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Found 3 results

  1. [OOC: @Roromi: If you don't mind, I'll be assuming that Locke will be right behind me for this part.] As ChengHu entered the refurbished and state-of-the-art Simulator Center, he quickly V-ed his right hand at the officer on duty before sticking his index finger and thumb out. The officer, who was used to the Lt.Commander's methods, nodded and quickly fingered back thumbs twice, then a V, to indicate that chamber 22 had free Simulator mechanisms. He nodded his thanks as he gestured for Locke to follow along. As they entered Chamber 22, he grabbed a helmet from the nearby rack and said, "Crewman Locke, grab a helmet and get settled into Sim 22B. I'll provide instructions once you're ready." "Let's see how he fares," ChengHu thought as his mind continued to calculate.
  2. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Gunshots blared and echoed throughout the nearly vacant shooting range. After several more shots rang out, a calm silence followed. ChengHu adjusted his glasses and narrowed his eyes as he focused on the distant paper target. He ejected the magazines from his two handguns before pressing a button that then brought the paper target to him. As it closed in, he nodded to himself as tight clusters of holes were concentrated at the target's heart and head. He noticed that two of his shots were slightly off and made note of them. There was always room for improvement. He set a new target and deployed it out at around 30 meters. He then reloaded his handguns and drew them both slowly and deliberately. As he fired, he recalled yesterday's conversation with Premier Liao: "Ah, Yinglong, thanks for coming!" ChengHu frowned slightly as he shook hands with the Premier. As they sat down on comfy chairs in the Premier's lounge, he replied, "I really wish you wouldn't call me that, Liao Zongli." "Don't be such a stiff, especially at your age. Anyways, how's XueLi doing?" the Premier asked in a bombastic manner. ChengHu sighed and smiled slightly as he knew this was one aspect of the Premier that would never change. "She's doing well, though she's been busy as of late. Probably because of the increase in trade with many of the other terrestrial nations that business has been picking up. How's your family?" ChengHu replied both as a sign of respect and as a formality. "Midori is doing okay. She's working graveyard shifts due to the increased cases of some flu over at Xi'an. Some colleagues of hers from Japan are coming over to help as well. MingMing is fine, though I still don't get girls' fascination with clothes and makeup," he said with a chuckle as he continued, "DongFeng has been studying alot lately and has improved his marks significantly...no doubt because of your influence." ChengHu gave an acknowledging nod as he recalled the young man, who was rather complacent with his lifestyle, initially. It was after several conversations and tours of various factories, reconstructed zones, and military bases that caused DongFeng to begin to see the greater picture. Then ChengHu's eyes narrowed as he leaned forward and spoke frankly, "While I like our casual meetings, I doubt you called me here at your office for little more than just chit-chat." Premier Liao nodded as he leaned forward and rested his chin on his hands as he spoke in a more serious tone, a contrast to his more jovial manner earlier, "I just wanted to get your view on the new situation between the Alliance and the USSA. The Alliance, or more specifically, the Atlantic Federation has started to pressure the USSA into allowing them to send investigators into the country." ChengHu nodded as he quickly recalled and organized what he knew of the situation, "While some may protest, the USSA is at an impasse. As a recently initiated member of NOVA, they have come to rely on the member states, especially Orb's FREE Forces and Scandanavia's Black Company, for additional security. However, it is natural for the nation to attempt to reduce their reliance on those nations through recruitment and R&D, not to spite their allies, but to gain a further foothold of their independence. It is already known that the Atlantic Federation holds a grudge against the USSA for gaining such independence, so it would be wise to view anything the AF says with a bit of skepticism. I think we should just wait and see how this turns out, at least for the moment, but we should continue to show our 'allies' that we can make decisions by partially supporting the need for investigators." Premier Liao nodded sagely as he replied, "You just summarized what three hours of discussion with the Secretary General and key members of Parliament discussed. Secretary General Ho 'expressed' his displeasure and supported the AF's proposal, though he did not do so blindly. If the USSA are building forbidden weapons or if this is all a ploy by the Atlantic Federation, I will call upon your unit to respond to the matter." "Of course, Liao zongli." CLICK! ChengHu realized he already emptied both handguns. He put the guns down and stretched slightly. The other members of the Red Dragon Guard were either off-duty or on light duty at the Shanghai Naval base though he knew they would instantly respond if he needed them to mobilize. He brought the target in again as he removed the spent magazines from the handguns. This time, the target showed only one errant shot. There was always room for improvement.
  3. The third largest faction in the Earth Alliance, the Republic of Eastern Asia is comprised of Japan, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, Taiwan, and the Korean peninsula (both north and south). Kaoshiung is the location of their major space-port, and like the Eurasian Federation, are generally accepting of Coordinators. After the removal of LOGOS from the Earth Alliance top brass, the Republic of East Asia realigned itself with the Earth Alliance.
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