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  1. Morning was a very usual for time for anyone to get up, unless someone has been having a drinking binge all-night long and forgot that it is already almost morning by the time it ended. Not at a place full of smoke and/or alcohol, but a rather simple food stand outside. Hinako is simply underaged to even touch alcohol or anything similar (wine are fine according to her parents), but some of her friends in the military have been doing so for the past few nights out of boredom, and she eventually gave in. Of course, that is an action not recommended by the superiors due to the potential 'loss of productivity' from it. Even if it is not alcohol. Mustering the energy to wake up is a challenging task for her, more so than military exercises and the like. Her parents would have leave her alone to wake up at home, but for some reason that is unknown to anyone, even herself, she would always wake up before 10 in the morning, unless she has been really sick. Bam. A simple fall from the bed landed her on the floor, with her grumbling around from that. She lacked the mental capacity to push herself up from the fall, but her hands does the job of doing so. Teary-eyed and a yawn later, she looked at the clock at the wall, showing that it's already morning. Pushing herself onto her own 2 feet, her body moved by itself into the bathroom for the usual morning routine of getting herself fresh for the day. Getting herself dressed in proper would be a fussy task. She, for one, absolutely abhors revealing clothing (unless required to), so she puts on simple white long-sleeved blouse with thin black vertical stripes, and then a black above-knee-length skirt would do. She does not tug in the blouse, and clips her hair to stop the bangs from going down. Another addition is a pair of high-heeled shoes to complement that. She would not even go on to the extent of carrying any weapons or anything fancy, it is just a simple day out. For her, at least. Taking what is essential to her (skirts are never friendly to huge purses), within minutes, she is already out of the barracks, into the car park, where she passes by an old Japanese-made sports sedan, in pristine condition. It was a car owned by a male friend of hers, who for some reason managed to muster up all the money from pay and possibly some other businesses to actually buy a car like that, just enough to probably show another Sergeant who is interested in cars that he 'mean business'. She have seen the car in action several times, and she never liked the fact that the car basically threatens to shatter anyone's ears at full throttle. Funny that it wasn't an automobile related incident that landed that friend in a coma. Passing by the checkpoint, the MPs cleared her of everything, and quickly she lands herself on a passing bus to the main city. Her target location is not a shopping centre of any kind, like usually females her age would do on a free day, but the hospital. It's probably a good thing the seats are empty at this time in the morning, she never liked sardine can-packed buses. Pressing the bell at where it is the time to do so, she slowly walks off the bus, at the front of the hospital. Reciting some numbers and alphabets, she walked into the hospital, passing by some of the medical personnel on duty here. Some of them might not know her, while some of them might call her as 'the person who is the friend of the Orb pilot in coma', so to speak. The 'Orb pilot in coma' is the person she is visiting, in fact, something she has been doing in the past few months. Maneuvering herself around the corridors and lifts of the hospital, she landed herself outside a ward with a transparent glass window separating herself from the person 'sleeping' inside the individual ward. Placing her hands on the glass pane, she looks into the ward without a word. Months ago tears would flow every time she does that, but now she have learned to control it.
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