplained inactivity your name will change color on the Military and Civilian Roster, from whatever your standard color is to blue. After three weeks of unexplained inactivity you will be removed from your squad and moved into the Auxiliary Corp. And finally, after six weeks you will be removed from the Auxiliary Corp and PLANT. AT ANY POINT IN TIME I WILL FULLY REINSTATE YOU AS LONG AS YOU PM ME AND LET ME KNOW YOU'RE BACK. I will not even expect you to give me a reason as to why you were gone, because I can foresee some explanations that you would simply not want to share with a relative stranger. Another important note is that this policy is in effect for everyone. As such Squad Commanders and Lieutenants will lose their positions after the six weeks of unexplained absence and they will not get those positions back should they return; it would be incredibly awkward for me to promote someone and then demote them and it would also be unfair for that person to have what they've earned taken away for no reason. I am making note of this because the squad leader positions are essential to the progression of the storyline and to function without either position makes the squad less effective, especially if it is in combat. Please be sure to keep all this in mind when you are going on vacation or anything of the sort and be sure to post in the absentee board before leaving, if you fail to do so it is your own fault. The only exceptions I will make to prolonged absences are for people whose computers break, those who may be grounded from their computer by their parents, personal injury, and other reasons of the sort. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this policy you may post them in this thread or PM me but do not post them in the absentee thread. I hope that this policy will help to improve PLANT activity and enable us to retain more members since we have lost quite a few to inactivity in the past.
  11. Aprilus One was Asahi's hometown, the bustling administrative center was all familiar to him. Bit what troubled him was meeting his new squad. Leadership wasn't his forte, and he admitted it, yet ZAFT was lacking appropriate role models, and Asahi seemed to be a good choice for the brass at the time. Asahi had arranged his proposed squad to meet at one of his favorite spots in town, the "Kombo Kwon" Korean fusion restaurant and cafe. Asahi flicked his watch to his face, reading it at 11:48 am, as he approached the cafe. Remembering that he asked for casual clothing, he had no worries on his choice of attire; white t-shirt and black jeans. With his folder of formalities under his arm, he pushed open the door to the cafe. A waiter came up to him and Asahi said politely that he had a reservation for six. He decided that it would be best to wait until everyone had arrived before doing any administrative duties. Sitting at the round table, Asahi glanced at the time, and with a few minutes to spare before noon, (the designated meeting time) he opened his folder and scanned the faces again. He smiled as he noticed someone, Chrisoph von Crailshelm. Asahi remembered him from the academy. A tough guy, but easy to get along with. Funnily enough, Chrisoph reminded Asahi alot of himself. A team of six. Two leaders, and four members. Asahi wanted to take the occasion to gather their personalities, and mobile suit preferences as he would be assigning them respective units. He propped his head on his left hand, imagining what they would be like. They might not respect him, as they were mostly his peers. He dismissed the worst case scenario and in response winced and ruffled his hair. It was almost show time, and Asahi had to be at his best. He re-arranged his hair and wiped his glasses. They would be there any second.
  12. So who is actually still around the ZAFT bases and does anyone know what happened to our missing members? And who is still missing a pilot license?
  13. OOC: Sorry this took me awhile to get it up. And sorry if I god moded at all. IC: The sun blasted down on the capless Jeep. The scenery was mostly dessert, but it was hard to really take in the beauty. On account of Karl weaving in and out of traffic. As the three of them made it in to the city they began to scope for their mission objective: find food...fast. There were many shops and stores on the street. Filled with people, food, clothing, and every now and then a ZAFT flag was waving in the air. Karl, hurry up and find some parking. James said as he put his hand on his stomach, he could feel it bubbling and aching. Leaning out the side of the Jeep the wind hit his hair and pushed it out of his face. It's to sunny. He thought to himself. Taking a deep breathe he waited for the car to stop.
  14. Personal Note: This design is based off of the Terra Version of the G-Saviour which can be found here provided that you surf around a little bit. While most of the inspiration has come from the G-Savior there are also aspects drawn in from RX-78NT-1 Alex and also the mass production Gundams from 08MS Team. Since I like the idea of having mass production Gundams I figured that I'd just run with it. Model number: ZGMF-X1000A Code name: Salvation Gundam Unit type: prototype assault mobile suit Manufacturer: ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) Operator: ZAFT First deployment: Top Secret Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Dimensions: 18.7 meters Weight: 81.62 metric tons Construction: unknown Powerplant: ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear reactor, power output rating unknown Fixed armaments: 2 x MMI-GAU32D 30mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x XMA-011 beam saber, stored on backpack, hand-carried in use; 1 x MX2450 beam shield generator, mounted on forearms; 1 x MMIX-HCGG04 90mm Gatling gun, mounted in right forearm Optional hand armaments: XMA-BAR81 high-energy beam rifle, power rating unknown Technical and Historical Notes: The Salvation Gundam series was developed at the end of the Second Bloody Valentine War as ZAFT noticed that its Gundams were beginning to become a bit of a strain, even on a war time economy. In order to remedy the senior designers in ZAFT decided to streamline the production process in order to make what would essentially be a mass production Gundam. First field tested only a few days before the end of the war several units have been produced in secret over the years, just as a form of insurance should war come to ZAFT’s doorsteps again.
  15. Hello all members of ZAFT. Welcome! Please keep yourself updated by checking the ZAFT's boards constantly. This is where we will plan our rp, among other things. If you are going on leave, let us know. Because if you are going to be MIA for an extended period of time without telling us you will lose your rank. In more severe cases, you will get kicked out of the faction. There is a topic just for you to post if you are going on leave. The main people in charge of ZAFT are me, Valentine and Wilhelm. Please: 1. Familiarize yourself with ZAFT's ranking system. 2. Sign in here if you can read the messages on this board. 3. Check here to see if you've been ranked. We try to update as often as possible so please be patient. Any questions, please post them below.
  16. Grabbing his bags James made his way to the dorms. The sun was beaming down on him and it started to get annoying, but much like the other soldiers on the base in time he would get used to it. The large building was better looking then any other military dorm he had seen. Walking in he looked at his assignment papers, breezing on past "Meet at Hanger XX" he looked for his room number. After checking the room number he looked for any signs which would direct him. In time he found his way to the room. The journey to the room was not bad at all, wooden floors, flowers, and the occasional portrait on the wall of some women in a dress. Entering the wooden door with the brass knob, James entered. It was a standard military room, but instead of the stereotypical concrete 4x4 walls, it was replaced with well finished wood. There was one window opposite of the door and to the left of the window was a single sized bed. To the right of the window was a small desk with a computer on it. Walking in farther he saw a bathroom on his right along with a wardrobe. He was tired so as soon as the bags fell on the floor he fell on the bed. Grabbing his music player. He put them on a drifted off to sleep.
  17. So I was really...REALLY bored at work and came up with this thing a day or two ago. So I wanted to put it in front of General ZAFT personel. Is this a mobile suit you would want to pilot? Is this thing unbalanced? What would you change? Let me know what you think. The loss of the contract of the “New Millennium” mobile suit line in CE 71-72 was a large setback to the designer and producer of the ZMGF-1017 GINN and the ZMGF-601 GuAIZ, Asimov Design Bureau. As the ZAKU Series begins to show age in CE 85 Asimov Design Bureau released plans for the “Next Millennium” mobile suits. ADB worked on toping the aging ZAKU in every way, from performance, to flexibility, and cost. ADB recognized that the ZAKU Warrior and the ZAKU Phantom were superior to Earth Alliance mobile suits in space, but that ZAKUs were fairly useless inside the Earth’s gravity without lifter assistance. This was compensated for by production of the BABI and GOUF, but the BABI was restricted to earth’s atmosphere and the GOUF was largely expensive and could only be assigned to top teams and pilots. ADB also felt that the ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited restricted the pilot to conform to the machine’s style. The mobile suit most closely resembling what ADB wanted to create was the Orb Union’s Murasame. The design team set out with the following goals 1.) Create a mobile suit that is performancely superior to the ZAKU 2.) Create a mobile suit that is relatively in the same price range as the ZAKU 3.) Create a mobile suit that can be deployed in both the Earth’s atmosphere and effectively in outer space. After months of testing the developers created what they believed to be a mobile suit that enveloped all their goals. The result was the Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter Tactical Automated Unilateral Response Unlimited System, or the ZGMF-701 TAURUS Mobile Suit. The Taurus features allow it to operate extremely well in space in both mobile armor and mobile suit modes, capable of performing high speed and angle dodges. The TAURUS is also capable of being piloted inside the Earth’s atmosphere, although it is only capable of full maneuvers in its mobile armor mode (it can hover and move in mobile suit mode, but not make the maneuvers it is capable of in space) although with simple modifications it can function at 90% maneuverability inside the Earth’s atmosphere. ADB estimates that a mobile suit crew should be able to complete the modifications within 90 minutes, although this is dependent on the skill of the support crew. General and Technical Data Model number: ZGMF-701X Code name: TAURUS Advanced (Tactical Automated Unilateral Response Unlimited System Unit type: Mass production transformable mobile suit/armor Manufacturer: Asimov Design Bureau Operators: ZAFT First deployment: Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Height: Head height 16.8 meters Weight: empty 45 metric tons; max gross weight unknown. Construction: Titanium alloy Power plant: Ultra-compact energy battery, power output rating unknown Equipment and design features: • Sensors, range unknown Fixed armaments: • 2x “Lacerta” beam saber, stored in hips, hand carried in use. • MA-BAR76F high energy beam rifle, mounted on back in flight mode Optional Fixed armaments • MX2351 “Solidus Fulgor” Beam shield generator, mounted on left wrist This was the prototype version of the Taurus mobile suit released by Amisov Design Bureau. It was produced in small run, and preformed well according to the guidelines set out by the design team the prototype version was deemed too expensive for a mass production run. Some are rumored to exist. This version of the Taurus features a base white paint scheme. This mobile suit features weapon systems used on later generation GUNDAM mobile suits that were used in the Great War. Offensively, the Taurus 2 Lacerta grade beam sabers, and a modified MA-BAR76F high energy rifle was taken from the Design of the ZGMF-X666 Legend Gundam. It is capable of mounting onto the Back of the Taurus for use in its The TAURUS features one “Solidus Fulgor” Beam shield generator, also used on the Legend. This advanced defensive system, combined with the Taurus’s already high grade maneuver system allows this machine to engage multiple targets with effective success. Seeing the production costs of the ZGMF-701 Taurus would at best limit it in peacetime to fill the limited ace-only role of the old ZAFT CGUE, ADB redesigned the Taurus for a mass production run. ADB renumbered the prototype version the ZGMF-701X and preceded to redesign the Taurus to give it similar firepower and maneuverability with reduced cost. A few of the 701X units have been assigned, but their small numbers restrict them only to the most elite of pilots. The final product featured two, shoulder mounted beam sabers, and a redesigned beam rifle at a lower power output. ADB also featured the option replacing the beam rifle with a high power Beam Cannon on par with the Gunner ZAKU Warrior’s cannon when the situation warrants its use. This weapon has its own energy source (for about 24 shots, can be replaced) but can be fired using the mobile suit’s battery, although this significantly reduces its operating time. ADB designed the Taurus to be compatible with its shield armed-composite systems used on the Providence Gundam to increase the mobile suit’s firepower in both mobile suit and mobile armor mode. However, production restraints have caused most Taurus units coming off the production line to feature the GuAIZ’s MA-MV05 Composite Shield as a stopgap while more MA-MV05A Composite Armed Shield system are built. General and Technical Data Model number: ZGMF-701 Code name: Taurus (Tactical Automated Unilateral Response Unlimited System Unit type: Mass production transformable mobile suit/armor Manufacturer: Asimov Design Bureau Operators: ZAFT First deployment: Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Height: Head height 16.8 meters Weight: empty 45 metric tons; max gross weight unknown. Construction: Titanium alloy Power plant: Ultra-compact energy battery, power output rating unknown Equipment and design features: • Sensors, range unknown Fixed armaments: • 2x beam saber, stored behind shoulders, hand carried in use. Optional fixed armaments: • 1x Beam Rifle, power rating unknown. Mounts on back in mobile armor mode. Hand carried in use • 1x Beam Cannon, power rating unknown (output comparable to the M1500 “Orthos” High energy long-range beam cannon), Mounts on back in mobile armor mode. Hand carried in use • MA-MV05 Composite Shield, features beam saber on tip, mounted on left arm, mounted on torso in flight mode • MA-MV05A Composite Armed Shield system, features beam saber and small beam gun x2, mounted on left arm, mounted on torso in flight mode (beam guns useable) Last notes, the ZGMF-701X TAURUS is more of a prototype than anything I could ever see mass produced. I just figured there would be a prototype version since every other major mass production suit (GINN, ZAKU, GOUF) seemed to have one.
  18. Janus looked in the mirror trying to fix the collar of his uniform, his white uniform. This one at least fits at the shoulders. Too bad this collar… Janus finally gave up and left his quarters, looking at some documents. Janus realized that he was setting a bad example, but it would be worse for him to be late. About 30 minutes later Janus was sitting into the cockpit of a BABI. The new white flight suit was a little itchy to Janus. It wasn’t his but Gibraltar Command was kind enough to let him test fly one so Janus could adapt to the Earth’s gravity. While running through the setup Janus looked up at the comm. to see the base commander, “Sir, thank you for letting me borrow a BABI. I don’t have a squad yet but I need to adapt to the gravity as soon as possible and command hasn’t sent me a mobile suit yet.” “Its fine Commander Trine. We are happy to help and will be working your team hard once it arrives. For your test, you will have a few minutes to adapt to atmospheric flight in the BABI. When you are ready we will launch 5 dud missiles for you to intercept.” “Alright then.” Janus moved the BABI slowly forward out of the hanger. “Janus Trine, BABI taking off” Janus pulled the throttle up, lifting his BABI into the air. Getting the BABI floating a couple of meters off the ground Janus made one last check to make sure he was not about to burn anyone. Seeing he was clear, Janus pushed the throttle to lift the BABI into the air at a good speed. Several minutes later Janus opened the comm. line to his base. “Sir, launch the missiles. I think I got the hang of this machine.” Janus immediately saw his cockpit light up as he was locked on to and additional beepers were going off as Janus spotted missiles coming at him. Switching his machine into is flight mode, firing his machine cannons and missiles, scoring a couple of hits on the missiles. As Janus pitched his machine down he realized that the other three missiles were going for another target. It had never occurred to Janus that there would be a wrinkle in the training. Janus quickly switched to mobile suit mode and aimed his beam rifle, trying to get a lock on the missiles. Finally Janus just fired off a barrage of laser blasts trying to intercept the missiles. Janus was disappointed to find out looking at the scoring HUD that he had only tagged one missile. Not good enough yet. Most likely should of used the Chest Cannon and try to intercept those things. I’ll watch the footage later. “Base command, this is Trine. I am returning. Please have a copy of the footage sent to my quarters when it is ready.” Moments later Janus guided the BABI back into its hanger. Janus removed his helmet and just sighed, sitting in the cockpit. Janus climbed out to be met by one of techs, going over some of the stats. OOC: I am just doing this to get my character onto base per my assignment. Anyone in my squad feel free to get in this thread and start RPing by introducing yourselves to your commander. This was also so I can be slightly competent at the atmospheric battles.
  19. The echoes of several footsteps could be heard through the hallway as a man in a black lab coat had been followed by several green ranked soldiers with papers in their hands with questions coming from each of them. Long flowing black hair having been moving with the body and a pair of crimson eyes that stared forwards had been of the lead scientist of Technology in ZAFT getting hassled by the army. " General Darlton and Janus want to know how the production of things are moving along? " One of them had asked while trying to maintain the scientists long strides. Kaze had been ignoring most of the questions and seemed to have had his own thoughts on mind. " Tell them it's moving along fine. " He had answered giving an answer which lacked detail. " Chairwoman Hitomi had also been wishing to talk to you about the current funding for the next few projects. " Another one had said out while the man's walk had increased in speed from the annoyance of the army. " Tell her to call me instead. " He answered in slight annoyance. Once through the hallway he had come across the main lobby of the PLANT and had planned to take the elevator to transfer out of Januarius and head off to other areas where he was needed. Having stepped in front of the elevator doors he turned and looked at the other men who had more questions and needed answers from the scientist at least. " I suggest sending the rest of the issues and pressing matter to my office. I wish to be alone. " He had said to them as the doors opened and a soldier was already in salute as he was standing inside the elevator. Kaze had smiled a bit and turned around stepping within as the doors closed to the soldiers who were about to follow him but were cut off, his crimson eyes turning to the soldier who was saluting him who was his son;Ryou Misaki. A pair of golden eyes who were hidden behind a few strands of the messy white hair which the boy had grown and left unattended to the natural messy order. Then again he was not one to talk, his own black hair had been longer that it reached past his shoulders at times. " You can stop saluting me... " He mentioned and walked over to the seats as the elevator had started to rise up. " Sir! " Ryou answered in response and placed his arm back to his side as he waited by the door. Kaze's smile having remained considering his son's attitude; Serious and Cold. He was proud to have him as a son, truly proud and yet there were...many flaws in that. Ryou was after all his finest project; A remake of the remaining information of Hibiki that he could collect without having been suspected. It did him no good, it was a failure in the end and the result caused a conflict between him and his assistant who had believed in a different theory than he did. In the end it resulted in him doing it alone and causing the womb of his wife to turn into a chamber for where he could create at least something similar to the man's hoped for work. Kaze had realized it now that the remnants he received were not enough information. And the cost of information made him create a failed coordinator; Ryou. Humanity's desire itself was the improve upon itself and Kaze wished for the same, he wanted to make that ultimate being and help the Coordinator's realize their true function: Help Humanity. George Glenn himself had wished for that desire, yet with the recent issue of Coordinators and Naturals it truly had strayed from that past. Coordinator's turned ambitious and seeked an identity for themselves. Dubbing themselves a New Species, A Better Species, An Improved Species. And of course with such arrogance in themselves they believed that the people of Earth were things of the past and a step lower in the evolutionary scale. Even now it does not change. People's eyes have grown accustomed to seeing them as 'Naturals' and yet what were Coordinators themselves - 'Unnatural'? The answer itself is No. George Glenn was wrong, Coordinators were no different than Naturals themselves. We have to study, train, adapt and grow old like any other human being. Coordinators are no different, just an arrogant race that in the end started a War simply to dub themselves the true rulers of Humanity. Humans, or Naturals as they liked to be called are no better themselves. If Coordinators did not exist, their blames would be put to themselves and thus would hate one another. The Planet called Earth would simply be filled with humans hating one another with racism. The government themselves couldn't handle all the issue so they instead blame the Coordinators and PLANTS. 'United in Hatred', as one can picture. The President, Countries and Nations, they all help one another for a sole purpose: Hatred for Coordinators. An easy answer for the government and people who are confused as to why they're poor or have civil issues. Truly...Humans are- " Dad? " Kaze had opened his eyes to realize that he was lost in thought and had closed his eyes. Having been at the top floor already with his son having placed a hand on his shoulder to bring him back into reality. " How have things been with your team? " He had asked his son as the boy stood up straight once more with a somewhat blank face. " I can't complain....other than the lack of experience for the captain. " He had mentioned as Kaze already knew of that, but it couldn't be helped. " Your not the only one. Other teams are starting fresh... " He mentioned as he had looked over the papers and was thinking of what mobile suit would be best for each person. " I guess... " Ryou had said with a shrug of the shoulders as he titled his head back a bit and looked to the side to the city through the elevator glass. As he stared at his son with the blank look of his son and innocence in soldiers Kaze had realized how War had changed from wanting trained personnel to wanting young children grow into battle itself. There was also an issue of Coordinators themselves making soldiers for the sole purpose of fighting. Those who are legends in battle and are the perfect soldiers, they are the ones who's genes are entered within other infants until they can make a perfect copy; A Clone. Yet this itself has it's own issues and that's something Kaze himself had been ordered to fix...not that it's public information or even known to most of the chairmen and chairwomen in the council. He wondered himself if Hitomi knew of this. Kaze had realized he spent his time within the elevator long enough so he had stood up and started to walk out and down another long hallway with his son 3 steps behind him. " I'll be needing some time in a room. " He mentioned as Ryou had given a serious 'Sir!' remark back to him and lead him to a room for the time being until a ride was ready to take him back. " Um..what about...meetings and people? " He had asked his father who's simple response was: " Just put them in a meeting room around here and I'll get to them. " He answered and closed the door. Kaze had sat down behind a desk and opened a laptop with a new email having been received from an Anonymous address which told him ' Continue the Process'. " What a joke...like you're not satisfied with the last two wars... " He whispered, sighing as he opened up a folder and watched the data from the previous wars. " Whether there will be peace or war...no one but them will know. " He whispered as he turned and opened the window to see the stars outside at least. " At least the stars will be witnesses to Humanity...even now we're traveling beyond the original bounds that's been placed in front of us...and we're repeating the same mistakes.. " He whispered, closing his eyes once more and contemplating the rest of what he had gotten over time. Ryou on the other hand was running through the corridor in a hectic speed. " Damn it...why'd you leave me to manage all your meetings with people. " He whispered as he didn't even know who wished to speak with the man. This was all too troublesome....
  20. OOC: this is a slight character building thread for me. I am also using it to introduce my character’s father, who I need to most likely have made into an NPC. If someone wants to drop in feel free. IC: Michael was on his knees hunched over at the foot of the Januarius City Memento Stone. The memento stones were statues made by Michael’s father at the end of the Bloody Valentine War to honor the sacrifices of those who lost their lives and for virtues that Coordinators and mankind must learn to live by. One was in each PLANT. The Januarius City memento stone held special meaning to Michael, and within a few moments his tears were falling onto the dozen roses left at its base. The Januarius City Memento Stone was “The Guardian”, and it was a statue of Michael’s mother, who died in the first war. Michael nearly broke the mask that he was now holding in his lap as more and more tears fell. Finally Michael was able to look at the twilight sky. Michael was filled with memories of the last time he was here a few years ago. When he finally stood up to his father and made the decision to join ZAFT. He was a stubborn man, who had tried to control Janus’s life. “Why mom, why did you leave me with him, and why did you die to protect other people.” Janus couldn’t even muster the energy at the time to scream. More and more tears fell till Michael just hit the ground with his right fist. After a few moments Michael stood up facing the statue. Putting his mask back on Janus turned and began to slowly walk away from the memento stone. His covered eyes were still showing the signs of his anger and his doubt. This is the right thing to do, I am walking the only path available to me right now. I'll defeat every enemy until I find the answers I want.
  21. OOC: I do not know the first thing about RPing in a MS. But my character does so I will play the part. I think two students at a time would good, for the training session. IC: Holding on to the hand railing, James was pulled through the long blue corridor. It was cold, but that was space. He had been stationed at the Armory One for a month now, and he was not happy about it. He thought he was unhappy back when he was stationed at Aprilis, but that was nothing compared to the armory. News of a team being formed back at Aprilis made him even more angry that he left there. He was dieing to get in a MS, and for some reason luck and chance had been moving him away from them. Until now that is. This morning when he woke up, forms and paper work waited in his mail box to be filled out and brought to the main hanger on this date at XXXX hundred hours. The papers said "Mobile Suit Re-Certification Class" He didn't need to be re-certified though, he needed to pilot. That time was now. His uniform was properly set, as well as all his paper work filled out correctly. Maybe this would be his chance to get into a MS permanently. He made his right and entered the hanger. There he waited for the commanding officer to meet him.
  22. Do you find it hard to find someone and organize a battle to fight? Are you new and don't want to annoy a veteran member to ref? I truly think if a veteran member of ZAFT got together with 2 newbies on a thread they could teach you many things. Your RPing will improve greatly, you will be more educated on how to pilot and Rp a MS, and you will meet new people in your Faction that you can interact with outside mandatory thread put up by a Faction leader. Like it says above. I will be Harassing PMing you for your answer.
  23. ATTENTION ZAFT PERSONNEL Remember to apply for a basic pilot's license. I recommend that you do this soon since the RP is just starting up. The requirements for a basic MS license may be found here.
  24. Thwap, thwap, thwap. Hitomi exhaled each time she struck the black bag which hung from the ceiling. For the past several months she had been studying Taekwondo and she was quickly picking it up; already her sensei had told her that she would soon be ready to take on real opponents. Of course such compliments were flattery to be taken only at face value, as Supreme Chairwoman few things which were said to her could be trusted. Landing a succession of round house kicks to the bag's midsection Hitomi released the last of her frustration on the bag with a loud yell. Though this was an odd place to hold any sort of meeting Hitomi had wanted the soldiers she had invited over to feel comfortable and have the chance to relax, even though they were expected to arrive in uniform. As her aide passed her a towel and whispered the time to her Hitomi took both casually while she calculated just how long she would have to shower and prepare herself. Since she had the time Hitomi treated herself to a long hot bath, after which a different aide came in and helped her prepare her hair and did some last minute fussing over Hitomi's clothing. Today her aides had selected a maroon red skirt/coat match along with a white blouse, while this attire was still formal it was also very low key and unoffensive. As her hair naturally fell into place Hitomi waved her aide away and took one last look in the mirror before she left the room. Though an ordinary visitor may have gotten lost at the Chairwoman's large manor home Hitomi knew the hallways quite well, this aided her in achieving a speedy arrival at formal events and served a dual purpose should she ever need to escape the large home. Pausing outside one of the houses three tea rooms Hitomi waited with an aide who handed her a plain brown folder. Though she had memorized the names and faces of the soldiers she would meet days ago Hitomi had reviewed the list one more time before entering the room. Her timing was perfect and just as she sat down one of the house's staff members announced the arrival of a visitor.
  25. Standing out in the heat of the sun was murder, especially on a day like today where the temperature had climbed well above thirty eight degrees. Even where he stood in the shade of his GuAIZ R Ahrend was sweating, in spite of the khaki colored pants and tank top that he wore; though it wasn't a standard ZAFT uniform things were a little more relaxed here at Carpentaria and he decided that there was no need to be professional with his new squad just yet. He had arrived here early, in fact he had gotten there very early after having come down with his MS in a drop ship earlier this morning. His GuAIZ R now stood outside of what would soon be Wullf Tai's permanent home. Though it was empty now Ahrend would soon put in a request for four new mobile suits for his squad, which would hopefully be delivered in a timely manner. But for now he stood under his GuAIZ R and patiently waited, glancing at his watch every now and then.
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