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Found 13 results

  1. The commander sat in the captain's seat of the ship. The Repentance was the flagship of the Soldiers of Fire. They could not afford to undertake the mission travelling in the Repentance. The key to this was to be inconspicuous. Soldiers of Fire involvement should not be known. No, it must not be known, Xavi thought to himself. He watched the images from the cargo hold displayed on the screen before him. The necessary equipment was being loaded into the ship. A lone mobile suit sat awkwardly in the bay. The Light Hazel was not built to hold mobile suits. Modifications were made to allo
  2. well for our storyline mission how many people will there actually be for the infiltration? cause atm there doesnt look like theres many of us (me, Darkness, Dimitri, Blake, Infinitedge and the boss) and it seems to be a little slow moving atm.... looking at all the other factions they seems to have moved at a much further pace that us.... ps: boss we're all waiting for thy glorious signal to move into ur room
  3. I hope most of you would want to and start working to obtain a piloting license.
  4. Valiant


    Please state what your character specialises in. Some examples are demolitions, slicing, espionage, communications. I hope you get my drift.
  5. Dimitri


    We need a big first mission to make the world go "ZOMG! IT BE THE SOLDIERZ!", right? Well... I've been talking with Tomomi, and she wants us to kidnap her. How we came to rationalize such a thing was this; We raid a ZAFT tech lab for our client, right? Well, she's a lab rat for a ZAFT base, so I could end up kidnapping her to obtain information about ZAFT's latest testing. Kinda broad and open to improvement, but she really wants me to kidnap her.
  6. Valiant


    All members are to sign in here the first time you see this board so that I know if any members require access here.
  7. Dimitri

    Check up

    Just want to check up on my fellow recruits, and of course our commander. Things are slow right now (well slower than usual) so I'm trying to reach out and see who's still alive, so to speak.
  8. [align=center]ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance[/align] To all members of Soldiers of Fire, You are hereby invited to ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance. Date: Friday, 23 March Location: Main Ballroom, Heping Towers, December City Time: 7pm Dress code: Formal Please note that entry is by invitation only. However, you are welcome to bring a guest along, but he/she must register with the Dinner and Dance committee prior to the event. ((I will start the ball rolling by posting first. Everyone better participate!:P))
  9. Valiant

    Re: Posts

    Please do plan your RP here with your fellow faction mates to avoid having a thread but no one to join in with you.
  10. We have an influx of new members in the recent days. I'll like to extend our warmest welcome to the new recruits and hope that they will progress on as honourable Soldiers.
  11. Well, this is no surprise given that you two are the only active members. The following members are the first batch of students sent to the academy: Kanon Zetsubo (Balancer) Dimitri Shirokov (Dimitri)
  12. Once we have enough members to form a team we would head out to work on an assignment.
  13. I have started to RP in Cleostratus. Maybe everyone can join in there? If you are RPing somewhere else, I think it's alright. But at least keep me updated on your whereabouts and plans for your chars.
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