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  1. Model number: MS-18E Code name: Kämpfer Unit type: prototype heavy assault mobile suit Manufacturer: Zeonic Company Operator: Principality of Zeon First deployment: UC 0079 Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Dimensions: head height 17.7 meters; overall height 18.2 meters Weight: empty 43.5 metric tons; max gross 78.5 metric tons Armor materials: titanium/ceramic composite Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1550 kW Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2 x 28500 kg, 2 x 27000 kg, 4 x 12000 kg; vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 16 Per
  2. OOC - We're going to run with this until I get in trouble, which will hopefully be never. IC - Punctual as always Wullf stood waiting in the briefing room already in his officer's flightsuit. As he waited Ahrend flexed his arms and twisted his back a bit, getting a feel for the new suit that he had recently drawn from supply; waiting until he was in combat would be a sad mistake for a Squadron Commander to make. Seeing that he still had ample time before the rest of the squad was due to report Ahrend opened up the laptop that he had connected to the briefing room's projector and drawi
  3. The city was silent as twilight fell upon the city. Janus stood, wearing his uniform under a black military issue jacket a few feet in front of the Januarius City Memento Stone, built by philanthropist and now council member Joseph Whilhelm. The fact was that Janus had just come from a meeting with said council member. A dozen blue roses were at the base of the statue dedicated to a very special captain in the Great War. Janus answered his cell phone the second it rang, “Good, so all four snipers are set up and we have a 1 mile blackout radius. It helps even though this is not a high traffic a
  4. " And who's mind did this come from? " The room was dark at the time as the night had entered itself into the PLANT leaving only streetlights from the window to enter as a figure was sitting on his chair and staring outside, a computer having been on the table who which he had his back upon. The screen having shown that there was a online talk with another figure who's face was hidden. Kaze's eyes having stared outside as his head was supported by his hand, his lips having been barely open as he was wondering what else to say at the new decision having been handed out. " It's not a mat
  5. I was curious because its never stated in anything that Valient has posted but after several nuclear attacks has the PLANT's learned a lesson and built some sort of defensive network around the PLANT's to help prevent any future attacks. If so is it a ring design encasing the plants, several satellites in and around the plants, or a few long bar like satellites. Either way the defense network if properly armed can help defend the PLANT's against a variety of attacks from MS to Battle ships and also and futher Nuclear attacks. Now what i propose isn't something revolutionary most of the technol
  6. A List, for consideration of ZAFT Space Forces until a plot gets going... Battle Pirates Break the World Steal EA Gundams (We all know they are somewhere...) Invade ORB and steal ORB gundams (they might have some...) Invade ORB Train Have awkard romances, resulting in weird scarring of young characters for life or maybe just odd imbraces in space (only good thing Shinn and Luna ever did) Train under King Kai and learn the Kao Ken technique... Train under that guy from G Gundam and make our gundam's glow glow for no reason... Have someone defect with a gundam and a 20 episode ba
  7. With a long line of purple and black coated soldiers following behind her Hitomi felt more like she was marching in a parade than beginning ZAFT's latest war games. It has taken far more preparation than she had planned but Hitomi was still resolute in her decision to go ahead with these simulated terrorist attacks on Armory One. As the set of doors which led into Armory One's main briefing room opened Hitomi let herself relax, things were finally underway. While she made her way to the stage all of the officers, save one, sat down in the front row int heir respective seats. Only Genera
  8. As of today PLANT once again has two faction leaders, the newest of whom is Ryou Misaki. Though he's just starting off hopefully this will give everyone someone else that they can go to and communicate with, which will take some pressure off of me to spend so much of my free time here. I hope you'll all be welcoming of Ryou in his new position and that you'll cut him some slack until he gets used to wielding SUPREME EXECUTIVE POWER or whatever we're calling it these days. In addition, since we're talking about leadership, I might meld the two original squads into one battlegroup. Since
  9. If you're going to be absent for any significant amount of time, more than a few days, please post here letting us know when you're leaving and when you expect to be back. This is to provide squads with a more comprehensive list so they know who they have to work with in the storyline as well as giving everyone the opportunity and ability to be accountable to each other. I mean let's face it, we all come on here to have fun and nothing kills the rush like interacting with a character who hasn't been online for a couple weeks. This list will also act as a record for the new absentee polic
  10. In an effort to consolidate ZAFT's military power and to enable our squads to function a bit better I'm instituting a new policy; though believe me I do not enjoy doing this. The basic policy will be as follows: As in the normal military where, when you fail to report for duty without explanation, I am going to be checking for activity here on Advent Destiny. This does not mean that I am going to frantically run around every day seeing who's been active and who hasn't. It also doesn't mean that I'm going to be counting the number of posts that you make. All this policy is concerned with
  11. Aprilus One was Asahi's hometown, the bustling administrative center was all familiar to him. Bit what troubled him was meeting his new squad. Leadership wasn't his forte, and he admitted it, yet ZAFT was lacking appropriate role models, and Asahi seemed to be a good choice for the brass at the time. Asahi had arranged his proposed squad to meet at one of his favorite spots in town, the "Kombo Kwon" Korean fusion restaurant and cafe. Asahi flicked his watch to his face, reading it at 11:48 am, as he approached the cafe. Remembering that he asked for casual clothing, he had no worries on his
  12. So who is actually still around the ZAFT bases and does anyone know what happened to our missing members? And who is still missing a pilot license?
  13. OOC: Sorry this took me awhile to get it up. And sorry if I god moded at all. IC: The sun blasted down on the capless Jeep. The scenery was mostly dessert, but it was hard to really take in the beauty. On account of Karl weaving in and out of traffic. As the three of them made it in to the city they began to scope for their mission objective: find food...fast. There were many shops and stores on the street. Filled with people, food, clothing, and every now and then a ZAFT flag was waving in the air. Karl, hurry up and find some parking. James said as he put his hand
  14. Personal Note: This design is based off of the Terra Version of the G-Saviour which can be found here provided that you surf around a little bit. While most of the inspiration has come from the G-Savior there are also aspects drawn in from RX-78NT-1 Alex and also the mass production Gundams from 08MS Team. Since I like the idea of having mass production Gundams I figured that I'd just run with it. Model number: ZGMF-X1000A Code name: Salvation Gundam Unit type: prototype assault mobile suit Manufacturer: ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) Operator: ZAFT First deployment: Top
  15. Hello all members of ZAFT. Welcome! Please keep yourself updated by checking the ZAFT's boards constantly. This is where we will plan our rp, among other things. If you are going on leave, let us know. Because if you are going to be MIA for an extended period of time without telling us you will lose your rank. In more severe cases, you will get kicked out of the faction. There is a topic just for you to post if you are going on leave. The main people in charge of ZAFT are me, Valentine and Wilhelm. Please: 1. Familiarize yourself with ZAFT's ranking system. 2. Sign in here
  16. Grabbing his bags James made his way to the dorms. The sun was beaming down on him and it started to get annoying, but much like the other soldiers on the base in time he would get used to it. The large building was better looking then any other military dorm he had seen. Walking in he looked at his assignment papers, breezing on past "Meet at Hanger XX" he looked for his room number. After checking the room number he looked for any signs which would direct him. In time he found his way to the room. The journey to the room was not bad at all, wooden floors, flowers, and the occasi
  17. So I was really...REALLY bored at work and came up with this thing a day or two ago. So I wanted to put it in front of General ZAFT personel. Is this a mobile suit you would want to pilot? Is this thing unbalanced? What would you change? Let me know what you think. The loss of the contract of the “New Millennium” mobile suit line in CE 71-72 was a large setback to the designer and producer of the ZMGF-1017 GINN and the ZMGF-601 GuAIZ, Asimov Design Bureau. As the ZAKU Series begins to show age in CE 85 Asimov Design Bureau released plans for the “Next Millennium” mobile suits. ADB wor
  18. Janus looked in the mirror trying to fix the collar of his uniform, his white uniform. This one at least fits at the shoulders. Too bad this collar… Janus finally gave up and left his quarters, looking at some documents. Janus realized that he was setting a bad example, but it would be worse for him to be late. About 30 minutes later Janus was sitting into the cockpit of a BABI. The new white flight suit was a little itchy to Janus. It wasn’t his but Gibraltar Command was kind enough to let him test fly one so Janus could adapt to the Earth’s gravity. While running through the setup Janu
  19. The echoes of several footsteps could be heard through the hallway as a man in a black lab coat had been followed by several green ranked soldiers with papers in their hands with questions coming from each of them. Long flowing black hair having been moving with the body and a pair of crimson eyes that stared forwards had been of the lead scientist of Technology in ZAFT getting hassled by the army. " General Darlton and Janus want to know how the production of things are moving along? " One of them had asked while trying to maintain the scientists long strides. Kaze had been ignoring most
  20. OOC: this is a slight character building thread for me. I am also using it to introduce my character’s father, who I need to most likely have made into an NPC. If someone wants to drop in feel free. IC: Michael was on his knees hunched over at the foot of the Januarius City Memento Stone. The memento stones were statues made by Michael’s father at the end of the Bloody Valentine War to honor the sacrifices of those who lost their lives and for virtues that Coordinators and mankind must learn to live by. One was in each PLANT. The Januarius City memento stone held special meaning to M
  21. OOC: I do not know the first thing about RPing in a MS. But my character does so I will play the part. I think two students at a time would good, for the training session. IC: Holding on to the hand railing, James was pulled through the long blue corridor. It was cold, but that was space. He had been stationed at the Armory One for a month now, and he was not happy about it. He thought he was unhappy back when he was stationed at Aprilis, but that was nothing compared to the armory. News of a team being formed back at Aprilis made him even more angry that he left there. He was d
  22. Do you find it hard to find someone and organize a battle to fight? Are you new and don't want to annoy a veteran member to ref? I truly think if a veteran member of ZAFT got together with 2 newbies on a thread they could teach you many things. Your RPing will improve greatly, you will be more educated on how to pilot and Rp a MS, and you will meet new people in your Faction that you can interact with outside mandatory thread put up by a Faction leader. Like it says above. I will be Harassing PMing you for your answer.
  23. ATTENTION ZAFT PERSONNEL Remember to apply for a basic pilot's license. I recommend that you do this soon since the RP is just starting up. The requirements for a basic MS license may be found here.
  24. Thwap, thwap, thwap. Hitomi exhaled each time she struck the black bag which hung from the ceiling. For the past several months she had been studying Taekwondo and she was quickly picking it up; already her sensei had told her that she would soon be ready to take on real opponents. Of course such compliments were flattery to be taken only at face value, as Supreme Chairwoman few things which were said to her could be trusted. Landing a succession of round house kicks to the bag's midsection Hitomi released the last of her frustration on the bag with a loud yell. Though this was an odd
  25. Standing out in the heat of the sun was murder, especially on a day like today where the temperature had climbed well above thirty eight degrees. Even where he stood in the shade of his GuAIZ R Ahrend was sweating, in spite of the khaki colored pants and tank top that he wore; though it wasn't a standard ZAFT uniform things were a little more relaxed here at Carpentaria and he decided that there was no need to be professional with his new squad just yet. He had arrived here early, in fact he had gotten there very early after having come down with his MS in a drop ship earlier this morning
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