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Found 21 results

  1. JohnSeever


    Hal Biography: Full name: Hal Faction: AEUG Rank: Petty Officer First Class Age: 15 Sex: Male Height: 177.8 cm (5'10") Weight: 43 kg (94.79 lbs) Eyes: Amethyst Hair: Red Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Ambidextrous Personality: Due to his life as an orphan, Hal works hard, to get what he wants and is very protective of what he has and of his friends and will do what he needs to protect them. A street smart person, Hal grew up as an orphan on a colony at the L1 point and is tough, able to fight people easily if he has too. Resourceful and can get out of alm
  2. Hiro Kusanagi sat in the lounge of the Firefly as he watched the AEUG personnel scurry about their work in preparation for their departure from the lunar city. His crew of four was squeezed into the booth seat meant for three as they had their lunch. The seat opposite them remained empty for the person they were expecting. His wingman Kamea Thrace snuggled to his left, her right elbow carelessly jabbing at his ribs as she worked her food with a metal spoon. He suspected she was prodding his side partly on purpose. Kamea had tucked her short blonde hair behind her ear to keep it out of her
  3. The black screen blinked to life and begun an insistent beep. Alyssa Arano looked up from the book she had buried her head in for the past few hours. She left orders not to be disturbed. Reading to orchestral music provided a brief respite that the piercing ringtone shattered. Alyssa briefly contemplated if she should allow the incoming call to interrupt her rest. Recent events were exhausting. The loss of her leader and childhood companion affected not just her work but also shook her personally. The Zeon leadership was quick to shove her into the vacuum created by the death of Haman Kar
  4. Universal Century 0085. It had been a year and a half since Ryder had joined the Titans, and things had changed for the newly promoted Lieutenant. No longer was he apart of a platoon. He belonged to the Pursuers, a special force within the Titans, and they were at the top of their class. The 8 Mobile Suit pilots apart of this squadron were all assigned to the Alexandria-class ship, the Excalibur. Ryder currently floated around in the hangar of this ship, waiting for it to dock into Konpei Island. Their next assignment was being kept from them, something the Lieutenant didn't enjoy. It never ga
  5. It was December 8th, 0083. After the events of the Delaz Conflict, an elite force was created by the Earth Federation just a few days prior. They were called the Titans, a unit specifically meant for hunting down any Zeon Remnants on or around the planet. Many members of the Federation joined, including a mobile suit pilot named Ryder Sarka. He had joined the year prior, starting out in a standard GM. Over time, other teammates noticed his skills as a sniper, so he was assigned to use a GM Sniper II. When the Titans were announced, Ryder didn’t hesitate to join. He hated the Zeon with a passio
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is not an actual roleplay and more of an origin of Artemis and what shaped her into the Neo Zeon scamp that she is, it is split up into four pre planned parts each with their own title. It will contain very harsh language and some scenes may be inappropriate for some sensibilities so please be cautious before reading. I will try to complete this within the week as I already have most of this figured out with only the rest to be filled in with words. --------------------------------
  7. Might as well make a short bio before I forget. Maria Walker Biography Full Name: Maria Grace Walker Affiliation: Anaheim Electronics Job Title: Mobile Suit Test Pilot Age: 26 Sex: Female Height: 5'7'' Weight: 130 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Black Skin: Light Handiness: Left-handed Personality Maria is very sweet and likes to chat with her co-workers. She's committed to her job as a test pilot and strives to get better as one. People frequently ask her for advice, since she gives meaningful, positive feedback to others.
  8. Full Name: Amber Helio Destara Faction: Neo Zeon Rank: N/A Age: 20 Sex: Female Height: 5'8" Weight: 135 lbs Eyes: Purple/Green Hair: Blonde Skin: Fair Handiness: Right-handed Personality Amber is very energetic and likes to have fun with her teammates, but she knows when she's supposed to be serious. Life on Axis has been difficult, but she doesn't let that stop her from being happy, so she'll frequently try to cheer people up even when they don't want to. Her goal in life is to be a good friend to everyone. Strengths and
  9. AMX-006 Gaza-D The Gaza-D is the new Neo Zeon mobile suit assigned the ace pilots. It is intended to replace the Gaza-C in the future. Model number: AMX-006 Code name: Gaza-D Unit type: Mass production general purpose transformable mobile suit Manufacturer: Neo Zeon Operator: Neo Zeon First deployment: March UC 0088 Crew: Pilot only Cockpit: Panoramic monitor with linear seat in head Dimensions: Mobile suit mode: overall height 23.66 meters, head height 17.0 meters Mobile armor mode: mobile armor mode: overall length 16.1 meters Weight: empty 28.7 metric t
  10. Full name: Teo Rasmus Nygaard Faction: Nygaard Concern, Neo Zeon Rank: Son of Rasmus Nygaard, founder and owner of Nygaard Concern Mfg Co.; Neo Zeon Ensign Age: 21 Sex: Male Height: 5'9" Weight: 180 lbs. Eyes: Grey Hair: Light auburn bordering on orange, but a close shave around the sides and back of his head suggest his hair was originally a much darker brown. Skin: Fair, almost pale Handiness: Left-handed Personality Teo is a guarded individual, having grown up resenting the silver spoon put in his mouth from an early age. He
  11. Leon Malroz Biography Full name: Leon Malroz Faction: Zero Sky space pirates / Zeon by proxy Rank: N/A Age: 21 Sex: Male Height: 1m87 Weight: 66kg Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Skin: White Handiness: Left-handed Personality Leon is a serious but easy-going fellow, friendly to most people while also honest about what he thinks about people or situations he's confronted with, which can be problematic if those are what he considers "bad". The things Leon loves most in life are piloting his Mobile Suit while staying id
  12. Artemis MacGriever Biography Full name: Artemis MacGriever Faction: Neo Zeon Rank: Chief Petty Officer Age: 19 Sex: Transgender Female Height: 5’7’’ (1.7m) Weight: 124lb (56kg) Eyes: Green Hair: Dirty blond dyed neon green Skin: Pale Handiness: Right handed Personality Artemis is the most kind person most will ever meet. She loves everyone she meets unconditionally and acts as attentive as a mother to those she calls her friends. This even extends to foes she meets on the battlefield, more often than not she
  13. Nicky Lavie Biography Full name: Nicholas Stanley Lavie Faction: Anti Earth Union Group Rank: Ensign Age: 25 years old Sex: Male Weight: 61kg Height: 1,65m Eyes: Amber Hair: Honey brown, undyed Skin: Fair skin Handiness: Left-handed Personality Unlike what his delicate appearance would suggest, Nick Lavie's daily behavior is that of a waiter that has been taking orders in a packed restaurant for all of his life: he usually wakes up in the verge of hurling a wave of insults at thin air, ready for somebody to come in with his orders
  14. Ryder Sarka Biography Full Name: Ryder Sarka Faction: AEUG Rank: Lieutenant Age: 26 Sex: Male Height: 5'11" Weight: 170 lbs Eyes: Gray Hair: Black Skin: Lightly tanned Handiness: Right-handed Personality Ryder used to be a lot more pleasant, but after seeing the horrors of war, he has become cold and distant to many people. He'll frequently try to avoid social interaction, only doing so when it's necessary for a mission or to profit from something. He's very methodical and will remain serious at all time
  15. Valiant

    MSA-003 Nemo

    MSA-003 Nemo The AEUG commissioned Anaheim Electronics to develop a mass production unit for their mobile forces. The group had been converting GM units into GM II before acquiring newly-built GM II units from the Earth Federation. However, the AEUG leadership recognised that the group needed its own supply of mass-produced mobile suits to ensure its prowess in the battlefield. The Nemo uses many weapons already employed by other existing mobile suits to keep development costs down. The Nemo was a successful model and featured heavily in the front lines during the Gryps Conflict. How
  16. Repentance The Repentance served as the personal flagship of Alyssa Arano. She was assigned to the ship when she received her appointment as Vice Admiral. The Repentance was one of the three Gwaban-class battleships in the Axis Fleet. The Gwaban-class was smaller than the Gwadan-class battleship, but it was still more than a match for most of the Federation and AEUG ships. Class: Gwanban Unit type: battleship Manufacturer: Axis Operator: Neo Zeon First deployment: UC 0083 Dimensions: Overall length 415.0 meters Weight: Unknown Propulsion: Jet and rocket engines E
  17. AMX-003 Gaza-C The Gaza-C is the mainstay of the Neo Zeon forces. Model number: AMX-003 Code name: Gaza-C Unit type: Mass production transformable general purpose mobile suit Manufacturer: Axis Operator: Axis First deployment: UC 0086 Crew: Pilot only Cockpit: Panoramic monitor with linear seat in head Dimensions: Mobile suit mode: overall height 22.5 meters, head height 18.3 meters Mobile armor mode: overall length 21.2 meters, overall width 10.4 meters, overall height 10.9 meters Weight: empty 40.8 metric tons; max gross 72.5 metric tons; mass ratio 1.49
  18. Firefly Class: N/A Name: Firefly Unit type: space transport ship Manufacturer: Civilians Operator: Civilians Dimensions: 150 metres long, 60 metres wide Weight: Unknown Powerplant: Unknown Propulsion: Four thrusters, output unknown Equipment: Standard sensors, range unknown Fixed armaments: 6-tube missile launcher, mounted on top of hull Cargo: 4 mobile suits in cargo hold, 2 mobile suits containers attached to hull
  19. Hiro Kusanagi Biography Full name: Hiro Kusanagi Faction: AEUG mercenary from Draconis Fury team of the Galleon Combine Rank: Lieutenant Commander Age: 29 Sex: Male Height: 1.75 metres Weight: 79 kg Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Pale Handiness: Right-handed Personality Hiro Kusanagi was hot-headed in his youth. His rashness and naivety led to unpleasant and unhappy events that made him regret his actions. These experiences taught him to reign in his temper and be more calculated in making his moves. Those who knew him since his younger days regard this
  20. Alyssa Arano Biography Full name: Alyssa Arano Faction: Neo Zeon Rank: Regent Age: 21 Sex: Female Height: 1.70 metres Weight: 54 kg Eyes: Blue Hair: Pink Skin: Pale Handiness: Right-handed Personality Alyssa Arano hardened both physically and psychologically after going through the rigorous military training on Axis. Life was hard growing up on Axis due to the lack of resources on the asteroid base and the influx of refugees after the One Year War. Despite that, Alyssa retained her gentle nature, making her appear soft in contrast Haman. Beneath h
  21. So I’m not as knowledgeable about UC as CE but here’s my go at my character that I’d like to use. I tried to keep him a little generic, I invite all feedback! I’ll be happy to add or change anything. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has worked up! Biography Full name: Benjamin Alan Grimsdottir “Grim” Faction: Federation (assigned to AEUG) Rank: Captain Age: 35 Sex: Male Height: 6’1” Weight: 180 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Bleach blonde almost white Skin: Pale Handiness: Right handed  Personality: True
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