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  1. Character name Character images go here. Biography Full name: Give your character a name, even if it might not be their real one. Canon names are not allowed. Faction: Does your character belong to any faction? Rank: Does your character have any social title or hold a rank in their faction? Age: This helps other players gauge your character's appearance and behaviour. Sex: Is your character male, female, transgendered etc? Height: How tall is your character? Weight: How heavy is your character? Eyes: What is the natural eye colour of your character? Hair: What is the natural hair colour of your character? Is your character's hair dyed? Skin: What's your character's skin colour? Handiness: Is your character left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous? Personality Describe your character's personality. Some things to include are the behaviour, rationale, personal beliefs, way of thinking, motivation,and how these affect their way of life and their interaction with others. Be sure to update this section as the role play progresses. Strengths and weaknesses Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Your character should have at least two weaknesses. Remember, it might be easier to describe a situation that highlights your character's traits rather than simply describing it. Appearance Describe your character's physical appearance. This is how other players will see your character. History Describe in detail, preferably five to seven paragraphs of at least six sentences each, your character's back story up to the point where you started role-playing as the character. Be sure to update this section as the role play progresses. Possessions List down notable belongings that your character owns, especially items that were created and have an entry in the Compendium. This is to help other players if they need to look for references when role-playing with you. You do not need to list every single item that your character has. Kills Post the names of the player-controlled characters that your character has killed and link to the thread that the event happened. Role plays List chronologically the links and the titles to all the role play threads that your character is in. State if the role play is in progress or completed. Coliseum battles List the Coliseum battles that your character participated in.
  2. Get the Character Template here! Overview Your character is not God, not immortal, and not invincible. The most human character is one that readers relate to the most. Make your character believable. Your character profile is the how other players get the first impression of your character. Providing detailed information about your character gives your character a good start in the role play. A good character biography helps other players get to know you and your role play skills. In some sense, this is a "sample RP" that is required by some RPG sites. Character accounts Your main forum account is your out-of-character (OOC) account. Use this account when engaging in OOC chat or interacting on the boards as yourself. Create a character account for each character you play. Enter the link to your character profile's in the character account's signature. You can select the characters you wish to post as from the user menu bar. We will add more features to character accounts when the forum grows in activity and size. So stay tuned! Name Your character should have a proper name. If you are using the same family name as another character and are not related, state so explicitly. If you wish to play a relative of another character, please seek permission from the character owner before doing so. Ideally, you should use a unique name to give you character individuality. Names of canon characters are not allowed. Avoid naming your characters after real life persons or famous characters. Be original. Avatar Each character must be represented by an avatar. The avatar helps other players to identify your character. You can change the avatar to signify a change in the character. However, avoid switching avatars too often as that would defeat the purpose of having an avatar. Personality Many people tend to be very vague about their characters' personality. Try to avoid stating "Depends on the situation" or something along that line. Give something solid that other players can relate to. Or describe a specific situation that highlight a particular character trait. Unique traits make your character easily recognizable. Strengths and weaknesses To create a good character, try to keep your character as realistic as possible. Strengths and weaknesses are not always what they are. A strength in a situation can be a weakness in another. No one is perfect. Everyone has a flaw which might turn advantageous for them in certain situations. Personality oddities add an extra dimension and realism to your character. Play around with them to find a blend that suits you and create a character that is real, one that you can call your own. Appearance A big mistake in describing your character's appearance is to state "See avatar" or simply post an image of how the character looks like. It shows that you are not too interested in the role play and your character. Do not let the character avatar limit the appearance of your character. Let you imagination run free! Be creative! You can choose to use the fields provided and tell us about your character. It would be more interesting and a good practice if you describe the character's appearance in prose form. Describing the appearance is a good practice for your descriptive skills and it shows that you are serious about the role play. Never refer to things outside the role play. Saying something like "She wears a suit like the one worn by Aeon of Aeonflux." wouldn't make sense since there is no Aeonflux in the role play. You don't see a novelist using that kind of description. Be realistic. Try to let your character's hair colour be natural. That does not mean that a character can be born with blue or green hair. They can have their hair dyed but remember to state the natural colour too. Identifying marks can range from birthmarks to tattoos to scars to simple things like thin-framed glasses or neatly trimmed moustache. Scars and tattoos are overused. Small details can still be unique. Please note that ambidextrous characters would be able to use skills as competently with both hands but would suffer a penalty compared to a character who favours one hand. In other words, the a right-handed character can write better with the right hand compared to an ambidextrous character while the ambidextrous character would write better with the left hand than the right-handed character. History Try to think of certain important experiences your character has had. Personal history does not mean writing down your character's life story. That would just be too boring. Try to be creative and think of unique situations your character faced that shaped him or her into the person he or she is. Characters can develop and change as time goes by. We change in real life, so can your characters. They grow with each experience they gain. They would eventually die, either of old age or die a glorious death in battle. We encourage you to update the history section to document the changes to your characters as a result of their encounters in the role play. Possessions Be reasonable when creating this list. Only list notable items that may affect the role play and how other players interact with your character. Link to items that have an entry in the Compendium. You should be able to show or prove that you earned the special items in the role play. Role plays This helps readers to follow the journey of your character through the RP. This is a list of the RP threads that the character has been involved in. It is good practice to do this when you join a role play thread so you will not forget to do so later on. If you have a long list, consider categorising them by events, such as battles or wars.
  3. Introduction to role-playing I will try to explain the basics of role-playing. The following is a definition of role play (RP) found on the internet: So basically, to role play is to pretend you are the character you created and assume his or her role in the setting of the RP world. Role play literacy Advent Destiny is a literate role play. This means that you are expected to write quality posts with proper grammar and spelling. Typo errors are acceptable but no l33t or net-speak. Take role-playing seriously and use proper spellings. Poor spelling shows that you are not serious about the role play. Bad grammar leads to confusion or even discourage other players from reading your posts. Let us understand you! Proper grammar isn't hard. Pick up a few books and read. The grammar will grow onto you. Making an effort to make sure that there are no typos, no misspellings and no errors would show that you care about your role play. Readers and role players would appreciate the amount of thought you put into your role-playing. Most modern browsers and operating systems come with built-in spell-checkers so it is easy to spot and correct errors. There are three levels of literate role-playing: beginner, semi-literate, and advanced. Beginner role players generally post between one line to a paragraph. We do not accept one-liner entries and a single paragraph is frowned upon. Lack of experience does not mean the lack of literacy. If you are new to role-playing, we may accept a single paragraph entry for your first post but we expect more substance in subsequent posts. Semi-literate role players produce between one to four paragraphs. This is the proficiency level of most players and it is where Advent Destiny players are expected to be. Quality counts and four paragraphs of high quality prose is good role play. Advanced role players write at least four paragraphs, often providing excellent depiction of the scenes that make you feel immersed within the world. Their pots are very well thought out and beautifully crafted. This is the level that is highly respected and is what we should all be striving to achieve. Role play guidelines Here are a few points to remember when you role play: Stick to third person perspective. This is important in establishing the point of view since we have many characters being played. Help the readers know whose perspective they are reading about. Wait for your turn. When there are more than one player in an RP thread, establish a posting order and stick to it. Don't skip the queue unless you have the permission of the narrators or the other players agree to you posting out of turn. This usually happens if a player is on leave or takes too long to play their turn. Be realistic. For example, you cannot waltz into a military base and get out with top secret data. You need the necessary documentations to get you through, or subterfuge that would require great skill to perform. This is not a movie. Do not pull an Ethan Hunt. The more realistic a role play is, the more engaging and interesting it is. The opening post, which is the first post in the thread, should describe the scene and setting in as much detail as possible so that other players have a good idea of where they are stepping into. Do not God mode. Characters cannot be invulnerable or overpowered. They are human and have weaknesses. Do not force actions on other players. You take an action and allow other players to react to it. Role play standards Please follow the standard formatting guidelines so that other players can understand what is going on: Tag your RP thread with the RP it belongs to. Add a prefix to your RP thread to indicate what type of role play the thread is for. Public: The thread is open to all players. Private: The thread is invite-only. @Mention the character(s) that are invited at the start of the thread. Faction: The thread is restricted to members of a faction. Tag the thread with name of the faction. Duel: The thread is invite-only. State the name of the duellists at the end of the title in square brackets, for example, Character A vs Character B. Invasion: The thread is restricted to members of the factions involved. Only faction leaders can initiate an invasion. See Invasion rules. Annexation: The thread is open to all players. Only faction leaders can initiate an annexation. See Annexation rules. Out-of-character (OOC) comments should be kept at the end of the RP post. These should be kept to the minimum and only used where absolutely necessary. All RP threads are encouraged to have their own OOC thread with the OOC tag. Use the OOC thread to cheer each other on, plot your story, or simply pass time while waiting for your turn. Here's an example of how you should post OOC comments in an RP thread. OOC: This is the end of Faction A's turn, Faction B please proceed. Conclusion Now that you have learnt about the basics of role-playing, I wish you good luck and have lots of fun role-playing here on Advent Destiny! Some aspects of RPing cannot be taught and those nuances of RPing would only come to you with experience. Enjoy!
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