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Found 1 result

  1. ( @Acidic vs. @Truegear MS-06 Zaku II in Space) “A Zaku! A Zaku!” Purred out Artemis as she lovingly dragged her fingertips over the buttons and instruments that decorated the Zaku’s cockpit, “They finally gave me one to pilot after months of begging!” She bounces in her seat as she prepares the Zaku II for launch. The sequence might as well have been religious doctrine for her, her fingers recite it without fail or hesitation. The Mobile Suit’s mono eye flashes red as the matte green machine begins to move to the catapult. “Hey uh... whats this?” Artemis chirps out as she notices something on the dashboard, reading it aloud, “For use in non-canon battles only?!” The Zaku’s feet thud onto the magnetized catapult as the green haired girl crosses her arms in a huff, glaring at the words as the ship’s combat controller drones on in her headset. She remains in her pout even as the light turns green and the catapult begins to throw her into space. She only grabs onto the controls after the captain shouts a threat into her ear. “Fine! Artemis and Zaku, launch!” She shouts into the mic, “Non-canon fights... the story hasn’t even started and those nerds are-” She takes a breath and shakes her head. The ship had thrown her into a graveyard. Mobile suits floated around her silently, in bits and pieces. Paint had long since chipped away from both Federation and Zeon suits, each Mobile Suit a slate grey tomb to the pilots still sealed inside. Artemis’s Zaku grabbed onto its Raketen with both hands. Aside from her four hand grenades and heat hawk, it was her only weapon. Her two extra magazines hung on her shoulder shield like she saw on her idol, a Zaku gunpla. “Come out, come out wherever you are, pirate boy,” she taunts out over the radio, “I’m a busy girl, I can’t be with just one guy forever.”
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