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Found 1 result

  1. HH walks into the new headquarters that he will be calling his home from now on. He places his small luggage down on the floor and glances up towards the ceiling of the building. This place.... is huge he thought to himself as he looked left and right. oh well... time to give myself a "small tour" of the place He first found the dorms and seeing that his name was on one of the doors he opens it and enters. Placing his bags on the bed which was situated on the left hand side and walks out again. "Where to where to" he mutters to himself as he walks around aimlessly. "Ah!" he said in surprise "heres the briefing room which I'm suppose to be at. Touring of the place later I guess..." He knocks on the door and enters. Seeing that the room was still empty he sits in one of the chairs near the back of the room and pulls out his case of minor explosives that he carries around with him and reorganises them into their proper order.
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